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At Lake Sinclair we get by with a little help from our friends, Facebook Friends that is. For the past few years I have as part of my social media gotten involved with several community groups. Last Friday in the afternoon I was tagged in a post which of course took me over to look.  There was a ...
You have just ONE more day to catch the Georgia National Fair.  I went with Abigail today and we had a blast.  There was a bit of friendly mom and daughter bickering in the car there and back.  She says I drive like a granny, I say close your pie hole.   We got our annual fix of roasted corn and ...
Karen Fiddler, Broker/Realtor  inspired my Ask an Ambassador group post this week.  She posted about spammy posts found on ActiveRain.  Not only are there "spammy" posts, there are also actually spammy profiles.  People who find our little world and invade it to sell those little blue pills and k...
Jan Green will be doing the walking to raise money for ALS.  She's working toward a goal of raising money and I KNOW you have $5.00 you can share.  Just skip starbucks and get McDonald's coffee one day.  Hop on over to Jan's post and click through and donate.  I recently wrote about a close and a...
I don't know exactly how old I am in this photograph.  I would guess between 2 and 3 making it sometime around 67 or 68. It was taken near Daytona Beach close to where my Aunt Stella and Uncle Bill lived.  It was the first place I went to the beach and years later when Abigail went to the beach ...
    As typical and historically at the end of summer we see a bit of slow down.  Last year that wasn't what happened so not only are we down from last month (18) to just 16 Lake Sinclair home closings for September, we are also down from 20 last year for the same month. Getting the other bad new...
In the wee hours of the morning and sadly the folks on the west coast far from me will have the best view, we will have a total eclipse called a blood moon.  If you have ever been outside at sunset and noticed beautiful colors in the sky in the eastern direction as the sun sets in the west, it's ...
This is my kind of event.  When Donald and I travel we love to take the "haunted" tours.  This one will be the 5th annual such event in Eatonton and it's a great historic look at Pine Grove Cemetery. You get to visit the grave sites of many of Eatonton's luminaries, and live actors will portray t...
I already have two large dogs and 4 cats in my home/office (one cat lives at the office, the rest at home) and I really can't take another.  But sadly someone must think I can because today for the umteenth time someone threw out a dog near my office that ended up on the porch. If you happen to r...
It's that time folks, if you are closing up your lake home until spring there are few things you should do. If you are not going to be coming at all I suggest winterization.  Drain the pipes, shut the water off to the house, turn off the breaker to water heater and set your thermostat on about 54...

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