a day in the life of a broker: You are welcome, I just talked your client off the ledge! - 08/05/17 01:59 PM
When someone calls and asks "could you check the MLS and tell me if a property is available?" they usually are an agent or have an agent.  A recent caller who asked that has an agent.  And while I won't/didn't interfere in the relationship the caller had with their agent I did give them some general information and I thought it worthy of talking about in a post. 
Just because a home is still showing up in a search does not mean it is indeed active.  Honestly sometimes just because it is legally still "active" doesn't mean it is available.  As an … (11 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: People plan, God laughs - 11/06/16 12:43 PM
I had a really great plan to get back on ActiveRain when November rolled around.  My family funeral was past and business begins to seasonally slow this time of year. I have months of market reports to catch up on and new listings to showcase and closed posts to get done and I'm ready to go.  Except...
Donald gets up before me to go to work, but on Wednesday just day two of my "get back on track" venture he woke me up and said... "you have to drive me to the hospital". So twenty minutes later I was showered, the dogs … (8 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Yup, Mama said there would be days like this - 03/29/16 09:09 AM
Do you ever have a plan to take a day off and it seems a mountain of things are getting in the way.  One of the things on the list was an oil change and tire rotation. I checked my where is my Donald phone app and he was back in town from his work run this morning and so I called him to have lunch so I didn't have to sit with all the other grumpy people waiting impatiently for their cars to be ready.  So the good part of the day was a nice lunch with my sweetie.  
It … (28 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: An Eggtra special week! - 03/21/16 03:25 AM
Yesterday morning driving to church there was a man dressed like all the photos of Jesus I've ever seen depicted and was walking down the side of the highway carrying a huge wooden cross. Here's the news story and a couple of photos of him. I was really touched and my mind just kept going back to thinking of him shining a light on the reason we celebrate Easter.
My church, First Baptist in Eatonton, has Holy Week services at lunch this week. Every day a minister from a different church. I had to make Egg Salad sandwiches for lunch after the service. … (23 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Don't be alarmed... a day in the life of a broker - 02/11/16 06:26 AM
It's been the most crazy week.  First of all I have not been this busy in a month of Sundays. I'm working with THREE sets of buyers and they are all looking for the same house.  Well you know, not THE same house, but same general budget, area etc.  So when I know that person A has seen house G and that it would not qualify for the loan program that person B needs then you would think I could save myself some time, but not so much.  Sometimes folks just have to go see that there really is no stove … (20 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Thankful for these 5 things that impact my business EVERY day - 11/18/15 05:04 AM
I have thought about what 5 things would make my list for days now. Sometimes I thought, could I narrow it to just 5, other times I have thought are there really 5 things that impact my business EVERY day?  So I decided to just start typing and see see what flows out.
My smart phone. I've been an agent for a long long time. I used to have a purple pager and a bag phone in my car. My pager would beep and I'd go to find the nearest phone and return the call.  Now not only can I continue to … (20 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: The good, the bad and the ugly! - 10/17/15 06:08 AM
I'm going to talk about those three things.  But I'm going to start with the ugly!  No not an ugly house, not an ugly person, but a person acting ugly. I'm a little sad about the very ugly way a client treated one of my agents and myself this week.  
Yeah, yeah, I know you'd fire them right!  Well would you if you have two deals and months worth of work and effort in it and were "this" close?  I actually sat at my desk and cried after the things this client said after they left my office. I held my … (31 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: The nicest compliments a broker could get - 07/16/15 06:24 AM
In the past few days I got two of the nicest compliments a broker can get. Two different people singing the praises of my agents. I feel very proud. Let me tell you about both of them...
The first compliment came from buyer clients. After closing they asked where they could offer to put on line reviews about how great they were treated as buyers by one of my agents. I was thrilled to list a few places for them. I also thanked them for noticing that Joe Walton does a great job. I was thrilled a little more than two years … (40 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Not a second to spare, but I got it all done... - 07/13/15 06:32 AM
Today was can you do me a favor day. And I would like to start by saying that in my market there is a great sense of cooperation among agent.  I have had agents do huge favors for me and I've done some in return for them. I've had an agent lock their supra key inside a listing and I've gone it get it out for them. I've typed contracts for agents when their computer was down. I've shown property for agents at another firm when they had a family emergency and no one available from their office to cover. I … (35 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Need to boost your business? Go on vacation! - 04/06/15 09:46 AM
As I stepped out of the shower this morning I could hear my cell phone ringing and pinging.  I have special ring-tones for agents in my office so I know who is texting and calling just from the sound and apparently ... we were in for a busy day.  One of my buyer's agents is on vacation (although with 7 grand kids he says it feels a lot more like work than vacation) He had not one, but two sets of buyers he has recently shown property to ready to put in offers this morning.  So I happily met and talked with one … (28 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Dumb or just dedicated... what would you have done? - 11/23/14 08:56 AM
I do understand when buyers must get a home and have limited time frames to find a new place to live. Today one of my sellers got such an offer with a just a short time to respond. If my clients had been home we could have handled the counter with electronic signatures, but that wasn't the case.  When I called them they had just sat down to to wait to meet friends for dinner. But I agreed to bring the counter to them for signature.
About two seconds after I printed the counter offer alerts went off on both my … (14 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: A day in the class room and my take aways - 11/22/14 05:19 AM
My day was spent yesterday in learning about teaching.  Confused?  Yeah, me too from time to time.  But I got a lot out of by watching the people around me. Being new to the "real estate instructor" side of things I knew only what method of learning I have and been teaching by that style.  Perhaps that's not the best way. Yesterday I got to see demonstrations that I think will help me moving forward.
I certainly paid attention and took notes when people were speaking but throughout the day I would pull away from the "lesson" at hand for about … (17 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: A southern fairy tale.... - 06/25/14 12:48 PM
Have you ever seen one of those Youtube videos where an idiot hands another idiot a beer and says "hey watch this"?  Well today I talked to one of those idiots on the phone at their day job.  
Let me preface this for by saying it's been month after month of complications because my firm has had two REO properties that have the same private water company.  Two different banks own them.  Every single month the water company has screwed up the bill on one or both of them.  One of them sold two weeks ago so I thought all … (5 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: It was certainly a Monday here - 04/28/14 07:32 AM
It’s been a rough day.  Got a full price short sale offer on Friday and went to submit and house had been pulled from the system.  No offer in 100 days so they pulled it and my sellers are being required to re-send every single piece of documentation again.  Sigh!  They drove to my office and we faxed it all again.  Now we wait, again.
We also had a closing scheduled for this morning and the last time I spoke with my agent they were sitting in the attorney’s office still waiting for the package.  #bankfail She said the loan officer was … (13 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: I'm not going to say "I told you" to the buyers, but.... - 03/19/14 06:36 AM
I am going to tell you a story ... a true story.
Buyers who were excited about a closing on a Friday were put in limbo and wait and see mode. They were deep into the process and had given all their documents to the loan officer right after we had binding agreement date and they made formal application for their loan.  They had been pre-approved.  The appraisal was done, and all was well ... until... that one day when the loan officer stopped returning phone calls.
Finally the loan officer answered his cell.  He had been "let go", not because … (16 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: A new kind of spam phone call today, oh boy - 03/18/14 08:29 AM
Today at my office the phone rang about half a dozen times and no one was there.  We decided it must be some type of robo call where someone other sucker person had picked up first.  We have a habit of waiting for our caller ID to register the number when our office phone rings which means we rarely answer before it begins the second ring.
Then when I was walking my puppies this afternoon my cell rang (after hours business calls go to a cell of agents in my office) and I answered.  I said hello a second time thinking … (15 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Two new Lake Sinclair listings this week at Lane Realty - 03/04/14 12:14 PM
I wish I had the photos on my lap top to give you a sneak peak tonight, but today was hopping.  I had a CMA and assisted two of my agents with getting offers out.  We also had a counter offer accepted we sent out yesterday.  So tomorrow I hope not only to blog about out two new listings and get the videos done, but I hope I can get my February market report done and posted too.
Things are really heating up in our market and seeing the new numbers may help some buyers who are looking and thinking of … (7 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Is it spring yet? - 12/02/13 12:28 PM
I'm getting into my winter funk.  When it's dark when I wake up and dark when I get home from work and it is cold and dreary outside I fight depression.  So today I started my count down.  Since it's technically still fall it's way too soon to start counting the days until spring.  Like my business goals, I take baby steps.  There are 19 more days until the day with the least amount of sunlight will come and go.  So I'll count down those 19 days.  Then will come Christmas 4 days later.  Then New Year's.  Next my brother's birthday, … (17 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: The Blessings of a small town bank... - 11/25/13 07:00 AM
Last Friday my office had a 5 p.m. closing with a mega law firm in Buckhead in Atlanta.  The entire journey of contact from attorney to the closing table had been a bumpy one.  There were issues with understanding the title and blah blah blah... issues that could have been avoided if the buyers had used a local to the property attorney, but I digress.
Needless to say with a 5 p.m. closing with an out of state lender we didn't really expect the closing to fund on Friday so we went prepared with wiring instructions for our commission check.  … (12 comments)

a day in the life of a broker: Don't shoot the messenger (please) - 11/18/13 06:37 AM
Our firm lists REO (foreclosure) properties and well... sometimes it's a big ole' headache. 
Just recently we had an asset manager (the messenger standing between us and the bank that actually owns the property) who was on a little tiny bit of a power trip.  We thought we had a closing, but she insisted we didn't.  We'd made a change to the contract via an amendment.  Well that just wasn't acceptable.
Instead of the amendment we had to have the ENTIRE contract (all 29 pages of it) resigned in blood ink by all parties. It ended up not being returned to … (43 comments)

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