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Luckily I have wi-fi, and can get online from the garage. If given a choice, that is where I am. Between MLS searches, arranging marketing, and pre-viewing homes, I will try to get in a little welder time, or at least clean some of the tools from the last wrenching session.



Are you a Twittering consumer?  I'd love to hear from you.   I have recently re-introduced myself to Twitter.  I had jumped on last year, but quickly grew bored.  I wasn't really familiar and didn't have much of a handle on it.  But, through the support of other agents and real estate professiona...
Ok, I need to update on how Twitter is going.  I have it open on another tab at the moment.  And the experience this time is VERY different from the last time.  Last time I had no followers, and I was following no one.  There are a few reasons for that.  To start with, I wasn't as connected with ...
I've been wondering about this for a while... and I've done it, too... but that is changing (and before I saw this). Why do real estate agents insist on having their picture on everything?  And I'm not even going to hit the 35 year old pictures or those that are seriously retouched...  But every ...
I keep hearing I need to do this.  REtechSouth... Loads of speakers said that I HAD to be on Twitter. Missy Caulk... posted up again yesterday about all of the people she is connected with on Twitter. Jessica Horton... just sent me an invitation... even though I was already there, but I was using...
I was reading a couple of posts earlier this evening, here and elsewhere, and there was a common thread of efficiency and environmental friendliness... ok, one of them was tongue in cheek about how long it would take to pay back the purchase of a hybrid.  Well, I would like to toss in my nickel. ...
Back when I first moved to Atlanta, I was a photo assistant.  My job was to assist commercial photographers in putting together photo shoots.  I did everything from sweeping the floor and taking out the trash to lighting design and film tracking.  With some photographers, I actually pulled the tr...
I posted a couple of days ago here, and yesterday on about an idea I had for a Seller Seminar.  As things like this have a tendency to do, it has changed even in the last 24 hours.  People that have sold homes previously, but not that recently, or in one case fairly recently, but n...
We see so many seminars for first time buyers.  Everyone and their assistant it seems has a seminar for first time buyers.  They bring in a mortgage pro, perhaps an inspector, and talk about the issues that people face the first time they buy a house.  I think it is a great idea.   There are a lo...
↑ Grab this Headline Animator   Welcome to this week's Blog Anthology... plenty of ground to cover, so let's get started. The traditional start of my blogging week is the videos on Sunday.  This week was no different, with POV Sunday.  POV is Point Of View and I dug up a couple of beauties.  Hig...
↑ Grab this Headline Animator ↑ Grab this Headline Animator I've been using FeedBurner for a few weeks, and one of the handy dandy tools they have are these groovy headline animators. So, I added them to my email signature... and I have something similar on both blogs, here and as...

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