deals: Time Machine Thursday... a 3fer, Cheap Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell - 02/15/12 03:20 PM
Normally, each week I pull a post from the past to highlight again. This week, I'm pulling three of them. They were all part of a series I did on Cheap Tips...  
Cheap Tips #1… Getting Ready to Sell Cheap Tips #2… Tip-Top Shape in 5 Steps Cheap Tips #3… Making a First Impression in 6 Steps It has never been more important to make sure your house shows as well as possible. And for most sellers that I deal with (spelled n-o-t b-a-n-k-s), they don't have a bottomless pit of cash to spend while getting ready to sell their … (3 comments)

deals: Flashback Friday... Home for the Holidays... - 11/26/10 05:08 AM
Image via Wikipedia Could still happen.  I was writing about it last year, too.
My mortgage guy can usually close loans in about 22 work days... so there is still a little window to find a home and actually close before the end of the holidays.  You could...
ring in the new year in your new home... maybe even wake up Christmas morning in the new digs... enjoy the mortgage tax deduction for 2011... send the kids to great Gwinnett County schools... give your favorite toy a new garage... Of course, for every buyer there is a different motivation... but the … (1 comments)

deals: Wayback Wednesday… Don’t be Dumb Like a Bank - 08/14/10 03:40 PM
Image via Wikipedia A couple of years ago I wrote a post about a particular property.  It was a foreclosure, and the bank acted stupidly.  And I’m not saying that lightly.  Had they accepted my client’s offer, they would have sold the property a year earlier and for $40k more than they eventually got.
It is an interesting read…
Now I see a lot of people making the same mistake from the other side of the fence…
I see buyers trying to deliver one last beating to the bank… often during the inspection phase… and losing a great deal … (4 comments)

deals: Buy a Toilet, Get back some Cash! - 06/06/10 04:41 PM
Right now there are several areas of North Georgia, including Gwinnett County, that are issuing rebates for 'water saver' toilets.
While this might not be terribly exciting, it is pretty cool... especially when combined with a deal at Costco on one of the listed toilets...
Image via Wikipedia The Duluth Costco has a dual flush (4L/6L) model available for $99.65, including tax.  It is eligible for a $100 rebate.  It isn't listed as being available on, but the store had 25+ toilets a couple of days ago.  I do not know if they will be restocked, or when.
There are … (8 comments)

deals: Let's Look at Some Garage Properties... Part I - 05/15/10 05:07 PM
I used to do an irregular look at some garage properties.  I would grab a few properties that were representative of the variety of 4+ car garage homes available in Gwinnett County, GA.  While pulling properties for a buyer moving in from another state, I decided it was time to take you on a tour again... 
The popular misconception is that homes with 4+ car garages are only found at the higher end of the price range.  However, there are lots of homes to be found in Gwinnett County, meeting that specification, at all price ranges. 
There are a surprising number … (0 comments)

deals: The Latest on Legends at Parkview… - 03/02/10 03:01 AM
I stopped into Legends at Parkview recently to find out how the new project was coming.  They didn’t have a model ready to go yet, but should have one built out completely soon.  And I’ll be back to visit when it is ready to go.  But, in the mean time…
Image by lane.bailey via Flickr If you haven’t been following along, DR Horton picked up the remaining lots after another local home builder went belly-up on the project.  Previously, homes had been marketed for as much as $700,000 in the development, with most of the homes they sold selling in the … (2 comments)

deals: Looking for a Deal on a New Home around Gwinnett County, GA? - 02/06/10 02:42 PM
Image via Wikipedia I'm here for you.  I have been getting these emails for years from builders promoting their inventory of homes.  In some cases, they are offering incentives to agents to bring buyers to their communities.  In other cases they are offing incentives to buyers.  Sometimes, there are both...
I finally figured out how to help people find those deals, or know why their agent might be "hot" on a particular community.
I have sold some new construction in the area, and know how to help a buyer get the best deals, so I thought this might be a good … (4 comments)

deals: Interested in New Home promotions in and around Gwinnett County, GA? - 12/29/09 03:18 PM
I have just rolled out a system to update YOU when there are promotions in new home communities in and around Gwinnett County, GA.  There are days I get 6 or 7 notices from builders and developers, and there are weeks when there aren't any...  But, as soon as I get them, I will forward them to my new toy platform. 
In order to do this, I have set up a new blog here. 
No car stuff.  No fluff.  No market reports. 
Just New Home Community specials.  As soon as I get them in my email, I will post them up … (0 comments)

deals: 146.8%... Show them the DOOR... - 12/25/09 03:43 PM
The NAR Magazine (called REALTOR) recently published a story about what improvements enhanced a home's value the most.  It was also broken down regionally...
For the Southeast (they called it South Atlantic, DC, DE, FL,GA, MD, NC, SC, VA and WV), the absolute winner was a "midrange" 20 gauge steel entry door.  Nationally, that change added 128.9% of the cost as value to the home.  Here in the Southeast, it added 146.8%...  with an expected cost of $1065 and a return on investment (RoI) of $1562.
Rounding out the top five here in the Southeast:
Attic Bedroom - 90.0% - Cost … (9 comments)

deals: Flashback... The Deal. - 12/20/09 02:09 PM
Without a doubt, EVERYONE is looking for a deal if they are in the real estate market.  Barely a day goes by that I don’t get a call asking me about foreclosures and short sales.
Image via  Wikipedia However, those aren’t always the best deals.  In fact, on foreclosures I have seen multiple properties go above list… and in some cases higher than they should have gone.  At the same time I have seen private party sales that went at great prices.  Short sales still seem unwilling to close in most cases.
Regardless, those that move boldly AND logically are the … (5 comments)

deals: New Homes Around Gwinnett County - 12/17/09 06:39 AM
Image by  lane.bailey via Flickr There are still some new home developments going up around Gwinnett County, GA.  Even though we keep hearing on the TV and radio that new construction has all but stalled, it hasn’t completely stopped.
And, December is traditionally the slowest month of the year for homes to go under contract (January is the slowest for closings…).  So, there are a number of builders that are offering incentives for buyers during this time of year.
Talk about a Christmas present!!! Regardless of what holiday you might be celebrating this time of year… or even if you … (0 comments)

deals: Office 2010… FREE… - 12/12/09 02:20 PM

I like free stuff.  Free stuff is good.  Good free stuff is better...
Right now, Microsoft is running BETA tests on MS Office 2010.  And it is a public BETA, so ANYONE can download and install the total MS Office suite.  This includes:
Word Excel PowerPoint One Note Outlook Access Publisher InfoPath SharePoint Workspace Communicator

This depends on exactly which version you download.  I didn't get InfoPath, SharePoint Workspace or Communicator.
And there certainly are some things to keep in mind.  To start with, these are only going to run until October
of 2010 (I have been told...).  … (18 comments)

deals: Try the LOCAL guy... HL Computers in Lilburn - 12/09/09 07:53 AM
This morning my wife woke me up to tell me that her desktop computer wouldn't turn over.  She pushed the button, and nothin'...
It is old, and although it has had a little bit of updating, it isn't going to get much money input because it just isn't worth it.  We knew it was likely a power supply.  They don't cost much, but sometimes when you have to get something quickly, and local is the only option... prices seem to get a little higher. 
Off we went to HL Computers in Lilburn.  They actually rebuilt her computer a few years ago.  … (3 comments)

deals: Job Loss/Mortgage Payment Insurance for Buyers! - 11/16/09 12:54 PM
We are pleased and excited to announce the roll-out of a new program for buyers...  Job Loss Insurance. 
This is a cool program to take a little bit of apprehension out of buying a home.  In effect, it is an insurance policy that protects the buyer in case of job loss.  The policy will make up to 6 payments during the first year of ownership if you lose your job involuntarily (two periods up to 3 months each).  It is available with coverages up to $2000/mo. 
In addition to the year of job loss/mortgage payment protection, the policy also offers two … (3 comments)

deals: Holy Crap... It's Almost November... FTHBTC... Extended? - 10/28/09 12:12 PM
Do you know what those initials (FTHBTC) stand for? 
First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit...
If you aren't already familiar with it, it might be gone before you get a chance to get more familiar...  It is currently slated to expire at the end of November.  And the clock is ticking. 
In a nutshell, the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit is the governments way to push a few first time home buyers (people that haven't owned a home for 36+ months) off of the fence and get them buying sooner rather than later.  It is $8000, in form of a … (4 comments)

deals: First Time Home Buyers... I just found a REAL bargain... - 09/24/09 03:22 PM
The October issue of Realtor Magazine (our industry magazine) had an interesting article about dispelling myths while educating first time home buyers.  The third point was about the realities of "bargains".
There are absolutely some bargains in the market...  But, often those properties that are the real bargains are NOT the ones that have rock-bottom prices. 
The HECK you say...
Really...  I have been in some pretty cheap properties in the last few months.  It seems that a house priced at $25,000 in a neighborhood or $150,000 homes would be a slam-dunk, right?  That deal starts to look WAY less … (7 comments)

deals: First Time Home Buyers... I need to see all of the options. - 09/24/09 10:27 AM
The October issue of Realtor Magazine (our industry magazine) had an interesting article about dispelling myths while educating first time home buyers.  The second point was about excessive caution, and buyer, especially new buyers, wanting to see "everything on the market".
I have to admit... the writer at Realtor Magazine got another solid base hit.  I have worked with buyers that wanted to see a LOT of houses... even houses that really didn't suit their purposes... even houses that they KNEW didn't suit their purposes prior to wanting to see them.  And there are a LOT of houses on the … (2 comments)

deals: Water, Water, Everywhere... Trashing the House... - 09/17/09 01:40 PM
Water is essential for life.  Without it, everything dies.  But... sometimes it can be a pain in the butt... like when it is in the wrong place in the house... or outside of the house...
I have a buyer that is under contract on a beautiful home... or more accurately, a home that could be beautiful.  But it has problems.  Water. 
The biggest issue is one that people usually don't think of...
There are several damaged gutters around the house, and some that we suspect are clogged.  Furthermore, the downspouts are in less than great condition... blocked, broken or poorly … (6 comments)

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