honesty: Phishing Bait... - 03/18/13 05:23 AM
Those of you that are FaceBook friends may already know this...  I had a listing hi-jacked by a scammer.  It has kind of ticked me off. 
The backstory... One morning I got 3 calls in a row asking me about renting one of my listings.  Since it isn't available for rent, I was curious as to why there was a flurry of sudden activity.  However, since I was at my youngest son's school for a program they were putting on, I wasn't able to investigate immediately.  The last caller was pretty upset with me that I wouldn't talk to him about … (5 comments)

honesty: Winter Driving Tips... Georgia Style... - 01/11/11 02:51 AM
Image via Wikipedia I will admit that I am a transplanted Northerner.  I grew up in Michigan (and Virginia)... and moved here from Minnesota, 21 years ago.  After 6 winters in MN, I learned a few things about driving in the snow... and after 21 years here in Georgia, I learned a few more things.
First, a Word for Recent Transplanted Northerners This is NOT the snow you drove in in Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, Denver, St. Louis... whatever.  This is a completely different beast.  To begin with, it is generally wetter, which means that it compacts to something like ice.  The … (7 comments)

honesty: Happy Thanksgiving... Don't Stress. - 11/26/10 05:04 AM
Image via Wikipedia Honestly, Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite holidays. I love the idea behind it, and can fully support being thankful for all of the wonderful things in my life… but I think that is something that we should remember daily, not just remember because there is a meal connected to it.
And about the meal… I’d rather have Japanese… A little sushi and some hibachi. Steak, shrimp, fried rice and a couple of tuna rolls with wasabi… Or maybe a juicy steak… Southwestern Pasta with chicken?
Turkey, dressing, cranberry (canberry?) sauce, pecan pie, pumpkin pie… I don’t … (11 comments)

honesty: Another RE Scam to beware of... - 10/30/10 03:22 PM
Gene is well connected and has a pulse on the market in California... and many times, the "ideas" we see popping up out there start sliding this way.  I would bet that we will see someone try this on this side of the country before too long. 
Don't fall for it.
Last week our local paper bestowed their 'Raspberry' award to a SoCal based attorney by the name of Michael T. Pines. Pines qualified for this award by virtue of the fact that his business model apparently involves advising clients who have been through foreclosure and been evicted from … (0 comments)

honesty: Wayback Wednesday... What do YOU Deserve? - 10/27/10 02:04 AM
Image via Wikipedia I am very NOT perfect.  I have had credit issues just like many others... I have fought back from the brink and suffered setbacks.  And one thing I have learned is that there are NO easy remedies.  You can't make a call, spend $500 and get magically good credit from some dude driving around in a crappy car... or even an expensive car.
A couple of years ago I wrote a post about a Credit Repair company I saw advertised on the back window of an older SUV.  What really ticked me off was that it said...
Get … (8 comments)

honesty: Mom Always Said... Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover... - 08/31/10 05:15 PM
Recently, there was a post about a book here on Active Rain.  The book was about tips and tricks that pros use while remodeling and repairing homes.  Honestly, I'm not crazy about the title... 
But, reading through the comments, one might draw the conclusion that the book was purely evil. 
How to Cheat at Home Repair
Like I said, not crazy about the title...  But, the title doesn't tell the whole story.  Here is a short except from the book:
Here’s another situation where a panic response will lead to misery and unnecessary expense: the times when you need to call … (3 comments)

honesty: Buyer Notes... Part I - 06/24/10 05:39 PM
I'm in the market...  My family is 'thinking' of buying a new home.  And while I spend a lot of time with other buyers, it is a different beast when putting MY money on the line.  It shouldn't be... but it is.  I think it is a fantastic learning opportunity for me.  So, this is a series of posts about the things I am 'unlearning' as a real estate professional, and learning from the buyer's seat. 
Dear Seller,
As a buyer, I would love to see your house.  But... I don't really want to meet you there.  Actually, I don't want … (10 comments)

honesty: A New Video Resource... Video Connector - 04/04/10 02:26 PM
I recently subscribed to the Video Connector.  It is a cool new service from MY video provider. Tara Jones and TJ Hedges, the folks behind the Video Connector, are friends of mine.  they are also the folks I turn to in order to provide video for my listings. 
Reel Productions has grown to be one of the best real estate video companies in the country.  They have travelled coast to coast for big national brokerages.  They have had agents fly them all over and charter helicopters for them to do property or neighborhood profiles.  They have presented at major conferances ranging … (0 comments)

honesty: Google and T-Mobile... Fail - 02/17/10 01:56 PM
My wife WANTS a Nexus One.  If you aren't familiar, that is the new Android phone from Google.  It is seriously cool.  It might be the smartest of the smartphones. (watch the Apple iPhone fans go nuts over that little comment)
That is where the problems start... 
We have been T-Mobile customers for a long time.  She is 10+ years... I came on about 6 years ago.  And Google/T-Mobile seem to be putting up as many roadblocks as they can find to halt existing customers from getting the Nexus One.  In fact, the way they are even handling new customers … (9 comments)

honesty: Top of the Mountain? - 02/07/10 03:14 PM
For the last few years the "common knowledge" has been that Toyota, in addition to being the largest car company in the world*, has also been the best.  For most of the general public, Toyota's name has been synonymous with quality and reliability. 
Under the surface, there have been rust bubbles for a while though...  Litterally.  A couple of years ago there was a problem with Toyota trucks.  Toyota Tundra frames were rusting so bad the spare tires fell off of some of the trucks.  Brake line brackets were falling off.  The recalled a couple hundred thousand trucks and replaced the … (5 comments)

honesty: Customer? Client? - 12/05/09 07:31 AM
One area of consumer confusion revolves around the use of the words Client and Customer in regards to a real estate transaction.  And there are some VERY important differences between the two. 
Let's start with the basics...(this applies specifically to GA, but might be true in some other states)
What is a Client?
A Client in a real estate transaction is the person that a particular agent represents.  That means the client has a written contract with the agent to represent the Client's best interests.  In essence, the agent is required to put the best interests of the client above their … (2 comments)

honesty: Foreclosure Stripping? - 11/15/09 04:16 AM
Clark Howard was talking about this a couple of days ago, and Fox News is talking about it today.  And it doesn't involve a pole...
Foreclosure Stripping...
In effect, some folks that are losing their homes are "fighting back" in their own little way.  Prior to departure, these folks are looking to get as much cash from the house as they can before they are out. They are removing items from the home and selling them via Craigslist and other means:
Appliances Countertops Cabinetry Flooring Light fixtures Wiring Plumbing... including copper pipes Wood from the deck Most of us in real … (14 comments)

honesty: Do you think THAT is how you can "earn my business"? - 10/29/09 08:09 AM
I had a website company call me today...  They wanted me to buy into their system.  Since I have two closings in the next two business days, my time might be called a little crunched...
So, I asked for the quick version...
Two hours later we were approaching the "what is it going to cost?" question.  Two hours is the quick version?  I'd hate to think of what the full presentation would be like... I had a time share company pitch me in less than two hours.  But lat's get back to the beginning... 
When he called, he asked me if … (8 comments)

honesty: Snarkaluffagus Anonimitous... Back Noise - 10/01/09 01:54 AM
While at New Media Atlanta last week I was introduced to a new tool toy.  BackNoise.  I think the easiest ways to describe it are as follows... 
Back Noise: baak_noiz,  1. Useful tool to gauge reactions to speakers or other aspects of an event, allowing event participants to freely exchange information with each other during the event.  2. A cross between twitter and a convention of hecklers, often snarking just to snark.
Please note, it is often rude, and the language might make a sailor blush. 
But that doesn't mean it isn't a useful tool.  It just needs to be understood … (7 comments)

honesty: Real Estate Agents Annoy Me... - 08/10/09 01:53 PM
I showed a client 17 properties today.  We had narrowed down a list of 35 properties to 20... 3 of which turned out not to be available, although listed in the MLS as Active. 
I called 10 agents this morning because they required a call before showing, including 3 that had a combination lockbox which I needed to call for the code.  I'm still waiting for 4 callbacks... one of which had a combination box on the house.  We stopped by and back-burnered it... 
This is a buyer that is ready to make something happen. 
But that isn't the whole story...  … (17 comments)

honesty: That isn't the strategy for a better deal... - 07/12/09 04:59 PM
I had a buyer call me recently.  He wanted info on a property I had listed.  It wasn't what he was looking for, so I asked what he was trying to find...  Reluctantly, he shared a little with me. 
I knew of another property that was listed with another agent.  I told him I would be happy to show it to him.  He wanted the address, but didn't want me to show it to him.  I asked why... 
He wanted to deal with the listing agent in order to get a better deal...
I let him know that it doesn't … (6 comments)

honesty: How can there be success without failure? - 07/03/09 04:52 PM
It is an easy question, but I think it is VERY appropriate as we meander into the 4th of July holiday. 
How can there be success without failure?
Our forefathers built a country that changed the world.  On these shores, anyone could succeed.  The Horatio Alger story could be real.  A poor man could rise to be an industrial or political magnate.  A black man from humble roots, raised largely by his grandmother could become President of the United States.  The son of a patent medicine huckster in New York could grow up to be one of the richest men in … (12 comments)

honesty: Broker Fees? - 06/25/09 03:15 PM
I’ve seen an annoying new trend.  Buyer and Seller “Broker Fees”.  It may go by various names, but amounts to the same thing…  what Clark Howard would call a Junk Fee.
These are quite different from the other fees that may be involved in a real estate transaction, and there are a LOT of fees.  The lenders have fees, the closing attorney has fees, there are state fees, county fees, insurance fees, delivery fees…  Simply put, buyers and sellers are paying plenty of fees.  Adding some BS junk fee like a paperwork fee, transaction fee, administrative fee or broker fee is … (10 comments)

honesty: I don't care WHAT the instructions are... you WILL submit the offer... - 06/03/09 05:01 AM
I am getting pretty tired of seeing...
Offer will not be submitted to seller unless buyer prequalifies with ___ Mortgage.
Let me give you a clue... Yes, you WILL submit the offer.  It may be rejected by your client, but you will submit the offer.  If you don't, feel free to send me a note in writing stating that you won't submit the offer per instructions from your client. 
I will take that note to the Georgia Real Esate Commission and you will be in a load of hurt...  License Law requires that ALL written offers be submitted to the seller... … (15 comments)

honesty: My House is Worth What? - 05/09/09 02:28 PM
I can't think of a question that I am asked more...
What is my home worth? And there as many answers as there are times the question is asked.  There are a lot of sources for the information...
Appraisers Real Estate Agents Automated Valuation Models And the results come in many flavors...
Appraisal Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Zestimates There is one thing that they all share in common.  They are all opinions.  And they are all flawed.  That's right... all flawed. They might hit the right value... but if they do, it purely a fortuitous accident.
Keep … (0 comments)

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