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Wichita Falls into Deb "Alayne's" Real Estate business! Alayne is the RE/MAX-imizer and will show you the town!
  We all know that words spoken, inflection of voice and timing all have a great deal to do with our POWER OF COMMUNICATION. What one person hears may come across as totally different from another person that hears the same thing. Remember the old game where we would sit in a circle and whisper a...
So very many of my great friends have contacted me with the huge question..."where are you?". This has happened many times the last few months and I'm finally going to spill the beans. I have never separated from ActiveRain in heart but I guess I did in mind. Mind? Even I am afraid to access mine...
First, I must proclaim that I am NOT an Attorney and in no way am I attempting to give legal advice.  My question is, "how SAFE is it to owner finance in Texas?"   I received a call from a friend yesterday and she was asking me about the potential of OWNER FINANCING her Texas home. She explained ...
Take Charge of Your Attitude and Sell More Real Estate! IMHO... Our attitudes, as well as our thoughts, actions and the love we choose to give are all CHOICES. If you want a better attitude....make better choices.   Be grateful there is work to be done. Boredom kills and challenges keep you "thin...
Is anyone else's head spinning like mine? Geeze, everything is changing! I realize that nothing remains the same but in the "good ole' days" they stayed the same for a lot longer. And, the changes were not just slammed in your face! Changes happened gradually with plenty of time and acceptance to...
This is ingenious...but I expect nothing less from Anna Banana! We all need to take part. I am going to follow through on this and if you would like to be with my team please email me. We have a great deal of brainstorming to do! Thank you so much Anna for your creativity! Deb BrooksWant to Ramp ...
Is a Realtors'® profession Real Estate or Education? The answer is BOTH. Part, a large part, is the educational process of the customers and clients. To define the positions of Realtors®, and the insignia ®, one of the main duties would be to educate and watch the backs of the buyers. When a Real...
In Real Estate it truly hurts. It hurts everyone. Two major facts in our business will forever remain the same. People in general want a roof over their heads to call home and it's easier to love it and call it "home" if you hold the deed. Rentals are beginning to skyrocket and why? This is a tru...
Read Peggy's post if you are a Baby Boomer at either end of the spectrum! It sure suited me and the way I feel about life. As we get into the later years we begin to prioritize what is important to us. I let my garden go too. I now buy all veggies at the grocery store like the young people! Laugh...
If you read the recently published post by Active Rain you will realize the amount of information they gathered is totally invaluable to your business. And, this applies to you. From the moment I began Real Estate, I have invested a great amount of money in Advertising and On-line Presence. Most ...

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