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Wichita Falls into Deb "Alayne's" Real Estate business! Alayne is the RE/MAX-imizer and will show you the town!
Lately I have been receiving ads from different vendors that want to pay me referral fees for standard maintenance on my client's homes. I got a call and an email from a roofer today. I get these calls from my presence on AR and I love it. This just made me nervous. Have maintenance companies bee...
Lake Livingston and Lake Conroe Waterfront Homes just do not come better than this. Have you been thinking of building on the perfect waterfront lot? Looking for a Lake Livingston getaway to call home? This incredible home is located on the bank of the Trinity River a short boat ride into Lake Li...
Oh my, I just thought this would be a mountain that I couldn't climb. I remember my first 50,000 points that seemed like it was never going to happen. I quit worrying about the points and simply began voicing my thoughts, business views, listings and other important communications for my business...
Dear Kodak,You have been a part of my life for many years now. I have photos of my children taken from your cameras and vacations and old photos of myself taken from one of your very old cameras with a huge flash! I still have it and it is now considered an antique just like me!  I love the fact ...
Rebekah has given us yet another challenge! Woo! Everyone should consider this as what you will end up with is a fantastic marketing tool. Thanks Rebekah for coming up with this contest as I can plainly see that you are juggling many balls! I love it. Thank you so much and I will see just what I ...
I received two calls today from my blogs about FEMA from local residents! It is a double edged sword since I am reporting and explaining bad news. August 16, 2011 the new FEMA flood maps became official. As of today, Wells Fargo customers are receiving their Flood Certification Notices. Others ma...
Or, maybe if everyone bought a house, would Real Estate Stabilize? I just read a post written by Pam Hills,  Just a thought & please don't shoot me for asking.... wondering about revisiting the old practice of Lease To Own or Lease Purchase. Her title made me laugh. It reminded me of "They shoot ...
Ready for another Market Report Challenge? I am! This is a wonderful exercise in dilligence, consistency and self promotion. Awesome idea Donna and you are keeping us busy! Points are good but this will bring us business~that's the best! October 2011 Market Reports Challenge. If you haven't heard...
I believe I could easily make the Guinness Book of World Records for "getting the car stuck". My serious weakness is curbs, culverts, curbs, and occasionally mud but with the drought I have to stick to the curb thing. . I have had clients with me on many of the occasions of having to be towed out...
Web Cam 101 For Seniors, The Way I Want To Be! You have probably already seen this wonderful and playful video. Two seniors were playing with their Web Cam trying to take a picture. They had no earthly idea that they were recording themselves! I have watched this at least 5 times all the way thr...

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