family: Days like today remind me just how blessed I am... - 07/06/14 12:58 PM
It's been busy and I've been tired.  Really tired.  I did make a quick stop by my office today after church.  I had a chat with two agents, checked my emails and headed home to try and catch up on some house cleaning.  
I didn't have to ask my Donald to help, he just did.  He finished the closet organization and did laundry all afternoon. I was in charge of kitchen and great room clean up.  Then we settled in for a little television time.  And when it was time for dinner my Donald helped with that too.
We were almost … (4 comments)

family: It's time to plan a trip to the west coast - 06/15/14 01:34 PM
It's been a few years since Donald and I went out west to visit his family. But we have an awesome reason to plan a visit now.  Our first great nephew Elias Brett arrived today.

And a new baby can't arrive without Auntie Tammy and Uncle Donald getting to hold them while they are still little.  Isn't he just adorable?

family: Throwback Thursday- Happy Father's Day Daddy! - 06/12/14 06:49 AM
In honor of Father's Day this Sunday my "throwback" Thursday is my Daddy. I'm not sure the year this photo was taken, but sometime in the 60's.  
I've been told I look like my mom, my dad's mom and various other family members, but I think I have my daddy's eyes.
And I still think my Daddy is handsome as ever.
I hope all the dads out there have a wonderful Father's Day this weekend.

family: Okay, so I was a super sneak, but it was worth it. Happy 50th! - 05/25/14 12:20 PM
Success!  I pulled off my first successful "suprise" party today.  It was my Mama and Daddy's 50th wedding anniversary.  18 members of our family surprised them showing up in church.  That's when I sprang the news on my mom that the "surprise" party was at her house.  After all, she couldn't get too mad in church, right?

Still smiling and happy after 50 years.  And it was really a surprise.  Lots of family didn't make it to church but did make it to the celebration. I think there was a total of 31 there, but I sort of lost count … (5 comments)

family: Throw "way way" back Thursday to before I was born. - 05/22/14 12:14 PM

I am throwing way back to May 25, 1964. This Sunday my Mommy and Daddy will celebrate their golden anniversary.  They will have been married for 50 years.  I was truly blessed in the Mom and Dad department.  They have been loving and supportive my entire life.  They are also superior grandparents to my daughter.

family: My Mother's Day.... was busy and fabulous - 05/11/14 02:00 PM
This morning was typical Sunday... church and then lunch with my parents.  But this afternoon, even though we'd closed the office for the day, I was at the office.  We had a client who wanted to see a home for a second time and then write an offer.  You just don't say no to that request.  I was just at the office for a couple of hours with them.  
Then this evening my sweet Donald treated me to dinner out (no cooking for me on Mother's Day) and a movie.  I picked the movie... but there was nothing I really … (12 comments)

family: The best laid plans... and adjusting them when life happens - 03/02/14 05:57 AM
I just got off the phone with my "tree guy" and while he IS who I would recommend, not this week.  We were chatting about how sometimes no matter how down to the minute you well plan, life can happen and get in your way.  Happened to him when the ice storm hit our area.  But today he is getting a job done for me.
I could so identify with the stress in his voice when I've talked to him lately.  I had a plan for today and it didn't include me working or Donald working, but as life turned out … (14 comments)

family: Losing sentimental stuff and dealing with it - 01/27/14 10:32 AM
If we're not facebook friends, you don't know and even if we are facebook friends you might not know... that I had a fire last week.  It was an accident and while all the people and fur babies at my house survived I felt devastated. My house has some minor damage, but our storage building was a total loss.  My daughter's childhood was packed up and stored in there.  All her baby clothes, some were mine... hand sewn with love by my mommy, grandmothers and great grandmother.  Baby books and toys, a couple of antiques I had in mind to have … (16 comments)

family: Speechless Sunday- waiting to ring in the new year! - 12/29/13 12:59 PM
This is Laney.  She's named after my office Lane Realty.  She showed up on the front porch there on Sunday in June of 2007.  She lived at the office for a while, but she started to follow clients out and want to chase their cars and that wouldn't do.  
So I lugged her then 8 month old self into my car and brought her home.  Glen didn't mind having a new puppy sister when we got her home.  And although she still seems to rip her toys and his to shreds they get along great.  
Laney is my first … (12 comments)

family: How cool is that? a little peek into my family ancestry - 11/27/13 02:46 AM
I've mentioned before that I was doing family ancestry research to obtain membership in the DAR.  And intitially I was looking to join on my Daddy's side.  Dummy me I should have asked my mom about it in the first place, but I didn't.  You see, my mother's grandmother was a member, so not much digging was needed.  But I had already done a lot of research on my Daddy's side and have no regrets about the time I spent doing that. 
Today I met with the director of the Milledgeville Chapter of the DAR to find out what additional … (5 comments)

family: Home... where the love is - 10/28/13 07:06 AM
I am really very blessed in my life.  No matter what home I have ever lived in it's been filled with love.  I went home to my grandparents when I was born with my mom, because my dad was deployed with the Navy at the time.  My grandparents loved me.  I lived in NJ with my parents from 5 weeks to 16 months... then in two home back in my hometown of Eatonton until I went to college, always my home was filled with love.
Fast forward to the home I have lived in the past 11 years with My Donald … (15 comments)

family: I'm right, it really IS a sign... - 08/26/13 01:56 PM
On the way to my cousin Ryan's memorial service I just burst into tears when I turned on Elberta Road.  It was a turn I had taken many times on the way to see to my Aunt Charlotte and him when he was still a kid living at home.  I just kept seeing things that reminded me of him.  He was scared of sharks and last night at dinner a little blonde boy was playing with a toy shark at the table.  And I found my "rite-aid" (this is pharmacy Ryan worked for) rewards card yesterday.  It had been lost since … (17 comments)

family: Please pray for Ryan and our family - 08/18/13 02:07 PM

UPDATE: Ryan passed tonight very peaceful surrounded by loved ones.  He will be missed. 6-29-79 - 8-19-13
Some days it's just hard to breathe.  Hard to not ask God why?  Hard to understand how so much tragedy can happen in one family.  An accident with a deer has left my dear sweet cousin Ryan on life support and will likely leave his wife a very young widow and his daughter without her father at just 9 years old. 
I spent the day in the ICU waiting room where his family and friends gathered around and prayed and waited for … (26 comments)

family: Sometimes I just cry because I'm so proud of my little girl... - 04/21/13 07:44 AM
I have said before, and I'm sure I'll say it again and again... I'm really proud of my daughter.  She was such a tom boy growing up.  She loved to play outside in the mud and would would much rather watch Rescue 911 than Sesame Street.  She used to spend hours and hours watching tapes on that television show even after it went off the air.  When she left for college in 2006 and said she was going to be a "sports trainer" I just rolled my eyes at her.  I knew better.  And finally after college when she was in … (13 comments)

family: Thankful for little things - 11/18/12 12:42 PM
Today was super busy.  Homecoming Sunday at church meant I was up early cooking dishes to take before I left to teach my Sunday School class.  I had to work this afternoon, but I was a little late because I stayed for lunch at church, after all I got to eat lunch with Governor Nathan Deal. (well at the table next to him anyway).  After lunch I rushed home and changed my shoes to "show property shoes" and headed to the office.
I got the text I was expecting from clients letting me know exactly what time they would be arriving.  … (15 comments)

family: Exhausted! Hungry! & Happy! - 10/24/12 10:04 AM
I think I will sleep like a baby tonight.  Today I spent about 5 straight hours pressure washing the entire front of my office and then the screened porch on the back.  Plus, I also cleaned all the patio furniture.  We're hosting a trick or treat for children next week and I wanted to make sure the office looked nice and the steps weren't slippery.  And I even cleaned a rug... who knew you could clean a rug SO well with a pressure washer?
I'm am totally exhausted.  And of course this would be the day that my Donald worked late … (15 comments)

family: A Grandmother story.... - 09/29/12 03:26 AM
I've pondered all day wondering which of my humorous moments or childhood memories to share with you about my Grandmother.  I can't really decide.  So I'll talk about a few of them.
I remember that I used to get to sit in my Papa's recliner in the afternoon.  (this would have been when I was too young to be in school) and my grandmother would watch her "stories".  That's when I got to know all the folks on As The World Turns and Guiding Light.  I was so sad when each of those shows ended.  My Grandmother would watch with her … (18 comments)

family: My Donald never fails to amaze me - 09/06/12 02:31 PM
We went on a road trip yesterday and when we headed home we needed to stop for gas.  When we turned into the gas station there was a truck we could barely get around blocking the driveway.  I stayed in the car and Donald got out to pump the gas.  Then he popped into the store to find out who's truck.  As it turned out it was a young girl and she simply was out of gas.  Yup, out of gas in the driveway of a gas station. It was up hill from the street to the pump.  But that didn't … (21 comments)

family: Serendipity- the happy accident that is my life! - 04/20/12 05:10 AM
Serendipity the movie:   Synopsis: After the long-delayed Town and Country, director Peter Chelsom turns in his second 2001 effort with this love-at-first-sight romantic comedy that revolves around fate, destiny, and chance. Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) are two New Yorkers already in relationships when they meet one another, each reaching for the last pair of cashmere gloves at a department store. Over coffee, they strike up an intimate conversation, and Jonathan thinks they should see each other again. Unconvinced, Sara arranges an elaborate series of "fate" games; if they're meant to be together, she reasons, she and Jonathan will receive … (21 comments)

family: Merry Christmas from me - 12/24/11 08:18 AM
There was a time when I used to work on Christmas.  A time before 1988.  But having children changes Christmas.  This will be the first Christmas that I won't have my baby girl home all snug in her bed.  But the fact that she's working for someone who does have children makes me proud of her.
Then there is my Uncle Eugene, his youngest son Kaleb will be spending Christmas in Afghanistan.  I hope he'll be safe and home soon.  And my guess is that many of you reading this will wake up on Christmas morning away from someone you love … (12 comments)

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