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Luckily I have wi-fi, and can get online from the garage. If given a choice, that is where I am. Between MLS searches, arranging marketing, and pre-viewing homes, I will try to get in a little welder time, or at least clean some of the tools from the last wrenching session.



Ok, we have hit the point where one has to live under a rock to not have heard about the drought in the Southeast.  It is a real problem.  But there are a few things that don't seem to be getting the play that they should.  The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water from Lake Lanier in order ...
That isn't what I meant...  It happens all of the time.  We mean well, but the results of an action reverberate and come back ugly and in a different direction.  The examples are numerous.  I'll start with a few that aren't real estate related, but then tie it up in a nice little real estate pack...
I know, I know.  It is one of those pervasive statements in real estate.  Everyone in the business says it.  Buyers are liars. But, are they really?  I don't think so.  My buyers tell me exactly what they want, and then they buy it.  When they don't, I eventually figure out I'm not listening.  Oc...
Have any of you set up open houses so that a bunch of different units are held open at the same time?  The listing that I have in Midtown Atlanta is one of nine units for sale in the complex.  I'm thinking that if all of us with listing have an open house at the same time, we will get a much bett...
I just can't help myself... I just ran across this little release from the NAR.  Basically, the CEO of Countrywide says that the subprime mortgage mess could widen the home ownership gap between whites and minorities.  However, in the same daily brief, the NAR sent out this piece as well.  it sta...
I'm (still) in the midst of writing my technology plan.  Of course, the options are daunting and plentiful.  I have adopted some technologies, but even those are going to require me to get real training to fully implement.  Keep in mind that I work primarily from home, and only visit my office oc...
I just went out and got two more books yesterday.  I needed more books like I needed another hole in my head, but I guess I wanted another hole in my head.  Right now, my To Read List includes: Professional Joomla Real Estate Presentations That Make Millions Realty Blogging Real Estate Rainmaker:...
OK, this is NOT real estate related, but I just have to say it.  Owen Wilson was looking to hire someone to be his friend.  Kiefer apparently couldn't afford a cab a couple of weeks ago.  Lindsay and Brittany... what does one say?  Paris?  I feel really bad for these people.  Being young (ok, fai...
I must admit that I was a bit amazed at the reaction to my last post.  On Active Rain, it received a Feature within an hour of being posted.  It was also one of my most viewed and commented blog entires.  I was shocked that the comments weren't closer to the "Are you nuts?" type.  So, just to get...
I just answered a question on another board about marketing a drag racing track that is for sale.  I just couldn't help but hit a flight of fancy over it.  I started to think of some of the unique, but also fairly popular concepts that I have run across over the years.   There are several road ra...

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