family: A post you can see, without a photograph - 10/25/16 01:00 AM
Did you miss me?  I don't generally vanish for so long on ActiveRain.  But if you have connected with me on Facebook then perhaps you knew I had a death in my family and have been away for a while.
And at that family funeral I experienced something very overwhelming hard and beautiful at the same time.  It was the kind of thing that would have made a really beautiful photograph, but in that moment I had so much sadness in my heart and so many tears in my eyes and it seemed wrong to snap a photo. But I believe that … (15 comments)

family: sometimes storms brew in our lives - 09/22/16 01:57 PM
I hadn't mentioned this, but since my daughter finally told everyone I've decided to share her experience and publicly thank the officer who came to her aid.
Abigail has had allergic reactions to various things in her adult life that she ate without any issues as a child.
It started with pineapple and her tongue itching. It got progressively worse and more things. She had never been alone when it happened until this past weekend.
I am ever so grateful that Jeff Robinson was where God intended him to be in that moment to potentially save my daughter's life. I'm thankful she had the sound … (11 comments)

family: A sad day for Lane Realty, a sad day for me! - 05/26/16 01:07 PM
James Lane, 82, passed away at the Georgia War Veterans Home on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.
James was born on December 23, 1933 in Paducah, Kentucky to the late Raymond and Thelma Creason Lane. He was an active member of Centerville Methodist Church and Emmaus. With great pride and honor James served in the United States Air Force for many years, retiring with the rank of Master Sergeant. Following his retirement, he began his real estate career at Lane Reality at Lake Sinclair. James was an avid fisherman, golfer, and Kentucky Wildcats fan. In his spare time he enjoyed playing and refereeing … (16 comments)

family: The Jungle Book - 04/30/16 01:03 PM
Have you ever taken a two year old to the movie?  How about a two year old, 3 four year olds and 1 ten year old?  Well Donald and I did today. There are no photos from the movie theater, but I can tell you that if you have children you should take them to see the Jungle Book.  It was one of my favorite books as a child and I was excited to the take the grands to see it this afternoon. 
They were the most mesmerized group of kids I'd ever seen.  Yes there was a bit of popcorn on the floor … (15 comments)

family: a life cut short, a friendship remembered - 04/16/16 01:37 PM
Today I attended a service to celebrate the all too short life of my little brother's childhood best friend. He, along with is family, moved next door to us in 1976. You couldn't see my little brother Howard without seeing William. They were born the same year and became the best of friends.
In later years my brother worked after school and summers for their family business so they were together at school and work and after school too.  Did you have a childhood friend like that? 
I'm finding myself broken-hearted over the loss of my "other" little brother. William Coleman, was not only my neighbor for … (17 comments)

family: The boys - 04/13/16 06:43 AM

As you can see the little one, Laston was getting fussy. It was already past bath/bed time for him on a school night.  But the birthday boys Jonah and a James who just turned 4 were super happy to be sitting in Papa Don's lap. We had a great night visiting our adopted grands last night. They are a joy to us both.

family: Grammyisms, I can get away with that - 04/12/16 02:59 PM
As a young mother I made some ridiculous statement about only letting my child had educational toys.  Bahahahaha.  Yeah, right. Even if I never purchased a single thing for Abigail that was NOT educational (which I did plenty of) they would have had hundreds of things that grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends gave to her that weren't.  I got over myself and my stupid ideas. Of course I made sure she had educational toys in the mix. 
And tonight we went to the grands house for round two of birthdays for the year.  The baby turned 2 in January, the youngest … (17 comments)

family: A child never forgotten. A lesson about children in the back of trucks - 03/26/16 04:54 AM
I'm not going to copy and paste my post, but I do want you to go and read a post a wrote about Christopher. Christopher has been gone from this earth for 20 years. I think of  him all the time.  Last year his little sister got married and if you read my posts you might remember photos from her wedding.  He's an uncle to two beautiful children he never got to meet and love on this earth. Today would have been his 37th birthday.  And I sit here with tears in my eyes over the fact he is not here … (11 comments)

family: Tugging at my heart a little. - 03/06/16 01:50 PM
Today when we drove by the veterans wall in my town I noticed my husband giving a silent salute. I don't think he noticed me notice him and I didn't say a word. We were both there the day of it's dedication just a little more than a year ago. There is a blue star next to my Uncle Johnny's name on that wall because he was killed in combat. Today ... just by chance one of my cousins found this and sent it to my aunt Dot.  Another cousin shared it as did I. It is a lovely tribute to … (16 comments)

family: HaPpY BiRtHdAy to My DoNaLd! He turns 50 today! - 03/01/16 02:50 PM
I almost just want to sit here on the sofa and wait for him to wake up and watch him go to make a pot of coffee and find that I baked him a cake after he went to bed. I also left him a card and one of his gifts next to the cake. It's not his only gift, but since he has to work on his birthday I wanted him to open one before he left for work.  The others will have to wait until after work.
But since it's his 50th birthday I thought I would try to make … (16 comments)

family: Family, there's nothing better - 01/10/16 01:55 PM
Tonight we celebrated another accomplishment with family and friends. We had a blast. It was a surprise and for weeks we kept it all under wraps and Michael had no idea until he walked in the house. Frankly he didn't even recognize cars in the driveway because it was dark. 

family: those adopted grandchildren are great! - 01/02/16 12:38 PM
Tonight Donald and I went to deliver our Christmas gifts to our adopted family. A little more than a year ago a young woman that my daughter attends church with was in need of a sitter last minute when her sitter bailed.  My daughter told her I really wanted grand babies and I'd be happy to do it.  I even knew that not only were there 5 children, but that one of the has cerebral palsy when I agreed I'd babysit. Of course I had Papa Donald to back me up. 
For the past 14 months we have loved these children and seen them … (28 comments)

family: A love for writing runs in the family - 12/14/15 11:36 AM
A love for writing runs in the family. I was taught to love books and stories from as young as I have memories. One of my most fond childhood memories was the gift of a "play pretend" grown up dress that belonged to "Big Sue"  Big Sue was my Great Grandmother's sister. She was not only an author, but a journalist.  She was a journalist in a time when it was a man's world. Susan Myrick began that career at age 35 in 1928 and it would span for the next half century. This photograph is a framed one I have … (20 comments)

family: Thanksgiving and family - 11/25/15 02:15 AM
My sweet Donald has spent every single Thanksgiving with my family and never ever complained or asked to do anything differently.  This year we decided to head out west to his mom's house for Thanksgiving.  We made the drive out an adventure.  We stopped to see our boys, we went to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado (and man are they ever beautiful) and we stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. Now we're here and pumpkin pies are baking in the oven.  
We're about to head to old town San Diego where one of my favorite things in the world is … (21 comments)

family: A little broken hearted - 11/07/15 09:37 AM
You work with people and you get to know and love them. They become part of your extended family. I am heartbroken because I lost part of my work family.  Please say a prayer for Sam Morgan's family. He was an agent with Lane Realty for 27 years.  He was there before I started and I ultimately bought the company in 1995. 
Sam leaves behind a wife of 44 years 3 children, 5 grandchildren and one great grandchild. 
He always served his clients well and I only had people tell me great things about their working with Sam.  I will miss him. Our … (17 comments)

family: My Daddy is having a birthday today! - 10/20/15 05:57 AM
My daddy turns 75 today! He's a super amazing guy and we're planning a birthday dinner for him tonight.
 I posted on Facebook that it was his birthday today. I'm going to show him all the birthday wishes people have put for him on "Book Book" (what my dad callsfacebook).  Won't you go over and add him some birthday wishes on my FB page.  It takes a lot of hard work to get to 75. And doesn't he look great?  
This photo was taken back in May at my cousin's wedding shower. That's my dad holding the cake stand he made … (17 comments)

family: Please pray with me America, and pray for those who serve and protect - 08/30/15 10:33 PM
When my Abigail was a little girl, still in grammar school, she began karate lessons. Joshua came into her life and his mom Stephanie into mine.  Stephanie and I would sit on an old broken down sofa in that hot building and watch our kids.  I bet both of us can still count to ten in Japanese because we heard it over and over and over. At the time Stephanie was a deputy. 
It was during those days when Stephanie met David "duh huh" Holland and I watched her fall in love with him. David's job changed from deputy to state trooper … (22 comments)

family: Serendipitous Sunday- a long ago memory in church today - 08/02/15 11:45 AM
My daddy is a deacon in our small southern Baptist Church and has been on and off for years.  He was called on today to lead the congregation in prayer in the middle of the service. As he read from his bible about the Laws of Moses being from the old testament and God's grace and forgiveness being from the new testament. When his prayer ended and he walked back to his seat I noticed what Bible he brought to church today.
At some point in my childhood my parents got The Living Bible and I remember they read it, they took it to … (10 comments)

family: My Donald is an amazing husband - 08/01/15 02:09 PM
It was a very stressful week in real estate this week.  We had the closing that didn't and isn't going to happen.  Then we had the closing that was delayed.  The delay cause a terrible burden on the buyers because of a personal situation and I'm very disappointed by the lender. Of course her apology was not "I'm sorry I didn't get it done for them" but instead was "I'm sorry your are disappointed" Didn't sound or feel much like an apology.
Then there was the other bank that screwed up my trust account.  Yeah you read that right. A banking ERROR … (30 comments)

family: A day off work... well kind of - 07/25/15 01:26 PM
I didn't show property or go into the office today. Of course there was still a conversation with a sellers, an offer and more photo taking than in two hours than maybe any day before in my life. 
I snapped this one right after saying to my cousin Hillary Elizabeth "you're about to be married". Doesn't she look happy. It was a beautiful day and I got to spend it with lots of family.  And even though I was completely exhausted at the end of the day it was a wonderful day. We added to our family, we ate, we fellowshiped, we played.
You can … (46 comments)

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