lake livingston real estate: What is Trunk or Treat? Halloween on Lake Conroe! - 10/17/11 11:20 AM
 That was my first question when I saw the new Inspiration Station post. I went to search for it! I absolutely love the idea! Being from a rural area my house was way back off the beaten path. Even I was afraid to go out in the dark on Halloween night! No one EVER came to my front door for candy.
I had to eat it all! Do you have a car or a truck? Then you have a trunk! This concept is based upon the candy going to the kids instead of the kids going to the … (35 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Real Estate and the Question of Courtesy Listings...Get Over Your Phobia! - 10/16/11 03:53 PM
Thinking back a few years ago I remember the attitude of..."It's my listing...don't touch it!"  I had progressed into the new millennium like a comet hitting earth for an old fart like me. It all seems to me to be a normal understandable thing to do! Zillow, and so many others scrape our listings anyway. Why not allow a competitor to show your listing on their web sites?
Why not?Our standard rules are to show the listing company and simply place your name and contact information for the showings and "BUYER'S REPRESENTATIVE". We should all have the simple "DO … (18 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Lake Livingston and Lake Conroe Waterfront Home~161 Newport Way, Huntsville TX, 77320 - 10/06/11 08:01 PM
Lake Livingston and Lake Conroe Waterfront Homes just do not come better than this. Have you been thinking of building on the perfect waterfront lot? Looking for a Lake Livingston getaway to call home? This incredible home is located on the bank of the Trinity River a short boat ride into Lake Livingston. Have the best of both worlds. The price of Waterfront land in this day and age is high. This gorgeous acreage of 3/4+/- acre is located on the end of a private home subdivision by the name of Emerald Bay. With over 200 feet of steel bulkhead and … (5 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Localism Blog Titles, What is so important about them? - 09/22/11 12:20 PM
We have all been encouraged to write more Localism for the good of the community and the good for us as individuals! Our marketing is based a great deal about reaching out to the public that is looking for something we are offering. The question is, "how will they find us?" and "where will they find us?" Are the titles of our blogs important? You bet they are! Your title can pretty much guarantee whether you (your post) will or will not be found by google and other search engines. And even MORE IMPORTANTLY...whether it will be found by a potential Client. … (24 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Wanna Buy a Beach House? - 09/21/11 10:48 AM
Wanna buy a beach house at Brooks Prime There are so many to choose from and you really could use one. I'm buying one right now on this website that I
I wanna buy a beach house at Brooks Prime Properties dot com! Yeeeaaahhhh.....
Do it today!
Cute huh? He did too! What a testimonial! And, what a way to market!


lake livingston real estate: My Home Town, Huntsville Texas - 09/14/11 04:45 PM
What do you get when you combine a quaint little town amongst hills, tall trees, tailored streets and an Active square? Then you mix in a little...okay, a lot of History, President Sam Houston of the Republic of Texas, a few prisons, massive expanse of State Owned land with grazing horses, cattle, crops and black and white striped workers herded by Prison Guards on horses? Then add up to 17,000 youth at any given time walking Sam Houston State Universities beautiful campus, winning football games, featuring Arts and Academics and is one of the fasted growing schools in Texas?
You get … (2 comments)

lake livingston real estate: WHO AM I? - 08/24/11 04:29 PM
I stood with my arms extended and head laid back. His breath was cool to the touch yet he was coming with such anger. The boom of his voice and the darkness that set in was proof that he was on his way. He was on his way to revisit me. It has been a long time coming.
I asked him to come each and every day. Tears fell from the time he hid from me and the lives we have lost. I knew he was there but I couldn't seem to get through. I couldn't find him, I couldn't call him … (17 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Today's Lenders Are... - 07/28/11 05:11 PM
Today's Lenders Are... Tough to deal with, right? Tightening their requirements as tight as possible. Being scrutinized by Government. Under a microscope. Swinging a totally opposite direction. Slower than ever. Under pressure themselves. More heavily regulated. Overwhelmed. Worried. Under staffed.
And so... I am going to repeat myself about the "NEW LENDER" we must all consider. The HomeOwner! Your Client. Your new Listing! Of the last 4 leads that have come to us, 3 of the people were looking for "Owner Finance" or "Lease to Own". Are you getting these too? Do you have anything to offer them? So, what are … (16 comments)

lake livingston real estate: What is YOUR Value in Real Estate? - 07/13/11 05:06 PM
The Real Estate business is definitely changing and along with it we should change too!.
When you're searching your MLS have you noticed that the compensation split is being lowered too many times? Obviously there can be no price we're all free to sell homes at whatever compensation rate we choose. Right?

"Why are we lowering the rates?"
How on earth is that fair for our clients?   How is it fair for us? 
My question is...
Is this suppose to be happening? Is it being manipulated by the system that we are worth less so we should … (12 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Little Dog Lost - 07/08/11 04:33 PM
After reading an incredible story today on one of the search engines that really made me think, feel, and wonder if it had a good ending or a sad ending I thought I would ask your opinion.
I read about the ending but it hurt. It turned out much like a divorce case where the child was awarded to parents unknown and against their will due to age and ownership and what the court calls "genetic power". The power of the genes should decide just where the child belongs.
At least, when it is not settled in a … (12 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Active Rain Where Everybody Knows Your Name... - 06/30/11 08:24 AM
Or do they? Our community is built upon exchanges. Exchanges of ideas, knowledge and friendship. Referrals play a large part of our exchange between one another and are helpful to us all including our customers. This brings us to the Main Introduction of our Profile!
It is imperative that you take the time and effort to maximize your Profile for the Members of our Community, your Clients and last but not least...GOOGLE. And, of course we love comments from our Community Members! I know a lot of you by name with a glance of your picture. This is how it should … (21 comments)

lake livingston real estate: I'm Feeling All Warm And Fuzzy And Thanks ... - 06/29/11 06:14 PM
I'm just feeling all mushy and happy to be here. I have been enjoying re-connecting with all my friends and colleagues here in the rain and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have a site on Lake Livingston that has been at the top of Google in all my KeyWords for the last 6 years. It has brought us wonderful leads, customers and clients and many friends to boot! Recently we began selling Lake Conroe too and have relocated to this area. We are still selling on Lake Livingston but now we had the challenge of expanding our Market … (13 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Approval For Financing? Not Till I Find a House! - 06/29/11 07:25 AM
How many times have you heard this? It is one of my personal pet peeves and it's getting worse and worse. I remember the days when all I asked was, "How's your Credit?" and with the right answer off we would go! Even I felt comfortable showing homes without an Approval Letter. No biggie. Obviously, today is totally different. Yes, I would love to show them houses if they are able to BUY! How many times has your "potential client" said, "I am not going to have any trouble getting a home," in response to your questions? I then go on … (22 comments)

lake livingston real estate: What Was Your First Job? What Are They Thinking? The Fair Labor Standards Act. - 06/25/11 05:32 PM
I know this has nothing to do with Lake Conroe Real Estate but I have to slide it in here!
What was your first job? I mean really your first? Not the baby sitting kind or the one that allowed you to stand in the concession stand for money or candy but your real life, get paid by the hour job?  
And, how old were you? How did you get to your job? I ask these questions for a very deep reason. Our children today do not even LEGALLY get to learn about a job or responsibility till the age … (25 comments)

lake livingston real estate: If It Niches then Scratch It! - 06/17/11 02:42 PM
Have you scratched your Niche?
Have you been concentrating on a particular Niche Market within your Real Estate business? If you are then now is the time to strengthen your position within your chosen market. Our economy may be faultering but there is no better reason than to recharge your Niche.
What is a Niche Market?
Specialized Market~A market in which a limited and clearly defined range of products or services is sold to a specific group of customers. (*)
How does or can this apply to Real Estate? In so many different ways! You can specialize in first time home … (26 comments)

lake livingston real estate: So, Listen Weather, cool it! - 06/14/11 02:02 PM
Are you ALL in Texas? Or, possibly in a wonderful temperate climate? Jeesh. I climbed into my car in the garage this evening to run to the store and the car showed the temperature at 89º and I thought...hmmm...not too bad! As the car pulled out of the driveway the temperature climbed and climbed and climbed. I don't mean to be repetitious but it climbed to 103º at which moment I was questioning my good judgment about leaving.
I am imagining that the summer here in Texas is a great deal like the winter in Michigan!
I am beginning to … (17 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Where Does The Time Go? - 06/12/11 03:51 PM
I have been here in the Rain, Active Rain that is, for 4 (four) years now. I cannot believe that it's been that long! It seems like yesterday that my husband said, "hey Deb, there's a cool blogging site for you to look at." My answer at the time was, "what's blogging?"  Seriously! I had no clue. After bringing up the site and discovering all the wealth of information, commeraderie, excitement and humor I just couldn't resist! Thus, my addiction. Active Rain. I was scared half to death to post the first time. I had no clue what anyone wanted from … (53 comments)

lake livingston real estate: I am eating Oreo's. The Power of Advertising and "Shut The Front Door!" - 06/08/11 05:35 PM
Oreo Fudge Creme Cookies and the power of advertising is putting smiles on our faces in many ways! I laughed so hard when I saw the commercial that I nearly doubled over. If you are involved in Social Media then you KNOW THE CONNOTATION OF THE TERM "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR".  Now, if I need to explain this to you then email me personally and I will never tell anyone that you didn't get it.
Right? Sure you do. I am sitting here with a big glass of milk and an Oreo Cookie. Remember these?
I thought I would make … (36 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Add Color To Your Real Estate - 06/06/11 11:26 AM
Real Estate is a colorful business don't you think? I like the old saying, "Color Your Life {fill in the blank}, whether it be red or blue or orange or all the colors of the rainbow. I read a post today from a good friend of mine that laid it out pretty darned well. Joni Staples wrote:
ATTENTION Waterfront Buyers! OPEN UP! and it really hit home with me. We obviously share the same views (no pun intended) on getting to know our clients. As she mentioned, so many potential clients begin their search for homes by Internet and even want … (10 comments)

lake livingston real estate: Does This Home Make Me Look Fat? - 06/04/11 02:20 PM
We are all aware that McDonald's Franchises have infiltrated our US and have the finest Real Estate possible. Location, location, location....right? I was so hungry for breakfast this morning while driving back from Wichita Falls, that yet again I found myself trapped in their web of deceit.  There it was, easily accessible at the perfect exit for a quick stop, a quick meal and a break and then to jump right back on the Interstate without missing a beat.  The Golden arches were towering above and beyond any of the other signage and I guess a bit of their Marketing Campaigning worked … (84 comments)

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