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I am about to share a crazy story about an EVIL crazy lady. Good vs Evil provails. Please meet Freckles.This is my grandchildren's pet, friend, and family member. He's my little friend too. Our little Freckles has a bad habit. The neighbor directly behind his home has only a fence between himself...
Seriously...Let's Talk.  I wrote a lighthearted post recently called...Are you thinking of letting your license go? and the response has been surprising to me. This is obviously a subject that many of you are pondering. The question touched many a heart and mind and evidently has been on the tong...
  I have been away from AR the past couple of days and I came back to a great surprise. I suppose you could call it the silver lining in the cloud of problems they are experiencing. I read Brad Andersohn's post letting us all know there was a hitch in the AR getalong. No biggie. They always get ...
  With each dark cloud there is a silver lining. I was gone for the last couple of days and I came back to quite a surprise! First I read a post of Brad Andersohn's explaining that there is a teenie hitch in the AR getalong. It's okay with me. We all go through glitches don't we? When I navigate...
As if the liability with our business isn't already steep enough when you have a hands-on buyer...now we're going virtual? Yep, it's happening. We are selling houses without the buyer seeing them till after closing. Who would've thunk it? The wonders of our far reaching virtual world is becoming ...
I listened to Rain Radio today on BlogTalkRadio.com! I feel like I'm getting geekier and geekier each day and loving it. I have recently joined the ranks of TWITTER and am a novice with how it all works. So for me, this was valuable listening. It was so much fun hearing my friends voices again su...
What led us into the 1960's Music Revolution? The 1950,s. If you weren't there please take a moment to watch this presentation by SergeantPepper27, Emily Maddox, and enjoy the transition that was so spectacular to witness and enjoy... The 1960,s was a very special time for me. I was a child and t...
Jesse Clifton, Fairbanks Ak Real Estate Broker Jesse Clifton Fairbanks, AK, one of the most cantankerous  sweetest most wonderful people here in the rain provoked me tagged me into doing yet another meme. Somehow this man finds time to sell RE like a pro, take photos of the Aurora Borialis, be a ...
Is your fear running rampant? The media and their ability to sensationalize the negative is creating a dark cloud over most people. I spoke to a dear friend today who is thinking of letting her license go. Are you thinking of letting your license go? How long did it take you to get it? How much w...
I do. I challenge you to: Believe today what will happen tomorrow.... And to make it happen... Keep a great attitude in the face of adversity...Be strong for the weak.... Be a leader and not just the follower... Give up something for someone else... Remain positive when times seem bleak... Praise...

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