swimming: CHARLIE BROWN Now Lives at LAKE ANNA - 07/22/13 01:27 PM
Charlie Brown now lives at Lake Anna. There was a time he lived elsewhere but a little more than two months ago I gave into my desire for another dog. The dog was to be my husband's sidekick because we already had Lindy who seemed to favor me. Of course Lindy was glued to Jim when I was not home but the minute I walked in the house she became a piece of Velcro, stuck to me.
Although Jim protested that he/we did not need another dog I knew that he still had a empty spot in his heart from the … (18 comments)

swimming: Why Lake Anna is Home - 03/26/11 03:44 AM
Sometimes I am asked why we chose to move to Lake Anna. Jobs did not bring us here nor did children or parents. We are here simply because it is exactly the type of place both my husband and I have imagined as an ideal home. We each had our separate dreams and desires and happily they were the same. They all added up to being near water, especially a lake.
For us Lake Anna was the perfect choice. We loved the location, the peacefulness, the rural character of the surrounding area, and definitely the size and beauty of Lake Anna. … (16 comments)

swimming: Can You Really SWIM in LAKE ANNA? - 01/04/11 01:08 PM
Can you really swim in Lake Anna?  This is a a fairly frequent question and yet I'm always a bit surprised when asked. My answer is a definite YES! I need to remind myself that I have lived here for many years and know the answer to this question and many more.

Sometimes You Even Go Swimming When You Don't Expect To! For those that have not spent time at Lake Anna the fact that it is a great place to swim is sometimes an unknown. Not only do we swim in the lake we enjoy it very much. It's … (3 comments)

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND PROGRAMS AT LAKE ANNA STATE PARK   05/29/2010    Panning For Gold   1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.   Try your hand at panning for gold as park interpreter gives a panning demonstration. Register the day of program at the visitor center. FREE    Location - Meet at the park's visitor center.   
05/29/2010 AC  Goodwin Goldmine Tour    2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.   Tour the ruins of the Goodwin Goldmine as you learn the history of gold in Spotsylvania County. Please register the day of tour. FEE: $3 per person, $8 per family.    Location - Meet at the park's Visitor Center   
05/29/2010    Campfire   7:30 … (5 comments)

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