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Wichita Falls into Deb "Alayne's" Real Estate business! Alayne is the RE/MAX-imizer and will show you the town!



I am finding that the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention" is holding true throughout the ages. Little by little I am learning to take advantage of the incredible information here on Active Rain. I have toyed with the idea of adding widgets to my sidebar for some time. I stormed over to ...
Several of Deb's Buddies have been asking, "Deb, how did you do that?" Please keep in mind that Deb does not really know what Deb is doing. Deb simply knows that Active Rain is awesome! Active Rain is comprised of many of the most talented and brilliant "computer gurus" alive today!  How does Deb...
  The Texas Real Estate Group was recently adopted by Marchel Peterson of Spring, Texas and Liz Carter of Katy/Houston. The group is now blooming like Texas Wildflowers! We are turning into a "Community" in the true sense of the word. Our first meeting in Bandera, Texas was recent and we had a w...
This is a copy and paste I received today from Titanium Inc. I work for these folks as a Loss Mitigation Specialist. I am publishing this to help my AR buddies stay on top of things...I think it's about the best thing he's done. Later in the rain~Deb   President Bush Signs H.R. 3648, The Mortgage...
Active Rain has announced a new way to personalize our blog sites. How wonderful is that? They are providing the platform that allows us to point and click our way to our own personalities. I have been scouring the new "looks" of the net and they are SO Iconic it's almost ironic! Of course they s...
Yes she will. I was thinking about this today. One of the first little houses we sold for an elderly gentlemen was just empty. Now, when I say empty, I mean it was lucky to have walls. He was a big hearted gentleman that just could no longer take care of his home. He was moving in with one of his...
FUN IN BANDERA...is what we had! I wish we all could have had much more time together. Ricki Eichler and Judi Morgan really should be commended! What a wonderful job they did for the Active Rain crowd! It took a great deal of work and planning to pull this off Ladies! Thank you! I just love you l...
I'm doing this post for my husband...and the rest of my reading public that hasn't seen Saturday Night Live. The seventies were a very different time. Our UNITED STATES was just working through the Viet Nam war and youth was looking for a reason to "be."  We were trying to figure out where we fit...
What do you get when you combine a quaint little town amongst hills, tall trees, tailored streets and an Active square? Then you mix in a little...okay, a lot of History, President Sam Houston of the Republic of Texas, a few prisons, massive expanse of State Owned land with grazing horses, cattle...

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