lancaster pa realtor: What A Realtor Will Do For You - 02/24/09 10:30 AM
If you are looking to buy a home you may be wondering what a Realtor can do for you.  Well, besides helping you find a home that fits your needs, there is a Code of Ethics that we must follow.  Here is a great summary from the National Association of Realtors.  This list tells you how you will be affected by our Code of Ethics.  The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Code of Ethics: What Does it Mean for Consumers? How does the Code of Ethics affect everyday real estate practices? If a REALTOR® represents you, whether you are buying or selling … (4 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Lancaster PA First Time Home Buyer Seminar - 02/11/09 05:48 AM
Interested in owning a home in Lancaster County, PA? Let the experienced team members of the Jeff Geoghan Realty Group share the process and options of investing in the American dream.
In addition, mortgage specialists will be on hand to review the loan qualification process and credit repair techniques.
Visit for more details or search Lancaster PA real estate at

Who: All are welcome, invite anyone you know who is thinking of buying their first home. Where: Coldwell Banker Select Professionals office at 1000 North Prince  Street, Lancaster, PA 17603 When: Thursday, February 26th from 6:30 … (1 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Things to do this weekend in Lancaster - 02/06/09 04:49 AM
First Friday
Downtown Lancaster
It’s the first Friday of the month, and that means downtown Lancaster is cooking up a night of parties, with art as the main plate. Join more than 90 galleries, theaters, merchants and restaurants that participate in the cultural grid that host artist receptions, artisan demonstrations, book readings, live musical performances and more. For a list of venues and artists click here.
Feb. 6 - Kenny Rogers - American Music Theatre, 2425 Lincoln Hwy. E. (Rt. 30), Lancaster, PA 17602, 717-397-7700, 800-648-4102. Kenny Rogers,  As one of country music’s biggest crossover successes, there was a time you couldn’t pass a … (3 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: The Best In Lancaster County - 02/04/09 06:21 AM
Lancaster County Magazine took a survey about the best of Lancaster and here are the Dining Out results:

Favorite Restaurant for:
Breakfast Lyndon City Line Diner
Lunch Isaac's Restaurant & Deli
Brunch Palm Court at Willow Valley
Dinner Belvedere Inn Gibraltar Haydn Zug's
Late Night Lyndon City Line Diner
Family Dining Willow Valley Family Restaurant 
Outdoor Dining The Cove
Take-Out Restaurant/Deli Isaac's Restaurant & Deli
Smorgasbord/Buffet Shady Maple Smorgasbord
Romantic Setting Belvedere Inn Olde Greenfield Inn
Celebrating Haydn Zug's Olde Greenfield Inn 
Wine List Strawberry Hill
Beer Selection Lancaster Brewing Co.
Martini Belvedere Inn
Dessert La Dolce Vita … (1 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: What Are You Doing For Valentine's Day? - 02/03/09 12:30 PM
Why not visit Lancaster for Valentine's Day weekend?  There are many bed and breakfasts in Lancaster county.  Here are a few:

lancaster pa realtor: Leisure Lanes Of Lancaster - 01/29/09 06:29 AM
Last weekend we took our daughter's bowling to celebrate my oldest turning 6.  We had fun watching them attempt to throw that big ball and their reactions to knocking down the pins. It's a fun and inexpensive activity that is great to get you out of the house in the winter! Bowling was around $3.75 per person per game and shoe rental was $2.00 a pair.
Everything is automated so you don't have to worry about keeping score. The bumpers can even go up and down depending on which player is up.
Leisure Lanes is located at 3440 Columbia Ave in … (3 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: What Will My Money Buy In Lancaster County? - Part 3 - 01/26/09 11:32 AM
This is the third part in the series of What will my money buy in Lancaster County? Read the previous posts here and here.
Lancaster, PA has plenty of options in every price range whether you are looking to live in the city, the suburbs, or even on a farm.
Here is what $300,000 will buy in Lancaster County:
On Woodland Ave in Lititz, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, listed at $299,000:

On Sterling Place in Lancaster, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, listed at $299,500:

On North Concord Street in Lancaster City, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, listed at $299,900:


lancaster pa realtor: What Will My Money Buy In Lancaster County - Part 2 - 01/24/09 10:53 AM
Yesterday I started a series called what will my money buy in Lancaster County. Read what $100,000 will buy you around the county in my previous post. Today I am going to show you what $200,000 will buy around the county. There are many homes in this price range and here are a few:
On Wecaf Road in New Holland PA, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, listed at $197,900

On Princess Road in Lancaster PA, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, listed at $198,900

On Lemon Street in East Petersburg PA, 4 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, listed at $199,000

On Columbia Ave … (0 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: What Will My Money Buy In Lancaster County? - 01/23/09 07:35 AM
Do you know how much home you can afford?  With interest rates so low it may be more than you think.  If you are thinking of buying in Lancaster, PA I can help. 
First, I can recommend some very helpful loan officers who will get you pre-qualified for a mortgage at no cost to you. 
Next, you will be wondering what kind of homes are in your price range.  I'm going to do a series of posts on what you get for your money in Lancaster, PA.
So let's start with $100,000, here are some homes around the county in that … (3 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: New Gadget for this Lancaster realtor - 01/21/09 12:55 PM
My husband is a gadget lover and today got this Archos 7 160Gb:
It is 7 x .6 x 4 inches. It easily fits in my purse, the sound is great, and it even has a kickstand.  I have had small laptops (10 inch screens, ultra mobile ones).  But this thing is a touch screen and is so cool.  We can use it as an MP3 player, we use it to watch video's on long car rides, and it is a computer so we surf the internet or check email.
Amazon describes it: "With its built-in capabilities, your Internet Media Tablet becomes … (5 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: It's been one of those weeks - 01/21/09 12:16 PM
You know the kind of week, when everything seems to be going wrong.  And after you tell someone just how many things have gone wrong you can't help but laugh because its almost ridiculous. 
I have had one of those weeks.  My car broke, a stressful deal, daughter started cyber school (that didn't go wrong it's just something else I have to do and adds stress), evicted a tenant, financing fell through, and then my cat gets sick and has to spend the night at the animal hospital. 
Life is full of stress, how do you deal with it?  I come … (8 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Things to Do around Lancaster, PA - 01/11/09 11:00 AM
A big event in PA is happening this week in Harrisburg.  The 2009 PA Farm Show is going on now through January 17th.

The 2009 Farm Show aims to show off Pennsylvania’s number one industry – agriculture.  This year’s theme – Keeping Pennsylvania Growing – sets the stage for sharing the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for all Pennsylvanians.   From Jan. 10-17, 2009, more than 400,000 people are expected to visit the Farm Show, one of the most celebrated agricultural events in the country.  Visitors have the chance to see nearly 6,000 animals, 10,000 competitive exhibits and 270 … (2 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: The Sweetest Place On Earth - 01/08/09 07:05 AM
The old museum at Hershey has closed and a new one called “Hershey Story” is opening.  I can’t wait to visit here with my family.  I am a total chocoholic and my kids loved the old Hershey museum.  I especially look forward to the chocolate tasting.
Dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Milton Hershey, this state-of-the-art facility (cost $23.5 million) tells his inspiring journey from failure to fortune using interactive exhibits and hands-on activities.
Upstairs, the Museum Experience (10,000 SF) encourages visitors to explore the town of Hershey through a series of engaging exhibits. A series of exhibits and … (4 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Building trends for 2009 - 01/08/09 06:28 AM
The following article is from Business week.  It is about the trends they see happening in real estate.  After reading all of them I have to say I agree with each one! 
Looking Ahead, Builders See More 'Man-Caves' When the National Association of Home Builders convenes its annual trade show in Las Vegas beginning Jan. 20, attendees will be considering these and other trends in home design and amenities. Indoor-Outdoor Living. Since 1992, the number of U.S. homes with porches and patios has doubled. New homes in warm climates are being built with courtyards that offer shelter and privacy while … (4 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Things to do in Lancaster, PA - 01/07/09 11:00 AM
There are many museums around Lancaster County.  With such a long and rich history there is a lot to learn and experience.  Here are just a few museums for you to visit around Lancaster:

The Amish Farm & House
2395 Covered Bridge Drive, Lancaster, PA
The Amish Farm & House opened over 50 years ago, in 1955.  It  provides visitors with a  glimpse into the Plain People's way of life.  Various exhibits include quilts, a blacksmith, farm themed playground, Buttercup the cow, check website for details.  Admission: Adults $8 Children $5.25
Demuth Museum
120 East King St, … (3 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: What Not to Overlook on the Final Walk Through - 01/07/09 10:16 AM
It’s going to be hectic right before closing on your new home, but you should always make time for a final walk-through. Your goal is to make sure that your home is in the same condition you expected it would be. Hopefully, the sellers already have moved out and the floors have been broom swept per the contract. This is your last chance to check that appliances are working and that agreed-upon repairs have been made. Here’s a list of some things not to overlook for on your final walk-through.
 Make sure that:
  Repairs you’ve agreed upon have been made. … (4 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Lancaster City PA Real Estate Market - 01/06/09 12:52 PM
Let's take a look at the real estate market for December in Lancaster City, PA:
36 listings sold with an average time on the market of 60 days The average sale price was $89,044 51 new listings 270 active listings
Currently in Lancaster City there are 290 homes for sale.  Starting at $19,900 and topping out at $697,000. So if you are ready to buy there is something in your price range! There are so many neat historic homes in Lancaster City and even some new ones. Contact me today for a list of homes for sale in Lancaster that … (3 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Recycle Your Stuff! - 01/05/09 11:48 AM
Here are a few recycling ideas to get your new year started.  Hopefully you are already recycling your cans, bottles, and glass in your local programs. 
If you have old sneakers that are too worn out to give to charity Nike will recycle any brand of athletic shoe through its Reuse-a-Shoe program. The company processes and recycles the footwear to make sports surfaces for basketball courts, tennis courts, running tracks and playgrounds. Right now they're collecting shoes to make athletic surfaces for New Orleans. Since 1990, about 20 million pairs of athletic shoes worldwide have been recycled through the … (4 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Home buyer and seller statistics - 01/04/09 11:44 AM
Here are some Home Buyer and Seller Stats for those of you who love numbers and statistics:
Active home search (median):Number of Weeks Searched - 8Number of Homes seen - 9
Method of Home Purchase, By Use of Internet:Agent/Broker - 81%Direct from Builder - 10%Direct from previous owner whom buyer didn't know - 5%
Definitely would use same agent again: 68%
Actions taken as result of using Internet site: Drove by/viewed a home - 73%Walked through a home viewed online- 57%Found agent used to search/buy home - 23%Prior Living Arrangement:Owned previous residence- 47%Rented an apartment or house - 41%Lived with parents, relatives … (4 comments)

lancaster pa realtor: Love, Marriage, and Real Estate - 01/02/09 11:15 PM
Today, more and more young adults are spreading their wings and enjoying life before choosing to settle down. The savvier have moved away from monthly rent and are taking advantage of the real estate market. As a result, it is not uncommon to see new marriages in which both the bride and the groom enter the marriage with a dowry that includes real estate! So, what to do with an extra house? Perhaps the first temptation is to immediately sell one and use the proceeds to fix up the other house or buy something different altogether. A good idea, and one … (6 comments)

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