buyers: Buyers, don't discuss your negotiations unless you know it's private - 11/27/18 10:47 PM
This evening I was picking up dinner for my daughter and me at a local place. Pick up is at the bar at this place and other guests were dining at the bar.  One of the other guests happened to be another agent I know.  This agent was with what appeared to be clients.  And right there among strangers they were discussing marketing strategy.  The buyer clearly stating out loud what their "top dollar" was for this home and the agent never once telling them this was not the time or place to have this discussion. 
Of course I have had lunch and dinner with … (13 comments)

buyers: Why should you hire a Lake Sinclair agent that represents you the buyer? - 03/24/18 12:24 PM
When was the last time you bought property? When I started in this business 26 years ago all agents and brokers worked for the seller and buyers were really just on their own. But in Georgia that legally changed in 1994 when BRETTA was introduced. BRETTA stands for Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act. Now agents in Georgia can and some do represent buyers.
If you read ALL the information it seems overwhelming and complicated. 
But in a nutshell hiring an agent to represent you and not be a transaction broker treating you as a customer and not a client will get you … (6 comments)

buyers: I love when the clients become... well, family - 02/01/18 11:50 AM
I honestly don't remember the date, which is highly unusual for me.  What I do remember is I was driving home from dinner out and my phone rang.  And when I answered the young woman was sort of taken aback that I answered my phone after 7 pm.  I fondly have always referred to her as Connecticut. 
She wanted "waterfront" property to go with her paddle board and some how she found Lake Sinclair.  Not only am I happy she did, so is my daughter. 
Elizabeth and I talked on the phone for a long time that night and several times again over the … (16 comments)

buyers: I have some questions about "your listing" - 12/04/17 07:53 PM
This was how a recent phone call started.  It wasn't my listing.  And when I explained kindly to the caller that it wasn't my listing and that I would simply have to make a couple of phone calls to gather all the information they were asking for, but that I would get back to them as quickly as possible with this information. 
The caller, that I will adoringly refer to as "Mr. Cranky Pants" decided to tell me off for daring to not already know the answers and  having a listing on my site if it wasn't MY listing.  I decided to … (14 comments)

buyers: Making the right offer on that Lake Sinclair home - 10/11/16 02:16 AM
The other day when I was walking my dogs on a night that Donald was working late I spotted a bird that had died on the edge of the road and had to carefully walk my dogs by it so that they didn't notice it and try to get it.  Once upon a time my Great Dane Glen got a dead squirrel in his mouth and well, let's leave it at the struggle was real.  The next day when I was walking my dogs the bird was still there and there was a dead squirrel in the roadway. My choice was … (9 comments)

buyers: Lane Realty at Lake Sinclair, We give you options... you decide - 09/13/16 12:01 PM
I took a class this morning and whenever the teacher would get off topic telling jokes or give a us a break I was checking emails on my phone.  I have several deals in various stages of negotiation so making sure I check for updates when time is of the essence is important. I was also making sure that any potential buyer that signed up on my website got a quick response by forwarding it to an agent in my office.
I have to giggle at the imagination of the people who sign up for a search but use fake information.  It's really humorous … (10 comments)

buyers: Lake Sinclair buyers without representation, Why? - 02/18/16 11:17 AM
Honestly I can't remember the exact year that in Georgia when agency changed.  One day everyone was an agent or a sub-agent of the seller and buyers just had to figure it out on their own with no help from an agent. The next day we were representing buyers.  Frankly I loved it.  I love working with buyers.  And I loved that I was allowed to share my knowledge, experience and advice with buyers.  And I loved the fact that I no longer had to allow sub-agency by other agents for my sellers when clearly it was difficult for them to be loyal … (11 comments)

buyers: Did you move in 2015? Don't forget to file homested exemptions - 12/08/15 10:58 AM
If you moved to Putnam County in 2015 and it's now your primary residence and you are not claiming homested exemptions anywhere else then you need to get on down to the Tax Commissioners office at the court house and file. You have to have moved in the home prior to January 1, 2016 to be eligible for the exemption in 2016. You can file anytime between now and the end of March.  But you do not have to wait until next year. You can go ahead a file now although your exemption will not start until next year.
This exemption does … (13 comments)

buyers: Another Lake Sinclair Listing sold by Lane Realty - 10/22/15 12:47 PM
I love to hand someone that key after closing and see a smile on their face and that's just what I got to do today. It was a charming little cottage and the sweetest buyer.  It was a beautiful day for her to be moving in. It was sunny and in the 70s. I can't wait to see what her little house looks like in 6 months. I imagine it's going to be very different. 
We can help you find your little like Lake Sinclair cottage too.

buyers: What should the agent suggest if you get a low ball offer? - 08/25/15 12:31 PM
As an agent I've been in the position of having a client who offers low to see what the seller will do. I also have to say there are times I've been totally surprised at the counter offer we get back and my buyers have jumped for joy and got a house at a great deal. You just don't know how motivated a seller might be.
As an agent on the listing side I've had sellers refuse to counter, want to counter at higher than list price and just get insulted and mad. I try to talk them into taking the emotions … (39 comments)

buyers: Sneak preview of a new listing... more to come - 08/22/15 12:00 PM
Well there are not professional photos yet, but I took a few today so that you could see our new listing. It's a wonderful house and I just feel in love with so much about it. I hope the new owner who needs a 5 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath home will love it too.  It's tucked in a deep cove just off the main channel of the lake.  So you are close the big water, but your seawall and shoreline is more protected.  It's an amazing house.


buyers: Coming Soon on Lake Sinclair - 08/10/15 02:30 PM
Every now and again I go to see a listing that I just fall in love with, this was one of them. The house is charming, but the lot is spectactular. I think I would spend a great deal of my time outside if this were my house.  The view is beautiful. I could sit on that porch with a glass of iced tea and enjoy the boats going by for hours on end. It has over 200 feet of shoreline with a nearly new seawall.  And if swimming in the lake isn't for you, then there is an above ground … (12 comments)

buyers: Thinking of buying a house, how's your credit score? - 07/29/15 11:18 PM
Some people have never had a single issue with their credit score. I'm not among them. I had some identiry theft issues that literally tooke me years to overcome.  I still have an incorrect address on file with a couple of the agencies and they don't seem to want to remove it. After all I had a bill mailed their one month.  Problem was the person who was trying to rip me off had my bill diverted to that address and no one will listen to me. Sadly in the end I gave up trying to dispute it because it doesn't … (14 comments)

buyers: You'll love so much about this Baldwin County home $149,900 - 07/26/15 11:38 AM
There is so much to love about this wonderful home.  The landscaping is beautiful with beautiful blooms from spring to fall. There's a two car garage, nice greatroom with fireplace, 3 bedrooms with a roomy master, 2 full baths, lovely dining area in a bay window, but my personal favorite room is the sunroom.  It over looks a nice level back yard where you can have lots of bird feeders and watch nature. It would also be a great place for dogs to play or for children to have a nice swing set. Mostly I think you will LOVE the price. … (11 comments)

buyers: Have you closed a house lately with "your own" lender? - 07/21/15 02:41 PM
When a buyer comes to us with "we already have a loan officer" I always have reservations if I've not successfully worked with that lender before.  Then begin the red flags... 
pre-approval not in writing loan officer on vacation when buyers are ready to make offer with no back up in her office loan officer not returning phone calls on Tuesday after they are back from vacation loan officer has been quoted by buyers for two things that I know are not facts about a loan
How oh how do I get buyers to understand that I'm NOT telling them they should … (13 comments)

buyers: Buying at Lake Sinclair? Want an agent on your side? - 07/14/15 01:20 PM
Let me start by defining some terms :
"Agency" means every relationship in which a real estate broker acts for or represents another by express authority in a real property transaction; "Client" means a person who has entered into a brokerage agreement with a real estate broker "Brokerage Engagement" means a written contract wherein the seller, buyer becomes a client of the broker and promises to pay the broker a valuable consideration or agrees that the broker may receive a valuable consideration from another in consideration of the broker's producing a seller or buyer ready, able and willing to sell or … (11 comments)

buyers: Lake Sinclair deeded access properties - 07/12/15 01:20 PM

The price difference of living on Lake Sinclair vs. living in a Community at Lake Sinclair is huge.  Many neighborhoods at Lake Sinclair offer deeded Lake access to Lake Sinclair right in your community.  You might ask what is deeded lake access?  Well I'll explain.  When for example you buy an off water lot or home in Possum Point Subdivision you deed gives you an undivided interest in a community lake access lot.  These lots vary from community to community, all have boat ramps, some have docks and some even have picnic tables.  So if you want to enjoy Lake Sinclair, but … (4 comments)

buyers: are you SURE you want to use a personal injury lawyer to close? - 07/01/15 02:47 AM
I recently got a call from a buyer asking me to "change" the closing attorney on the contract. So I did that, but not before I asked questions.  LOTS of question. I'd never heard of the attorney and when the buyers said this same attorney was handling a personal injury claim for a friend I was more than a little concerned.
I mean really. Buying a home is likely the largest investment one will make in their lifetime. Georgia is an attorney close state. That means any attorney that is a member of the Georgia bar can by law close a real … (26 comments)

buyers: The best real estate customer service at Lake Sinclair - 06/25/15 11:34 AM
How fast do you respond to potential clients?  While I am not a less than 5 minute person most of the time, I think I and every agent at Lane Realty is well above the national average.  I don't know if there has been an updated study, but in January of 2014 the average response time was over 15 hours?  
I'm not about to promise to answer your email if you send it after midnight because SOMETIMES I do sleep.  But last night I was still up late and happened to check my email when I was about to put my phone … (15 comments)

buyers: How will you take title to your property in Georgia? - 06/17/15 01:48 PM
Something you have to decide when making an offer is how you want your name to be appear on the deed. The choice about taking title is important, but not needed at the time of an offer. However you must decide prior to the attorney drawing up the deed that the seller(s) will sign at closing.
Ownership in Severalty- single ownership.  The term comes from the fact that the owner is severed or cut off from all others.   The sole owner may be an individual person or an artificial person such as a corporation.  Georgia is not a community property state, therefore any property obtained … (18 comments)

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