faq: Ask an Ambassador: why are my tagged people tiny? - 01/05/18 08:33 PM
Are you confused?  Well let me show you a couple of examples to explain.  I found this through trial and error and perhaps it's a glitch that will someday be fixed, but for now there is a work around that's pretty simple.  
To show you what I'm talking about I'm going to tag Bob Stewart and I'm typing in the AR platform and I have not yet enlarged my copy as I'm typing this paragraph.  But right now after I type this sentence I'm going to go ahead and enlarge my copy to 14 pt.  I like for consumers to be able to read … (8 comments)

faq: If the seller won't make these repairs what happens to my Earnest Money? - 06/10/17 01:10 PM
For the most part when I have buyers send over a request for repairs after an inspection some type of negotiation takes place.  Sometimes repairs are completed by the seller, sometimes the seller agrees to pay X amount of buyer closing costs so buyer can use money he'd planned on paying closing costs with to make repairs after closing and sometimes the price of the home is reduced to a new amount.
But for that once in a while... when the repairs become the deal breaker... what happens to the earnest money.
Well in Georgia we have a due diligence period in our … (6 comments)

faq: Can I have a boathouse on Lake Sinclair? - 06/09/17 12:39 PM
That is one of those questions I get from buyers a LOT. However, it's not one I answer.  It's not that I don't usually KNOW the answer, but it's a little complicated.  
First of all it requires a written permit.  Next the permit will ONLY be issued to the property owner, then there is the fact that permits are non transferable. Also sometimes permits are conditional.  You can do this if you first do that.
As an example I had a buyer a few years ago that wanted a boathouse. There was a very big covered patio right next to the shoreline … (1 comments)

faq: Can I just sell my Lake Sinclair home furnished? - 06/07/17 01:37 PM
In our local real estate market it is not uncommon to see homes being advertised with furniture included. Many times these homes are a vacation home for the sellers and they have no place to put all that furniture if the buyers don't want it. 
So this is a very common question that people listing homes ask.  There is a lot to consider when selling a home furnished and different people have very different opinions about what what "furnished" means. I've had the following things occur that I'd like to tell you about.
I've had buyers call after the fact and ask "where … (28 comments)

faq: Kickout Clause... a bird in the hand - 10/12/15 11:41 AM
You send an offer and it's met with resistance by the other agent because your buyer has to sell a house. The resistance is completely from the agent because she confesses that she hasn't even let her client know there is an offer yet.
If one of my sellers gets an offer and it's contingent upon a house selling I'd be doing homework.  I'd research the house for sale. I'd research the market in which the house was for sale.  I'd look at public records and recent sales in the neighborhood where that house was for sale. 
Now if that house isn't under contract then … (15 comments)

faq: What is an Access Residential Lease on Lake Sinclair? - 05/25/15 02:41 AM
Ooops, is really what it is, but hey it happens.  Well actually it really doesn't happen anymore except on rare lots where the fee simple portion isn't large enough to build a home on, but it did happen quite a few times and this type of ownership exists and we have to deal with it.
You'll need to go back and read my detailed explanation of "strip lease lots" to really understand what a Residential Access lease is on Lake Sinclair.  That's because this ownership is a strip lease lot where the dwelling encroaches on the part of the land owned by Georgia … (11 comments)

faq: What is a strip lease property on Lake Sinclair? - 05/23/15 08:13 AM
There are four types of ownership on Lake Sinclair and a few years ago I wrote a very brief explanation of all of them, but I'd like to expand on strip lease lots a little more.
A strip lease lot has two separate types of ownership on the same lot.  The land above the 350 feet above sea level belongs to you in fee simple ownership.  The land between 350 feet above sea level and the shore line of Lake Sinclair, which is 340 feet above sea level belongs to Georgia Power and you pay a lease fee.  A "strip lease" has no part of your … (14 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: how do I avoid blogging burnout - 05/08/15 05:33 AM
I'm no Liz and Bill Spear  , I have missed some days blogging in the past 4 and half years, but I consider myself a regular and consistent blogger both here on ActiveRain and my other site. But there are days when it's 11:30 p.m. and I stare at the blank screen and then just close my laptop and go to bed because I'm both exhausted and have a little burnout. So I've been keeping a list on my desk to try to help me from feeling this burnout and still be a mad daily blogger.  In my opinion you need:
DON'T BE DISTRACTED: … (48 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: Should we cross into personal content? - 03/20/15 06:45 AM
My answer to this question is strictly MY OPINION and my opinion is based on my own experience which I will share with you.  
In my first month of blogging I went right to being personal.  Others I was reading were talking about their kids, their pets, their lives, their loves, what books they were reading so I just jumped in the water and went with it.
And if you read my posts you know that I am still very personal.  I bet most of you reading this know a lot about me.  You could likely tell me my husbands … (28 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: no one comments on market reports, why do them? - 02/13/15 04:20 AM
I know it can feel frustrating when you spend a lot of time creating a well written and full of information market report and then crickets.  It feels like no one is reading that information and no one cares. There are been numerous comments about the new home page for ActiveRain saying "who wants to see all those market reports)  Well... check out your clicks and see if anyone is looking at them. If they are not then perhaps it's time to work on the headlines a bit.

These are just a few... from in the … (19 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: just a little tip for blog post tagging - 01/02/15 10:50 PM
Notice that if I tag someone Debbie Gartner  and the name looks smaller than the rest of my copy .... it means that I tagged the person and then made my font size larger and the name I tagged is still it's original (too small for my old eyes to read) size.
Now notice that this tag Eric Michael is the same you can read it size as the larger font size that I changed to prior to making the tag.  
And that boys and girls is my little tip for the week.  No more different sized tagged people in your posts.  It's … (64 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: Need a blogging problem solved? Just ask - 11/14/14 09:58 AM
Did you know there is a group on activerain called Ask an Ambassador?  And did you know there is a place where you can accessess all the Ambassdors?  So if you are having a problem or have a question or even need some ideas for blog posts, you are welcome to write a post with your question and include it in the group Ask an Ambassador or email me or another ambassador. 
Honestly, we are happy to help.  
If you haven't joined that group yet it's a great idea for you to do so and to browse through the posts … (34 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: Travel plans? Ask the expert on ActiveRain - 10/30/14 04:36 PM
Sometimes during the week an idea pops in my mind early and I think I'm good... some weeks Liz and Bill Spear writes about that idea in my head and I grumble swear words and go back to the white board and think some more.  Sometimes I pop over on the Ask an Ambassador group and look for questions... and find one to write an answer about.  None of that happened this week.  
First of all it was an incredibly busy and frustrating week.  We had crazy, like full moon crazy, but since it's not a full moon I guess was just … (47 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: Are you still in the real estate business? - 10/23/14 01:18 PM
Yesterday I read a post here on ActiveRain where a member was looking for an agent to send a referral. My first thought was... well why didn't they just check the area on on the membership? I read further and they had, but the problem was that no one in that area was "active" here at ActiveRain.  It got me to thinking about what folks would think about the other agents in my area and made me to look.  
A couple of them are actually no longer in the business.  Others are not blogging in years but still in the … (58 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: what to do if I find an inappropriate or spam post? - 10/09/14 06:04 AM
Karen Fiddler, Broker/Realtor  inspired my Ask an Ambassador group post this week.  She posted about spammy posts found on ActiveRain.  Not only are there "spammy" posts, there are also actually spammy profiles.  People who find our little world and invade it to sell those little blue pills and knock off ugg boots.  And she asked "wonder if we can all watch for these and report?"   YES, yes we can report. 
I must admit, I miss that little red flag button we used to have where we could report a post.  But, it is certainly still possible to report.  When I run across a … (13 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: Facebook as part of my marketing... yes or no? - 08/22/14 05:09 AM
With Google's new... we want 1000 words for value for your post to rank well I have put a LOT more time into the my posts recently.  I also wanted to get the most "bang for my buck" out of those posts and not only do my business page "INSIGHTS" let me track, but so do my "short URL clicks" here at ActiveRain. It lets me know when not only did those posts reach the number of people in seeing it in their newsfeed, but also who clicked through to read the post.  And in my most recent posts I've been adding … (51 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: How can I help keep my posts working for me? - 07/18/14 04:10 AM
I read a post this morning that inspired me to give a couple of bits of advice for certain types of blog posts.  
We're encouraged to write about local events, but what happens when in two years someone calls you up and says.. Hey I went to the park on July 3rd and nothing was there?  DATES... include the year in your date for event posts.  It's important to know if they are the fireworks for 2007 or 2015. So whenever you write a post about an even always include the year in your post, even in your headline is … (9 comments)

faq: What is a kick-out in a Georgia Real Estate Contract? - 07/07/14 05:30 AM
We recently had a buyer put an offer in who needs to sell their current home before they can purchase.  When they were making their offer my agent explained to them that they could likely expect a "kick-out clause" in the counter offer.  They wanted to know what a kick out clause was and I thought others might want to know this too, so I thought I'd explain a little about it.

The top of the form looks like this.  The buyer has to use this form as a "contingency" to the offer they are making and let the seller … (6 comments)

faq: Ask an Ambassador: OMG where did my peeps go? - 06/18/14 05:39 AM
I've said it before and I'll repeat it again... when something goes wrong or changes at ActiveRain the right thing to do is NOT to write a blog post bitching complaining about it. That really doesn't accomplish anything.  I read something yesterday that concerned me so I emailed Bob and Kerrie.  Bob within a few hours emailed me back addressing my concern and now I'm no longer concerned about it.
The last changes were announced.  I however saw several "ranting" blogs about how they weren't.  It's not really ActiveRain's fault if you didn't read the post.  Everyone here should follow the … (35 comments)

faq: Why Lake Sinclair buyers should do a final walk through before closing - 06/11/14 07:39 AM
When I have a property listed I never remove the lockbox and signs before closing.  (yeah I am superstitious) But also because I want the key to be available even if the selling agent is going to do a walk through immediately prior to closing which is well within their right.
I always have a final walk-through with my buyer clients.  We want to make sure any negotiated repairs have been done and that the light fixtures and appliances are still there and working like they were when the offer was made. Tomorrow I'll be headed out for a final walk … (7 comments)

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