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Luckily I have wi-fi, and can get online from the garage. If given a choice, that is where I am. Between MLS searches, arranging marketing, and pre-viewing homes, I will try to get in a little welder time, or at least clean some of the tools from the last wrenching session.



Once again it is time for a re-cap of the posts for the last week.  The traditional videos were posted on Sunday, Air Video Sunday.  This week the focus was on aerobatics and stunt flying. On Monday, I hit my morning news and saw a story about an AOL/AP poll of consumers about their attitude towa...
I think there is one thing that many real estate agents... and many sellers... forget when building a marketing plan for a house.    The intended audience has a population of one...  And that doesn't just mean the advertising and copy-writing.  It can even mean the presentation of the home.  Stag...
Qassia is a backlink generating website.  Adam Waldman had sent an invitation to me a couple of weeks ago... I just finally got around to checking it out.  The basic deal is that we write small posts (called intels) and for each one we get a backlink.  The backlinks are not reciprocated, so they ...
There are a lot of things that sellers can do to help seller their home faster and smoother.  Here are a few.  For more info, be sure to contact me to enroll in our Free Seller Seminar coming up in May. Be Proactive. A great example of this is a pre-listing inspection.  Generally, after an offer ...
Bill Roberts posted a comment on a blog of another subject and mentioned bio-diesel.  He thought I might have an opinion... and that I might have done a little research... How did he ever guess? Honestly, if I had the room I would be brewing it up in the garage right now (see, this is another rea...
Once again, time to look back at the week on  Feel free to wander over and take a look.  Remember, it is always there first... For my weekly video post, And they walked away..., I showed the Michael McDowell crash in qualifying for the NASCAR race at Texas.  He balled that car up ...
Since my website is geared towards auto enthusiasts looking for homes, it is a great place to find people that are relocating to the Atlanta area that are going to be looking for a new car club.  Since I have a little space, and I know that people moving here that I may help may be looking for ca...
The quick answer is 148.  They range in price from $129,900 to $8.5m.  Right smack in the middle is $749k.  Of course, there are some pretty interesting homes in there, and I profiled a few of them on today.   Here are a couple of the highlights: If you are looking for a 4 car gara...
I have found a better newsletter solution, and sent out Issue #2 of the GarageHomesUSA & newsletter.  This is by subscription only, and sign-up is available on (top of the page, right side).  It is what is referred to as a "double opt-in", meaning that you sign up, a...
I finally had a moment to put together the Market Report for GWinnett County covering February, with the preliminary numbers for March.  As always, the March numbers need a big ol' grain of salt... they WILL change over the course of the month.  The news is mixed, which isn't too bad.  There are ...

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