lane realty: Yes, I think I'd like to work for you not that you worked for me - 10/03/15 04:18 AM
Yesterday when I read Sheila Anderson 's post about Everyone being new at one time, a little spark went off in my brain and I decided to write a post about the journey of some of my agents. I think I'm a good broker. I know I'm a hands on and very knowledgeable about the deals happening in office broker. Any one of my agents can step away for a vacation or family emergency and I can flawlessly pick up that file and move forward without missing a beat. And it doesn't matter if it's 5 contracts or 25 contracts.
I have 9 agents with … (11 comments)

lane realty: Busy on Valentine's Day at Lake Sinclair! - 02/14/15 06:13 AM
What happens when a Lane Realty agent has three buyers they have been communicating with all want to come see property on Valentine's Day?  Well the broker goes to work. At first, she just had two appointments and figured she could manage it.  The first planned a mid morning and just wanted to see a few homes and get a good feel for the area and the second wanted to also make their first trip and see a couple of homes.  No problem.  Totally do-able.
Then the next email is yet a third buyer that the agent had been sending information … (29 comments)

lane realty: Lake Sinclair agents who give a damn! - 08/10/13 02:27 AM
I'm working with some buyers right now who were very discouraged when they contacted me.  They lost out on a couple homes that have gone under contract because their former agent didn't bother to tell them she was putting them off while she was working her 9 to 5 Monday to Friday job.  They came upon that knowledge quite by accident and were very unhappy.
They called me and asked if I was an agent who gives a damn?  Well of course I am.  I explained that if I don't treat my clients well and end with success then I can't … (7 comments)

lane realty: Lake Sinclair: Lane Realty and agency - 05/15/10 11:57 AM
Recently I read a post on designated and dual agency that led me to writing this post. I want to explain a little to you the buyer or you the seller who might be searching for the right brokerage firm on Lake Sinclair to list or assist you in finding a home.I will be the first to admit that when buyer's agency arrived on the scene I was one of the biggest skeptics around. When I entered the real estate profession agents represented sellers and sellers only. After all the seller was paying the commission so he seemed entitle to have … (5 comments)

lane realty: Waterfront property at Lake Sinclair for just $199,000. - 01/21/10 07:14 AM
This waterfront property is located in the Crooked Creek area and ready to be enjoyed right now.  This boathouse with two lifts and dock with slide that is on a deep water cove just off the main part of Lake Sinclair is just 4 years old.  The lot is gentle sloping and has 143 feet of shoreline.
The home on this lot is an older singlewide manufactured home but it is in good condition and certainly can be used as it is.  But this would also make a beautiful lot to build a full time or retirement home on later on.  … (7 comments)

lane realty: It didn't smell like a real estate office today! - 12/12/09 06:39 AM
Today is our annual office Christmas dinner.  For years I used to take the gang out to dinner for Christmas, but we'd eat and then the place would be well waiting for us to leave... so last year we made a change.  Now we gather at the home of one of the agents and everyone brings goodies and we eat and then we enjoy each others company for a while.
So while all the rest of my agents were home cooking today I was the one who was at the office, in the rain, hoping no one would want to actually … (11 comments)

lane realty: Crooked Creek Marina on Lake Sinclair! - 07/14/09 01:00 AM
Finally the remodel is complete!  One of my favorite places to eat has been closed the past few months for a serious remodel.  My husband was missing spicy green beans.  Bone Island Grill opened back up just in time for their wonderful 4th of July fireworks.  The place looks great.  They added to the interior more seating, a really nice new bar, and even added to the outside porch seating. 
Wednesday this week on the porch will be Conner Pledger of Moreland  & Thursday will be Barry Michael, that after checking out his web site I'm looking forward to getting to … (13 comments)

lane realty: My new Foreclosure listing is a bargain priced fantastic home on acreage near Lake Oconee. - 07/07/09 08:38 AM
563 Wards Chapel Road, Eatonton, GA.  (SOLD)
House is over 2000 sq. ft. on 18 +/- acres on Wards Chapel Road in Putnam County near Great Waters.
The home is lovely, has large wrap around porch, hardwoods, tile baths, 3 Bedrooms and 2 Baths on main level plus there is a finished bathroom in the basement level.  The basement is unfinished except for the bath.  There is also a drive in Garage door into the basement level.
There is a detached oversized two car carage with lots of storage and above the garage is a mini apartment.  It has a kitchenette … (10 comments)

lane realty: Crooked Creek Marina and Bone Island Grill host Lake Sinclair Fireworks and Entertainment for 4th of July - 07/03/09 02:09 PM
If you live near Lake Sinclair or are visiting this Independence Day you won't want to miss the Crooked Creek Marina / Bone Island Grill fireworks.  I've been before, it was fantastic.  This looks to be really spectacular this year.
This will be my husband's first 4th of July off work in years.  I'm excited that we will be able to attend.  The food at Bone Island Grill is great and for the celebration of the 4th of July they will have bands starting at 11:30 a.m. 
You can check out their web site and find the schedule.  Make special note … (3 comments)

lane realty: Little Tokyo in Milledgeville, GA. near Lake Sinclair - 06/29/09 06:04 AM
It's super hard to imagine that I've been eating at this place for over 5 years.  It still seems new, fresh and exciting for the rural part of Georgia I live in.  The first time I ate there was for my birthday in 2005.  On that very first visit, we had Spider-man Peter Parker for our chef. 
Peter has kept us coming back time and time again.  He's like family and we are not alone in thinking so.  The last time we dined there we asked for Peter and were told there was another couple waiting for him as well, so … (8 comments)

lane realty: Lake Sinclair Home with fantastic price! 123 Bay Court, Eatonton, GA - 06/27/09 02:58 AM
Motivated seller would like for you to consider this home now BARGAIN PRICED.
Price has been reduced to $239,000.
Seller will pay $2500. in buyer closing costs.
This 2 BR, 1.5 BA cottage has over 1000 sq. ft.  It is a site built home on a owned lot on the shores of Crooked Creek Cove on Lake Sinclair.  Great room has fireplace and overlooks lake, door opens to nice deck on lake side of home, at the water there is a new seawall, a dock and boathouse with lift.  Home is well landscaped and designed for minimal maintenance. New paint inside … (6 comments)

lane realty: I'm calling about your listing on Lake Sinclair. - 06/14/09 07:21 AM
Phone call today went something like this:
Caller:  I'm calling about your house on Lake Sinclair, how much is it?
Duty Agent:  Where are you?
Caller: On Lake Sinclair
Duty Agent:  There's 15,000 acres and 417 miles of shoreline, could you please be a little more specific.
Caller: Close to 441
Duty Agent: East or West of 441?
Caller: I don't know
Duty Agent: The side with or without the power plant?
Caller: Without?
Duty Agent: What does the house look like?
Caller: Grey
Duty Agent: Does it have a boathouse?
Caller: Yes
Duty Agent: Is the boathouse enclosed?
Caller: Yes

lane realty: Be careful on the roads around Lake Sinclair - 06/11/09 04:26 AM
 School is out for summerso kids might be playing, walking, bike riding and skate boarding in neighborhoods around Lake Sinclair.  Happens every summer.  And of course there is the occasional deer crossing that you must stop and wait to avoid an accident. 
I also break for squirrels and possums occasionallyin my neck of the woods, but two days ago I encountered this coc-a-doodle-doo crossing the road.  I stopped, I blew my horn and he just slowly was walking across the street not paying any attention to me.  I even let my window down and snapped this photo and he just kept walking … (6 comments)

lane realty: The 50th Annual Putnam County Dairy Festival in living color. - 06/09/09 07:21 AM
I was very disappointed there were no live cows this year.  It was kind of sad to me.  49 years of cows stomping around the court house square and then bam, no more live cows.
So I did take a picture of the one HUGE cow that came to be a part of the parade.  Mayfield is always a part of our Dairy Festival and on the court house square all day long you can get free milk, free chocolate milk and free ice cream.  I guess for the kids this is the very favorite part of the festivities.
Seemed to … (13 comments)

lane realty: Acting in the Best Interest of my Client! - 06/04/09 09:45 AM
A few weeks ago I was contacted by a former client about purchasing a home for his son.  His son is a renter, a firefighter, married with 4 children (three under age 5) and his wife does not work.  So the price of the home needed to be something with payments equal to or under his rent.
Well there are lots of REO (Bank owned- foreclosed) properties in my area that are not on the lake, so this task was fairly easy.  I found a few and my buyer/client drove by them and decided on which ones to take a look … (26 comments)

lane realty: I wear a lot of hats and I can be a witch when needed - 05/21/09 04:45 AM
As a broker/owner it seems I am required to wear many hats!  Today I had to put on my "witch" hat to get my point across to the seller that if you HAVE the title to the manufactured home you need to get off your lazy rear end and go to the file cabinet and open the drawer and pull the file and find the hard copy and overnight them to  your attorney.
The seller just happens to be a bank.  Now usually the titles don't get transfered to the bank when a manufactured home gets foreclosed, but for some odd … (13 comments)

lane realty: Don't be caught up the river without a paddle! - 05/19/09 01:31 PM
Last fall FEMA provided new flood plane maps for Putnam County and if you own property on Lake Sinclair in Putnam County you could be affected by the changes.
You might have gotten a letter from your mortgage company telling you that you need to purchase flood insurance.  BUT if you don't have a mortgage could you still need to do something.  If you plan to sell the answer is YES!
I have a home under contract that was scheduled to close on March 6, 2009.  BUT the new lender for the buyer required the purchase of flood insurance.
Now the … (6 comments)

lane realty: Buyers, go jump in Lake Sinclair, before it's too late. - 05/14/09 12:59 AM
For months now buyers around Lake Sinclair have been like this row of turtles, sitting back like a bump on a log watching the fish swim around and waiting for the sun to shine of them.
No, of course buyers are not "really" sitting on a log or are you?
Interest rates are currently at near record lows for the past 40 years.  There are lots of houses on the market at lake sinclair. See for yourself.
There are homes that have been reduced to prices not seen in the past five years.  There are some great values available on Lake … (7 comments)

lane realty: Kids painting the streets and it's allowed! - 05/08/09 08:46 AM
Maybe I shouldn't tell, but when I was in high school I "painted the town".  Class of '83!  I did get caught, and the Police Chief (Billy Wooten at the time) made me and my "partner in crime" clean up some graffiti.  We did not have to clean up what we got caught painting.  We had to clean up some dirty words that someone else had done.
So I'm super thrilled that right here before graduation Putnam County Schools are hosting the second annual Street Painting Festival of Eatonton.  It will be held Saturday May 9, 2009 downtown from 11 a.m. … (17 comments)

lane realty: Lender dropped a bombshell on my friend just before closing. - 05/06/09 08:10 AM
A friend of mine who has owned several lake houses over the years is building their "dream" house on a lake lot that used to have their weekend cabin on it.  They have building the house for months.  They have working with the same lender they have used for years.
Today they got a call and were told the bank would not be making their permenant loan on their new house.  Mind you, it is supposed to close in just three weeks.  The reason they were given was because it was a lease lot.
Now my friend knows a lot about … (6 comments)

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