family: time flies when you are having fun - 04/10/19 08:15 PM
I ready a post today on Facebook that a dear friend wrote who is getting ready to watch her baby girl get married day after tomorrow.  She's wondering how it got here so fast.  I remember picking out my mother of the bride dress and dress shopping with my only daughter like it was yesterday... but it was two years ago.  She's almost been married two years and is a wonderful mom to a one year old.
Yup, my little grandson Cooper has turned 1 already.  It's hard to believe. Time passes so quickly.  Today I found myself down the rabbit hole … (23 comments)

family: thankful for the gift of time - 11/12/18 09:06 PM
I wasn't in the best place in my life.  I'd had not one, but two divorces and that second one was a trigger in some "test my mommy" behavior in my child.  I remember I was having a "code" interpretation disagreement with the local building and zoning code enforcement. The words "for" and "on" are not interchangeable in my book.  
I got a phone call one morning and my mom told me that my daddy had just been told his biopsy results and that he did have cancer. The code enforcement officer must have thought I was beyond nuts because I threw her out of … (11 comments)

family: A sign of things to come.... - 09/24/18 10:25 PM
I can't say that at some point I didn't sort of hope one of our children would want to get into real estate.  Nope. Just didn't happen.  However I did know from the time she was a wee little girl that my daughter would end up in the medical profession helping people. While most little girls were dressing or strolling their baby dolls around my little one was doing CPR on them.  Recently in town there was a "bring your kids to see the cars/trucks/lights day" where children got to see firetrucks, ambulances, police cars... but Cooper was really interested in the … (15 comments)

family: Where does the time go? - 09/05/18 09:31 PM
Can't believe our little dude is 5 months old today. He's such a joy and very good natured and happy baby.  he hasn't started using words just yet, but he always smiles for his Grammy when I see him.  I tell them all the time to say "I love Grammy".  
His favorite thing right now is his dog. He is constantly reaching for Daisy who is his fierce protector.  Next week he is going on his first beach vacation and I really don't want to be away from him for that long, but I guess I will make it through with lots of text photos … (8 comments)

family: Dawgs #1 fan watching his first game - 09/01/18 08:50 PM
When Abigail was a tiny thing her favorite tv show was wheel of fortune. She would watch from her swing before she was mobile, but as soon as she was crawling or scooting around in her walker she would come flying to the television when the music started. Her first sentence was "buy a vowel" (no I'm not kidding). However her little dude is going to be more a sports fan than a word game show fan. He LOVES the braves.  We've even taken him to his first in person game. But today Grammy got to be there for his very … (15 comments)

family: TBT- then and now - 08/02/18 10:20 PM
Yesterday I got to spend some quality time and have a great food with family.  And From the photos you can tell that my baby brother loves my little grandson Cooper just like like he loved her mama 30 years ago. I love both of these photos. Hope you have a great Friday. My daughter was 3 months old in the photo on the left and my grandson is 3 months old in the photo on the right.

family: Our sweet boy is growing so fast - 07/20/18 09:54 PM
Wednesday was the day I got to babysit this week.  I brought the little dude to the office and while he didn't love being out of his environment we both made it through.  He took a couple of little cat naps and I stuffed some work into those minutes.  But getting to snuggle him up at bedtime and watch him fall asleep is something that just melts my heart every single time.  Thought I'd share a recent photo with you.  He's getting so big so fast.  15 weeks old today.  It's just flown by.
He's also so very expressive with his faces he … (20 comments)

family: my tiny little puppy, the scar on my foot and in my heart - 01/30/18 10:27 PM
This is an old photo, it was one of those "memories" that showed up on my Facebook today. It's a memory that made me cry.  I still have that sweet puppy and he's healthy and fine.  The tears came as I remembered where that scar on my foot came from.  I was at my aunt's house and we made adult blender drinks.  We put the blender in the freezer.  Her son got ice cream and put it back.  The next time I opened the freezer the blender fell out and crashed and the handle landed upright in my foot and left … (11 comments)

family: throwback thursday to a happier time - 01/04/18 11:06 PM
Today was a very sad day.  I was on a call when I missed a call and my agent in the office took a message.  After a bit of phone tag I found out that one of my former agents and dear friends passed away yesterday.  
Shirley Howard was so much more than an agent to me. She was one of my "other" mamas.  She had daughters around my age and granddaughters just older and younger than my own daughter.  While she lived in Georgia her girls and grands lived in Miami.  
She battled cancer back when she worked for me.  I guess … (12 comments)

family: 2017 personal wrap up and 2018 Great Expectations - 12/27/17 12:39 PM
2017 brought a lot of changes.  
My baby girl got married and I gained a fabulous son in law.  I couldn't be happier and he's simply amazing and loves her so much.  It's so apparent any time you see them together.  She is also expecting my first grandbaby next April and I'm so excited my family is growing by leaps and bounds. Abigail also finished nursing school.  She took her NCLEX yesterday and is awaiting the results to get her license number. I'm sure she passed.  I'm hoping that she will take a small break from school this year to enjoy some … (8 comments)

family: Thankful for the friendship I have with my mom and my daughter - 11/17/17 10:16 PM
Growing up I had a best girlfriend.  That girlfriend is no longer in my life.  Friends for a season and she was my best bestie for 18 years. When our friendship ended I realized that I didn't have a lot of female friends.  I set out to change that and found that my mom was a wonderful friend.
And while I was a parent first while I was raising my daugher, now that she's an adult she is also one of my best friends. I hope I live long enough that my grandson and I will be friends one day.
Today my daughter … (15 comments)

family: Thankful for the condiment of fur - 11/16/17 08:40 PM
I don't think I could not have pet hair on me if I wore a new outfit home from the store.  It's everywhere.  When I picked up something from the cleaners recently I still found a pet hair on it.  Perhaps it was from my car.... or perhaps it was just woven into the fiber of the clothes. In that same vein of though my fur kids are woven into the fabric of my life. 
Last summer when I was on vacation the worst thing happened to my brother. He had his A/C worked on and the guys left the gate open.  … (15 comments)

family: Thankful for a family, one that's growing - 11/14/17 08:30 PM
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  I now completely understand my mom's love for MY baby when Abigail was born.  Of course I knew then she loved her, but now that I'm expecting my first grandbaby in April I know what my mom was feeling 30 years ago. 
Look at that joy on their faces in this photo.  It will be a while before Cooper fills up those tiny boots, but we're all so happy and excited.  I'm so Thankful that my daughter has found someone to love and have a raise their family.  
The timing is great as she will be graduating (again) … (8 comments)

family: People: sometimes you need sympathy - 10/24/17 02:13 PM
We had a family gathering over the weekend.  And now that my daughter is married, family is bigger and has grown so I was actually meeting people at the family event.  The event was my daughter and son in law's big day.... the gender reveal and it's a boy.  However there were some adorable little children at the event also.  The picture I picked for my entry in the real life category (sub category of people) is my sweet husband holding Peyton who is just 5 and half months old and in the teething phase.  He needed a little sympathy for … (19 comments)

family: Getting through the next 16 days! - 04/27/17 02:43 PM
Back in January when I begin helping my daughter search for a venue and make wedding plans and writing checks (lots of checks) I just kept saying that I had to work hard to not have to tap into my savings to make my only daughter have a beautiful wedding.  Now that I'm just 17 days out from THE DAY I am swamped with work. No complaints about that at all, but boy am I tired.  
Last Sunday when I was washing up the rest of the serving dishes and about to sit down to work on the center pieces my … (21 comments)

family: One of the most rewarding things I've ever done - 04/15/17 02:38 PM
Two and half years ago Donald and I were volunteered by my daughter to babysit for her friend Tashsa. Now you might think... rewarding? babysitting? are you nuts? But I want to share some photos and our story of growing our family. 
Over that two and half years these children, all FIVE of them, we kept that first night have become family as has their mama, she's just another one of my adopted kids.  
There is Laston who just turned 3, the twins James and Jonah who just turned 5 last week, Braylee who will be 6 next month and and Makayla … (11 comments)

family: Liz Wallace, I love you and you'll be missed - 02/21/17 02:58 PM
I'm sitting here at my office with tears running down my face.  5 years and 6 months ago today was the first time I picked up the phone and dialed Liz.  I know we were on the phone for a couple of hours.  I'm just heartbroken to read her daughter's post today about her passing.  If you didn't get to meet Liz here in the rain, I'm so sorry. If you did, then you knew a really great lady who will be truly missed.  I was also friend with Liz on Facebook and saw her daughter post today she had passed.
Her … (58 comments)

family: Searching for Tammy Lankford... - 11/11/16 12:47 PM
I have to say that this week has been rough.  There was my dentist appointment.  Shutter.  The fact that I have another one next month.  My fillings are older than 40 years old and they've told me it is time to replace a couple of them.  I guess the good news on that front is if they replacements last for another 40 years perhaps it will be the last time I need any :)
And of course the election and the aftermath on social media.  Frankly I've just turned off my Facebook.  I've deleted the app from my phone and perhaps I'll … (9 comments)

family: A post you can see, without a photograph - 10/25/16 01:00 AM
Did you miss me?  I don't generally vanish for so long on ActiveRain.  But if you have connected with me on Facebook then perhaps you knew I had a death in my family and have been away for a while.
And at that family funeral I experienced something very overwhelming hard and beautiful at the same time.  It was the kind of thing that would have made a really beautiful photograph, but in that moment I had so much sadness in my heart and so many tears in my eyes and it seemed wrong to snap a photo. But I believe that … (15 comments)

family: sometimes storms brew in our lives - 09/22/16 01:57 PM
I hadn't mentioned this, but since my daughter finally told everyone I've decided to share her experience and publicly thank the officer who came to her aid.
Abigail has had allergic reactions to various things in her adult life that she ate without any issues as a child.
It started with pineapple and her tongue itching. It got progressively worse and more things. She had never been alone when it happened until this past weekend.
I am ever so grateful that Jeff Robinson was where God intended him to be in that moment to potentially save my daughter's life. I'm thankful she had the sound … (11 comments)

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