lake sinclair properties: A "FOR SALE" sign is NOT an invitation to trespass - 09/02/10 02:42 PM
A "FOR SALE" sign is NOT an invitation to trespass!
Just imagine... for a moment... you get off early the week before Labor Day and head out to your lake property to enjoy a super long holiday weekend with your family.  On Thursday morning you turn the alarm clock and roll over and go back to sleep.  A noise wakes you and you open your eyes to find a face pressed up against your bedroom window peering inside at you.
Of course there were screams on both sides of the window and guess who got the phone call?  No, it wasn't … (75 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Lake Sinclair Brokerage Lane Realty- A rare day closed - 05/09/10 03:44 PM
My office was closed today.  Although, on Friday I did have a client tell me to "Call me on Sunday to come and see the house"  So on my way home from church this morning I did stop at the office and call that client.  I don't think either of us considered that Sunday was Mother's Day when we decided to postpone until today our appointment.  And of course I would have gone had my client wanted me to do it today.  He didn't and we rescheduled. So a week from Monday I'll be doing a CMA and I put it on … (12 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Crooked Creek Community on Lake Sinclair is very sought after neighborhood - 03/25/10 07:51 AM
Crooked Creek Community on Lake SinclairWhen choosing an area of Lake Sinclair there are many things to consider not the least of which is if you own the lot or lease it from Georgia Power Companuy.  The Crooked Creek Community on Lake Sinclair is an area of fee simple lots.  You own the dirt from the road right down to the shoreline.  Crooked Creek Community also has other amenities not commonly found around Lake Sinclair (or at least right around the corner).One of my favorite features of this community is Bone Island Grill at Crooked Creek Marina.  If you haven't tried their … (13 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Possum Point Drive, a convenient neighborhood on Lake Sinclair - 03/22/10 08:50 AM
As a life long resident of Putnam County I can tell my buyers there are neighborhoods with certain features that are more attractive for resale value than others.  One of the the best is convenience.  Possum Point Subdivision just happens to be one of the most perfect locations on the lake.  It's just 3 miles from Highway 441. And not just any spot on Highway 441, but the Flat Rock intersection that is 6 miles from the Super WalMart in Eatonton and 8 miles from the Super WalMart in Millledgeville.  So shopping is just a few minutes away with either a … (9 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Lake Sinclair- February 2010 Market Report - 03/12/10 04:37 AM
Seven Lake Sinclair homes sold in February of 2010
The bad news is that is down from February 2009 when 12 Lake Sinclair homes sold.
The Good News is...
The average sales price was $304,429  (up from $263,021 in February 2009)
The average Days on Market was 157 (down from 251 in February 2009)
Sold to list price difference was 93.49% ( up from 93.14% in February 2009)
Highest sales price was $643,000. (up from 443,750 in February of 2009)
All good news for sellers.
The good news for buyers is that there are (in Putnam County) still 182 Lake Sinclair … (1 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Great weekend or starter home on Lake Sinclair on Possum Point Drive - 02/24/10 03:01 AM
New listing alert, new listing alert!
This house is neat and clean and filled with extras to let you enjoy Lake Sinclair!
On the lake side of this homeyou'll find a sun porch and a screened porch for enjoying a lovely lake view even in in-climate weather.  That of course leads down to a lower level deck and grilling deck to let you make the most of those beautiful summer days on Lake Sinclair.
A gentle sloping concrete sidewalk then takes you down to the shore where there's a super kid friendly dock(has side railings for safety) and a extra large … (16 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Is your Lake Sinclair home mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? - 12/01/09 05:54 AM
Growing up there were always two jars in my parents refrigerator.  Daddy ate Blue Plate Mayonnaise and Mom ate Miracle Whip.  From my experience of the two you come down on one side of fence or the other.  I landed on Mom's side and so did my brother. 
When I got married to Donald he ate Mayonnaise, but since there wasn't any in the refrigerator and he didn't do the shopping he crossed over from the dark side. He now happily makes his sandwiches with my jar of Miracle Whip.
So how in the world does this relate to lake homes?

lake sinclair properties: New on the market at Lake Sinclair - 11/13/09 08:29 AM
My new listing, priced at $199,900 isn't about the "house", although there is a very 1216 sq. ft. singlewide manufactured home in great condition with 2 Bedroom and 2 full baths, a large covered porch, on nearly an acre with 125 feet of shoreline with seawall built.  There's also a beautiful view.  The lot is very gentle sloping from the house to the lake. 
It would make a really nice weekend/vacation place for wonderful memories to be spent on weekends and summers on Lake Sinclair.
But ideally at some point the new owners of this property wil build a lovely retirement home … (11 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Lake Sinclair buyer says "It doesn't really matter what agent I talk to" - 11/12/09 02:38 AM
Yesterday I read a post by Liz Moras on this subject and it prompted me to talk to buyers in my area a little.
I got a call Saturday evening at home. 
 The customer dialed the office number, but at Lane Realty if you dial our office number after business hours, you still get an agent (please don't call after 11, we do need sleep).  It's been a long standing practice at Lane Realty to forward the phone to a full time agent for customers who call during evening hours or before the office opens at 9 a.m.  We strive to … (14 comments)

lake sinclair properties: I'm calling about your listing on Lake Sinclair. - 06/14/09 07:21 AM
Phone call today went something like this:
Caller:  I'm calling about your house on Lake Sinclair, how much is it?
Duty Agent:  Where are you?
Caller: On Lake Sinclair
Duty Agent:  There's 15,000 acres and 417 miles of shoreline, could you please be a little more specific.
Caller: Close to 441
Duty Agent: East or West of 441?
Caller: I don't know
Duty Agent: The side with or without the power plant?
Caller: Without?
Duty Agent: What does the house look like?
Caller: Grey
Duty Agent: Does it have a boathouse?
Caller: Yes
Duty Agent: Is the boathouse enclosed?
Caller: Yes

lake sinclair properties: Paper Plate or Fine China? - 05/28/09 03:22 AM
In looking through the Showcase of Land and Homes... A publication for the __________ MLS, I noted two ads that I wish to address.  Of course I won't be pointing fingers and naming names.The first ad from Brokerage XYZ (30 agents)  says "We're # 1" because look at our numbers, we sold the most houses.The second ad from Brokerage ABC ( 39 agents) says ""We're # 2 and we are closing the gap"  We sold only X houses less than Brokerage XYZ last year and we are only Y # of home sales behind them this year"  Soon we will be … (11 comments)

lake sinclair properties: I wear a lot of hats and I can be a witch when needed - 05/21/09 04:45 AM
As a broker/owner it seems I am required to wear many hats!  Today I had to put on my "witch" hat to get my point across to the seller that if you HAVE the title to the manufactured home you need to get off your lazy rear end and go to the file cabinet and open the drawer and pull the file and find the hard copy and overnight them to  your attorney.
The seller just happens to be a bank.  Now usually the titles don't get transfered to the bank when a manufactured home gets foreclosed, but for some odd … (13 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Price it right and we will get the job done! - 03/10/09 03:26 AM
On January 7, 2009 we got a lead via our website from a prospect seller.  This seller lives in California, for the sake of this post I'll call him Jim. 
Jim typed into a form that said he had a Lake Sinclair property he needed to sell.  Nancy Ewing was the on duty agent at Lane Realty that day, so the lead got put into her hands.
Jim had kindly included his phone number so instead of emailing him, Nancy picked up the phone and called.  She got voice mail, so she also followed up with an email.
In a matter … (2 comments)

lake sinclair properties: The Right Stuff at Lake Sinclair - 02/27/09 05:41 AM
The other day when I was about to head home at the end of the day I went out to the mail box and was headed back in to the office when a car pulled into the parking lot.  The driver pulled up to me and rolled down his window and said "Mam, you dropped something back there by the mail box."
He was the owner of The Right Stuff and I thought since he was nice enough to let me know I'd dropped an envelope with a signed listing agreement I was expecting I better just pay it forward or … (1 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Georgia Power owns Lake Sinclair and they have rules - 02/16/09 06:13 AM

 Lake Sinclair is a beautiful place.   Over 15,000 acres of fabulous water ways filled with fresh water fish including some incredible bass.
It is used for all types of recreation, people swim, boat, ski, jet ski, fish, picnic, sunbath on some of the beach areas.  But the primary purpose for the Lake Sinclair is to provide cooling water for Plant Branch located on Hwy. 441 where the waters of Little River come together with the main channel of the Oconee River.  The plant keeps Lake Sinclair full of water for the purpose of having water available for cooling the … (12 comments)

lake sinclair properties: He who hesitates has no lake house! - 02/04/09 09:35 AM
I'm thrilled for 6 sellers in my area.  Since January 1st that's how many we've gotten contracts on their homes through Lane Realty.  Two have closed and two more are approved and just waiting to close and the other two while having been negotiated, well let's just say don't count your chickens before they hatch.  And while I still consider this a buyer's market, things are starting to move on Lake Sinclair. Don't miss this buying opportunity.  Don't wait until the house you've been watching is sold to some other buyer.  Don't wait until interest rates begin to climb.The prices are … (7 comments)

lake sinclair properties: Beautiful 1.5 acre lot on Lake Sinclair ready for your dream home. - 12/29/08 02:57 AM
Lake Sinclair is located just a little more than an hour from Atlanta Georgia and well, it's Georgia's best kept secret.  So if you are looking for a wonderful lot to build a home on, don't tell anyone, just rush right down to Lake Sinclair and snap up this lot before someone else does.
It's a great lot...  after all this could be your view and who wouldn't want to sit on a porch and enjoy looking at this all afternoon.
The lot is ready to build on:
has driveway in place has some clearing has dock in place meets requirements … (5 comments)

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