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I thought a lot about this post and wondered if I wanted to "go there" because every now and again you a person who seems to take endless advantage of how helpful we are at Lane Realty.  But since those kind of folks only come a long once in a blue moon I decided to go all out and tell a few of t...
The old capital building that you see here is in the center of the campus of Georgia Military College now.  But the federalist style building is the former capital building of Georgia.  Milledgeville was the capital of Georgia from 1803 to 1868  And even though the building is on Campus of GMC i...
Those children attending Gatewood will just have one day to sleep in that their friends are going to Putnam County Schools this year.  Gatewood is a private school in Putnam County located in the city limits of Eatonton.  The full schedule for the 2012-13 year is quite similar to the Putnam Count...
When driving to work I heard that all relationships start with attraction.  And while that may be true, it's not ALWAYS what you see that attracts you, it might perhaps be what you read.  I know this from personal experience and when I think about the calls I get on Real estate ads they are somet...
You will be seeing those yellow school buses on your morning drive to work and watch out for children at bus stops and waitng at the end of their driveways.  Those children don't always do the smart thing and stay out of the road.  You have to be extra careful and watch out for them. The Putnam C...
DAYS ON THE MARKET NUMBER OF HOMES SOLD ON LAKE SINCLAIR AVERAGE PRICE OF HOMES SOLD ON LAKE SINCLAIR AND WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS ALL SHOW? In my opinion, of course, these numbers still don't say "RECOVERY" of any kind I still see stabilization.  Two of the Lake Sinclair sales for July were bank ow...
There are good days and then there are great days.  Yesterday was one of those great days.  And it had absolutely NOTHING to do with business or money.  It was family.  First my daughter came to visit me after she voted and brought lunch and we had lunch and talked and visited.  And she gave me a...

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