thankful: Good conversations - 11/20/18 09:06 PM
I am blessed to have many people in my life I call friend. Today I talked to 6 agents, 3 clients, 4 people in my family and 18 friends.  If you have ever run into someone in the grocery store and worried about your ice cream melting before you ever get to your car, we might be friends.  I was so sad to learn in a grocery store this afternoon that a former vendor and father of a friend is ill.  The store was crowded and I was picking up last minute Thanksgiving items for me and my daughter (who was … (5 comments)

thankful: Thankful for endurance and the ability to overcome - 11/19/18 09:33 PM
I've overcome some tough times.  I learned a lesson about how that happens and endurance and standing together when I was a child.  Where?  from my church family.  When I was 13 on a morning before I went to school there was a ring of the phone.  You know the old fashioned loud ring of a land line.  I remember not wanting to go to school because I was so sad to learn that my church had been burned by arson.  Three churches in our town were set fire, the First Baptist Church had the worst damage and the sanctuary and fellowship … (14 comments)

thankful: I am thankful for the sweetest little boy I know - 11/06/18 11:04 PM
I loved our little guy from the minute I knew he was on the way.  I didn't even know he was a boy yet.  I babysit a few times a month and I see him when I can otherwise.  He's a lot of work, but he's such a joy. With my own little one 30 years old now it's been amazing to be around a baby again.  He's not much on words yet, but he's managed hey and mama frequently.  And he's learned to sit up by himself and he is crawling (although the crawling is still a tad unconventional). 
I have … (12 comments)

thankful: Thankful for breaking bread together... anytime it happens - 11/23/16 09:31 PM
My family Thanksgiving lunch was today. I'm still full.  I'm thankful for the wonderful time we got to spend together.  I loved being in the kitchen with not only my mom, but my brother.  Abigail brought her dishes already prepared.
When we were sitting around the table Abigail shared her fiasco cake making experience.  That's a blog post for another day, but I will share it soon. My entire family laughed until we cried and our sides hurt. 
The food Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry salad, broccoli casserole, sweet potatoes, corn casserole, gravy, deviled eggs, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie and new … (9 comments)

thankful: I'm thankful for my blessings, family, friends and freedom - 11/22/16 01:30 PM
Earlier in my office today when someone was writing their earnest money deposit check and asked what the date is.  It's November 22nd. So some of you may remember where you were on this date in 1963, but since I was born yet....  The assassination of Kennedy is just history to me, not MY history
But 24 years ago today it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving and with my daughter with me I was out at a class reunion meeting.  We were planning our 10 year reunion and it got really really stormy so I left early so I could get home.  I … (22 comments)

thankful: Thankful for my Donald - 11/19/16 02:25 PM
This week was awful.  Days started early and ended late and all week long I had to continue to tell a client... we don't have clear to close... yet.  At some future point I might write a post about this lender and why NOT to let a client use them.  I feel like I've jumped through hoops when I wasn't walking on fire all week. 
But in the middle of all the crapola I was dealing with my Donald was right there being my biggest support system.  He was the sole dog walker this week, cook, cleaning service, and errand guy.  Not … (15 comments)

thankful: The top ten things I'm thankful for in 2013 - 11/26/13 06:03 AM
I've written many posts over the years about being Thankful.  Thanksgiving is a special time for my family because 21 years ago we almost didn't have thanksgiving... if not for the kindness of friends and strangers.  But I really don't want to talk about the year of the tornado... I want to talk about this year and what I am thankful for in 2013.  There are so many, so I'm going to stick with the top ten
My faith.  I'm thankful that I know my Lord and Savior and can get through the most difficult of times.  It seems like my … (20 comments)

thankful: What am I thankful for today? - 11/25/12 12:34 PM
I am thankful for laughter. 
 “Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing. My soul probably looks like Fred Astaire.” ― Jarod Kintz  
 On Thanksgiving at my family's house there came the kind of laughter that made tears run down your face, made you hold your ribs and even run to the bathroom.  And the funny thing is I don't even remember what started it or what we thought was so funny.  What I do remember is my family just laughing out loud together.
Today in church my Donald was clicking his nails.  And if you don't know it, … (13 comments)

thankful: Being Thankful- for family photographs - 11/05/12 11:00 AM

Today a good friend of mine from way back in 3rd grade posted a photo on facebook from when she was a young girl, it was her, her mom, her grandmother, her great grandmother and her great great grandmother.  I wonder how many of you have "generations" photos of 5 generations.  I think it's likely not a great many of you.  I don't.  My great grands had all passed before I was a grown up, much less before I had a baby.  I am fortunate enough to have a couple of photos with 4 generations when I am the baby.    … (13 comments)

thankful: A thankful heart - 11/04/12 04:23 AM
I didn't post my "thankful post" last night, because well... I took the night time cold medication and I just HAD to go to bed.  So for yesterday I'm thankful that my Donald made dinner and I'm thankful for I got to really get that extra hour of sleep last night too.
Today while I wasn't jumping out of bed full of energy I did manage to get out of bed and get myself ready for church.  Today I'm thankful for the little children in my Sunday School class.  Including the one who was hiding in the closet today.  It was … (8 comments)

thankful: I'm thankful for my family - 11/02/12 09:01 AM
I guess I have a big family.  I have 4 Aunts, 5 Uncles, my mom and dad, my brother my daughter and cousins and great aunts and uncles in numbers too high to count.  And then I got married and added all the in laws and nieces and nephews and more family.  It makes me happy to talk to, be with or just think about my family.
I'm THANKFUL that I was raised to treasure my family. 
I talk to my mom almost every day.  I talk to my daughter almost every day.  I'm filled with gratitude to have a family … (12 comments)

thankful: On the first day of thankful month... my true love - 11/01/12 10:40 AM
Thankful.  We think about it a lot on Thanksgiving Day.  Families might sit around the dinner table and share what they are thankful for with each other.  But we should be thankful every day.  There's a challenge on ActiveRain to post every day about something we are thankful for in the Month of November. 
And while I thank Joni Staples for this challenge, I plan to challenge myself even further.  Between now and next November I plan  post at least twice a month about the things I'm thankful for in my life.
But for this challenge... for my first day in … (11 comments)

thankful: Hey Bob Stewart... this is what I'm thankful for..... - 11/09/11 11:26 AM
I have always considered myself a "thankful" kind of person.  I try to say  "Thank You" at those times I should.  My list of things I'm thankful for is long:
My faith (and the fact I was born into a family that taught me about the Lord Jesus my savior and took me to church) My family- the one I was born into by the grace of God My other family- the one by fate that I married into My daughter- the one God graced my life with that makes me proud every single day and our boys that I love … (11 comments)

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