contests: My "not" marketing, yet marketing secret weapon. - 01/07/23 02:06 PM
So many people will tell you that facebook is "yesterday" when it come to marketing.  However that's not been my experience.  Now, I don't "pay" to be on facebook.  Nor do I have a credit card connected to my account or boost or promote ads.  But I run a community group.  And said "community group" suggests my business page to the members.  
The Group is called Lake Sinclair area community page.... it's a place where referrals can be asked for, businesses can be promoted, reviews of local businesses (good and not so good) can be posted, lost animals, found animals, local news, … (46 comments)

contests: Flags around town in Eatonton, GA - 06/18/22 02:01 PM
It always does my heart good to head downtown.  Last week I had to pop in the court house to renew my notary for four more years.  And I didn't take my camera with me, but noticed how pretty our little town looked with flags flying from the lamp posts on the side walks.  So on Sunday when I went to church and then to eat with my parents I headed back down town to take a few shots. 
A few years ago where the hospital where I was born used to stand ... which later became a doctor's office, then the … (9 comments)

contests: The way it was meant to work.... Cooperation - 02/16/21 12:29 PM
Many moons ago a dear friend, I'll call him Rapunzel, was ready to buy a home.  We'd worked together at a former job and even dated a little, but we were and always will be friends.  We set up some appointments near his place of employment and set out looking.  We had an appointment left on the day when I got a "your child is sick" phone call.  
My dear friend of course was okay with rescheduling, so I called the listing agent to cancel that day and reschedule.  I told the listing agent .... and this is his real name, Don … (50 comments)

contests: Live each day to your best potential - 12/31/18 04:52 PM
I had picked a quote and started a post, but then life happened and changed my mind and direction for the quote I decided to write about and the man I decided to write about. Mid morning on Christmas I was texting with my cousin Keith.  I sent him a Cooper photo (of Cooper sitting in his high chair).  Keith's last text to me that day was "Hahaha, feed me" in reply to the photo of Cooper.  It would in fact be his last text to me ever.  
I am from a large family on both parents sides.  My mom has three sisters … (32 comments)

contests: Asking for reviews, not as hard as I anticipated - 08/31/18 09:28 AM
Well I didn't get my 5, but I did get 4 of them. And the asking wasn't as hard as I first thought it was going to be.  It did take me out of my comfort zone.  And thanks to Alan May for the thoughts on Yelp and giving me to push to stop totally ignoring it. So here are my reviews I'm posting for the contest.
I added three new reviews from past clients to my Yelp profile. Now that's not the 15 that Alan has, but I'm working on it.  I have a closing today and I plan to ask that seller … (9 comments)

contests: The love from my first unsolicited review - 02/19/18 09:45 AM
I recall with fondness the client who first did a review without me asking. I also fully admit that I was a little nervous when I found said client had posted said review BEFORE closing.  I never ever pick up a lockbox or sign before closing for fear of jinxing the deal.  I'd certainly never ever ask for a review before we had the deal closed.
This particular client was out of my wheel house a bit.  It's my norm to sell Lake Sinclair waterfront homes and that was not in this young woman's budget. She was one of my first ... … (24 comments)

contests: Hey new agents, take a little advice from my experience - 01/25/18 11:29 AM
The thing I wished I'd known:  reaching out to other agents. I spent a lot of time tryi8ng to figure things out that other people had already figured out. ActiveRain is a great resource for that.
And while I can't say that I ever really spent a lot of time questioning if I should have gotten in this business early in my career I certainly did during the crash.  I was making a mortgage payment on a new office and I was pulling money out of my 401K to keep a child in college and I had a little envy of my friends … (51 comments)

contests: Paying the blessings forward - 11/30/17 09:34 PM
My Donald has been in my life for so long that I truly have to stop and try hard to remember life before him. We're still giddy in love like newly weds and yet we feel it's been "always" at the same time.  
But the fact is... I was a single mom for 14 years. And I struggled at times. That puts single moms always tugging at my heart.  Raising a family is difficult in a two parent home, but a single parent home is even more difficult.  
This year we helped adopt a family that's a single home.  He sweet children had … (13 comments)

contests: When inside ... outside is SO important, real estate interior photos - 11/13/16 06:51 AM
When you are selling a Lake Lifestyle windows become key and many people will opt for using professional photographers.  But I kept finding my buyers would be disappointed time and time again when over photoshopped listing photos once they arrived at the house.  So I got a better camera and decided to study, take classes and learn to make great photos myself.
In this listing that recently sold it one of the homes where it was essential to bring outside inside with a photo.  The sunroom had a perfect view of the lake and lots of glass to invite the beautiful front … (10 comments)

contests: My Brand in a single photograph - 11/05/16 05:35 AM
Many moons ago when I found a really cool guy on line named Jack in Huntington Beach, CA to build my first website we talked at length for hours about what I wanted to accomplish with a website. What I wanted to say and the calls to action and the look.  Over the years since I lost Jack (he passed away in 2002) I ultimately learned how to do it myself because no one else I ever hired could make my vision come to life. 
When I fist discussed my site with Jack back in 1998 what I said to him was … (28 comments)

contests: What's my wallpaper? and what it means to me and says about me - 11/12/15 05:48 AM
First of all I'm a creature of habit and resist change MOST of the time. But not when it comes to my wallpaper. And in the history of my being at ActiveRain three times I've been so inspired by a photo taken and posted by a friend here that I asked them for a copy of it.  Once it was Susan Mangigian  's neighbor's tree.  It was lovely.  And I know that tree has been gone for a while now, but Susan knows I loved it and appreciate it and it was my computer wall paper for about a year. Another time it … (25 comments)

contests: Haunted dreams in a haunted house - 10/29/15 11:15 AM
A young woman moved into an apartment.  The apartment was in a home build in Milledgeville GA in 1923 and was turned into apartments in 1984. She had a bad dream right after she moved it. Then she began to have that same bad dream a couple of times a week and then more. In her dream it was an earlier time. The apartment would be gone in her dream and the house would be as it would have been in the 1950s.  
She started to remember more and more from the dream. She would hide and a murderer would come … (25 comments)

contests: ACTIVERAIN CONTEST: Defining Gratitude and GOALS - 11/24/14 12:17 AM
It's almost Thanksgiving.  That's likely the day the most people in the U.S.A. express gratitude on the same day.  21 years ago the week of Thanksgiving my home was struck my a tornado. I will say without doubt that even changed my life and I believe I have lived with a grateful heart and a more humble and giving spirit since.  I love Sallly's contest about Gratitude each year.  And I wanted to remind you, you still have time to do this one even if you missed out on the 30 in 30 this month.
November …. In the … (0 comments)

contests: 30 Posts in 30 Days: An AR November Challenge - 11/24/14 12:06 AM
The other day I was reading a post from someone who said yup, got my post done today for the 30 in 30 and they had no photo, no video and no art at all... so I thought I would remind you to actually read the rules and check your posts to make sure you have complied with the rules.
30 Posts in 30 Days: An AR November Challenge
You thought November would never get here so that you could participate in this amazing challenge! Am I right? OK, maybe you're a bit nervous. Maybe you've just been managing … (0 comments)

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