lake anna virginia: Double Dose of Color at Lake Anna, Virginia - 10/21/14 05:02 AM
If you like to see fall colors there are many places in this country where you can travel to see them. Fortunately for those of us living in Virginia we receive our fair share of fall color as well. Although the colors are a bit more muted this year there is still plenty of beauty to behold.

While it is exciting to drive among the hills and mountains glimpsing a barrage of color there is something extra special (at least to me) … (1 comments)

lake anna virginia: How Do Northern Virginia Realtors® Reconcile Dual Agency Against the Realtor® Code of Ethics? - 10/20/11 03:14 PM
This is certainly one post that I am happy to reblog.  Chris has writen about one of her hot spots.  It is one that I share also.  Perhaps you do as well or maybe you don't.  Please leave your comments on Chris's post.  I'm sure she will appreciate hearing from you.
How Do Northern Virginia Realtors® Reconcile Dual Agency Against the Realtor® Code of Ethics?
I spent my morning in a class on the subject of agency and changes to the dual agency statutes in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This is a subject that really fires me up.  I honestly have no … (2 comments)

lake anna virginia: Active Rainers...Do Your Goals for 2009 Include More Than Commissions and Transactions? - 12/29/08 05:01 PM
So many posts I read mention business plans and goals for 2009.  It has me wondering what are some of the things that you include in yours. We know that many REALTORS think in terms of: How many transactions they get to settlement. The dollar amount of their production. The amount of commission they have earned. These things are very important.  We are not volunteers in the field of real estate.  We are here to make a living. But, are we living? Are we enjoying ourselves? Do we spend enough time with friends and family? Is there enough "alone" time to … (9 comments)

lake anna virginia: Cutalong...A Golf Course of Course - 12/29/08 04:48 AM
When you have lived at Lake Anna for a while, you learn to adjust to a slower pace and you learn to love it.  We even have patience when we hear that there are going to be some changes. 
While you may see nothing but open space in this photo, those of us with vision see Cutalong, one of the new projects proposed for our area.  These 1,000 acres are going to be turned into a very desirable community and retail center.
Cutalong will be Lake Anna's first Golf and water oriented community.  It is well into the planning stages and a number of … (4 comments)

lake anna virginia: DOES LOCALISM INTIMIDATE YOU? - 11/13/07 05:05 PM
This is really a strange situation for me.  There are not many things that truly intimidate me.  How could something as simple as posting on a site do that?  I really cannot figure it out.  I have read, in fact printed out, how to post to Localism.  I have read posts there.  I think I understand the concept but I do not want to do something wrong.
Living at Lake Anna certainly provides me with plenty of least loads of photos.  Having lived many, many places this is the spot for me.  Working in real estate at a lake is a pleasure.  Living … (67 comments)

lake anna virginia: Falling for Fall - 11/11/07 02:34 AM
As long as I can remember when asked which season I loved the most I always replied, "Spring."

Perhaps it has been fall all along. Who cannot love the colors of the changing leaves? We were told that we would not have a very colorful fall this year because of the drought we have experienced. Expecting very little I have been so grateful for the wonderful colors we have had.
The varied shades of yellow, green, red, orange, and even rust are spectacular. When the sun filters through the leaves it provides even more intense color. What better time of … (5 comments)

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