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Wichita Falls into Deb "Alayne's" Real Estate business! Alayne is the RE/MAX-imizer and will show you the town!
Or do they? Our community is built upon exchanges. Exchanges of ideas, knowledge and friendship. Referrals play a large part of our exchange between one another and are helpful to us all including our customers. This brings us to the Main Introduction of our Profile! It is imperative that you tak...
I'm just feeling all mushy and happy to be here. I have been enjoying re-connecting with all my friends and colleagues here in the rain and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have a site on Lake Livingston that has been at the top of Google in all my KeyWords for the last 6 years. It has brought...
How many times have you heard this? It is one of my personal pet peeves and it's getting worse and worse. I remember the days when all I asked was, "How's your Credit?" and with the right answer off we would go! Even I felt comfortable showing homes without an Approval Letter. No biggie. Obviousl...
"The other girls there were DOGS! I was the best looking one there! I am exhausted! What a girl has to do to keep herself looking gorgeous these days! They worked on my nails, cut and washed my hair, cleaned my under bite and other various things a girl shouldn't mention here.  I begged not to ha...
WELCOME TO SAM'S BOAT! Welcome to Sams Boat! One of the joys of Lake Conroe is living and playing by the lake.     I have had the pleasure of dining at Sams Boat many, many times. Why do I keep going back?     Let me count the ways...good food with great menu choices, fun surroundings with a feel...
I know this has nothing to do with Lake Conroe Real Estate but I have to slide it in here! What was your first job? I mean really your first? Not the baby sitting kind or the one that allowed you to stand in the concession stand for money or candy but your real life, get paid by the hour job?   A...
Channel 13 Houston News reported tonight on yet another fire threatening Grimes County. It is reported that there are almost 24 fires burning in our Great State of Texas. The Piney Woods, my home area is reported to be one of the worst fires in the History of Texas. Trinity and Polk Counties are ...
One word says it all. LOCALISM...Whether you are a Newbie or Oldie here in the Rain you must learn the value of Local and Hyper-Local posts. I have discovered over the years, 4 to be exact, that there is no better way to hit GOOGLE and their "happy spot" and we can thank Active Rain for the stra...
In Honor of My Father...and it began in 1918... on a Dairy farm in Southern Indiana. Times were so different then. Life was simple and fresh and pure as a tall glass of cold milk. Many people's livings were being made by cultivating the land and what it provided. A little boy was born by the name...
Can you believe this? All in one wonderful neighborhood?  Why do you want to live in Bentwater? The better question is: "Why wouldn't you want to live in Bentwater?" Scott and I have been living is this wonderful neighborhood for about two years now. There is definately strength in Community Livi...

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