life at home: Photo Friday... This Little Piggy Went to Market - 02/11/11 01:00 PM
Looking over the wares Last summer, Lilburn, GA, began a weekly Farmer's Market every Friday from 4-8pm.  Booths were set up on Railroad Ave., next the the Police Station and City Park.  We made it out a few times with the kids to pick up some fresh treats... and see some neighbors.  One of the things that makes Lilburn seem like a small town is that we run into our childrens' schoolmates, fellow Cub Scout Parents, our neighbors and other folks we know in the community... seemingly everywhere.
It looks like the Lilburn Farmer's Market will be back again this year.  … (2 comments)

life at home: Garrett and Lane on the USS Yorktown - 01/31/11 01:20 PM
Image by larry wfu via Flickr (Editorial Note: I am an active parent and volunteer with our local Cub Scout Pack.  We recently took a trip to Charleston, SC, to visit Fort Sumter and to spend the night on the Fighting Lady, the USS Yorktown.  This is part of the account that I wrote for our Pack's website.) After the Fort Sumter experience, it was time to head to our ship, and home for the next 18-20 hours.  We grabbed our gear from the car and headed up the pier.  The walk up the pier wasn't terribly long... even with the … (5 comments)

life at home: Smile... - 01/28/11 05:40 AM
Image via Wikipedia You're on Candid Camera...
Remember that show?
The City of Lilburn recently announced that they were going to be installing a video surveillance system along the City's Greenway Trail.  There are already 14 cameras that Lilburn, GA Police use to keep an eye on City Park (the tennis courts, playground and walking loop).  Iron Sky will be installing 19 new cameras along the Greenway Trails running out of City Park.
And if you haven't been on the Greenway Trails, you really should.  They provide some really great recreational opportunities.
(This is a different type of Photo Friday...)

life at home: Photo Friday... Driving on the Ice - 01/16/11 01:50 PM
Even if you don't live around Atlanta, you'd have to be hiding under a rock not to have heard about our weather this week.  It has been pretty wild.  Snow and Ice...
We got ice, followed by snow... followed by ice.  Then melt and refreeze.  Lots of ice.
That is one of the primary differences between "Southern Snow Events" and what happens up north.  Almost whenever we have snow there is ice.  I used to live in Minnesota, and in my 6 winters there was one ice storm.  We usually have one a year here in Georgia.
And that is a … (4 comments)

life at home: Winter Driving Tips... Georgia Style... - 01/11/11 02:51 AM
Image via Wikipedia I will admit that I am a transplanted Northerner.  I grew up in Michigan (and Virginia)... and moved here from Minnesota, 21 years ago.  After 6 winters in MN, I learned a few things about driving in the snow... and after 21 years here in Georgia, I learned a few more things.
First, a Word for Recent Transplanted Northerners This is NOT the snow you drove in in Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, Denver, St. Louis... whatever.  This is a completely different beast.  To begin with, it is generally wetter, which means that it compacts to something like ice.  The … (7 comments)

life at home: Here is a Resolution... - 01/01/11 06:28 AM
Image by richtpt via Flickr The new year is always a time we make resolutions.  They are all but inevitable...
Lose weight Quit smoking Eat better Spend more time with the kids Get a better job Finally go on a vacation You get the idea...  But those are all introverted.
What about doing something completely different... volunteer!
There are a LOT of kids that need great role models.  Junior Achievement, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Youth Groups... again, you get the idea.  Give a little money and a lot of time.  It isn't tough, and you can bet that the kids … (7 comments)

life at home: Achieve... - 12/25/10 02:13 PM
Image via Wikipedia For Christmas, I thought I would talk a little bit about gifts... and one that you might consider giving.  Give a kid a Junior Achievement experience.  For free...
Yes, I said FREE... Sure, you can donate some cash to Junior Achievement, but what the kids REALLY need is adults that will come in to the classrooms and deliver the material.  Seriously... this takes an hour a week (plus commute time), or just one day if you do the "JA in a Day" program.
There are programs for kids from Kindergarten up through High School.  They cover topics … (10 comments)

life at home: Flashback Friday... Where in the World is Lilburn? - 12/10/10 03:58 AM
Last year I wrote a nice little post about Lilburn...  This is a really nice place to live, and I thought it might be fun to dive into the history of the town.  It certainly is interesting, as are the histories of many of the localities around Gwinnett County, GA.
I'll let you read the post to find out that history, but I wanted to add a little bit to it...
My wife and I have made this area of Gwinnett County, GA,  our home for the last nine years... and she lived nearby, in Tucker, prior to that.  We decided … (8 comments)

life at home: Happy Thanksgiving... Don't Stress. - 11/26/10 05:04 AM
Image via Wikipedia Honestly, Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite holidays. I love the idea behind it, and can fully support being thankful for all of the wonderful things in my life… but I think that is something that we should remember daily, not just remember because there is a meal connected to it.
And about the meal… I’d rather have Japanese… A little sushi and some hibachi. Steak, shrimp, fried rice and a couple of tuna rolls with wasabi… Or maybe a juicy steak… Southwestern Pasta with chicken?
Turkey, dressing, cranberry (canberry?) sauce, pecan pie, pumpkin pie… I don’t … (11 comments)

life at home: Welcome Arcado's new Principal, Penny Palmer-Young - 08/07/10 04:52 AM
Image by lane.bailey via Flickr For the last few years, Arcado Elementary School has had Joe Ahrens in the top post.  He has positioned Arcado Elementary School as one of the highest ranked in Gwinnett County.  Excellent school spirit, very high test scores and a sense of community have all been fostered under his leadership. 
This year, Arcado will have a new top administrator, Penny Palmer-Young.  She is committed to continuing the performance excellence of the school. 
She was born and raised here in Gwinnett County, and graduated from Brookwood High School (she can be forgiven...  ;^ ).  Ms. Young has … (0 comments)

life at home: Al's Saga continues... - 06/26/10 04:29 PM
If you haven't already, please feel free to read Ade For Al.  A simple Lemonade Stand at the local Farmer's Market in Lilburn, GA raised over $2500 for Al Real's family in just one evening.  It makes me VERY proud to be part of this community. 
As if the actual injuries little Al suffered weren't enough, now the family is having to fight for his treatment. 
To catch you up, Al Real is an 8 year old boy here in the Lilburn area.  He and another little friend were playing a few weeks ago.  While they were playing, they apparently decided … (7 comments)

life at home: Buyer Notes... Part I - 06/24/10 05:39 PM
I'm in the market...  My family is 'thinking' of buying a new home.  And while I spend a lot of time with other buyers, it is a different beast when putting MY money on the line.  It shouldn't be... but it is.  I think it is a fantastic learning opportunity for me.  So, this is a series of posts about the things I am 'unlearning' as a real estate professional, and learning from the buyer's seat. 
Dear Seller,
As a buyer, I would love to see your house.  But... I don't really want to meet you there.  Actually, I don't want … (10 comments)

life at home: Going Back... - 05/30/10 03:49 PM
Let me talk about my brief hiatus…
I grew up mostly without a garage.  From the time I was 11 years old until I was 25, I didn’t have a garage.  I became a car guy without a place to park one inside…  I learned to work on cars outside.  Honestly, I wasn’t a giant fan…  But, we make do.
Under the covers...
This past week I went to visit my mother.  She has been in the same house since I was 14 years old.  Still no garage.  And my truck decided to have a failure.  Specifically, the fuel injection wiring … (1 comments)

life at home: Thank you Ms. Curtis... Arcado has great teachers! - 05/18/10 04:23 AM
My oldest son is getting ready to graduate Kindergarten.  And he has been loving it.  Much of that credit needs to go to his teacher, Ms. Curtis, at Arcado Elementary School in Lilburn, GA...
The class that he is in is a 'multi-age' class that includes Kindergartners and First Graders.  It is called a CLE class, or Continuous Learning Environment.  And for my son, it has been a marvelous experience.  Each Kindergartner is paired up with a First Grader.  They work as a team, with the First Grader mentoring the Kindergarten student.
Ms. Curtis with Jackson Ms. Curtis has said that … (5 comments)

life at home: Mud 4 Blood 7 in Kennesaw, GA... - 04/06/10 07:59 AM
May 1st is the day, Hooters of Kennesaw is the place.  The event is Mud for Blood 7.  It has grown to be one of LifeSouth's biggest collection events each year. 
Each year, many of the local Four Wheel Drive clubs get together to donate blood and support regional charities.  In addition to the blood donations there is also a truck & car show, silent auction and door prize drawing for donors.  Some vendors also sponsor special deals for the day.  In the past, Omix-Ada has allowed Mud4Blood to host their annual "Scratch and Dent" sale with returned merchandise and stuff … (1 comments)

life at home: New Toy... I mean Tool... - 03/06/10 12:55 AM
My Tablet PC is on the ropes... and as much as I wanted to get another, I couldn't... I got a "normal" laptop...  It is still pretty cool. 
I got another Toshiba, the last one was mostly trouble free for the last 5years, I can't really complain.  I did consider a few other machines...
HP TouchSmart TM2.  This is a convertible Tablet PC, like my old one, except smaller.  While it was my first choice, it was also around $1000... and so I opted for being able to return home...  Toshiba Satellite T135D-S1325RD.  This borders on the Ultra-Portable range.  It is … (13 comments)

life at home: Congrats Team USA... - 02/28/10 03:18 PM
The Gold Medal match was a great game.  Like many, I would have preferred to see Team USA come away with a victory and a Gold instead of a Silver... 
But I don't think anyone can say that they didn't deliver a great game.  The game tying goal with under 25 seconds left in regulation was amazing!  After I got done yelling, I think I could hear shouts from around the neighborhood. 
Until that very last game, Team USA was undefeated.  They had beaten Team Canada earlier in the Games.  I know that the Canadians came into the game with something … (9 comments)

life at home: Volunteer! - 02/24/10 05:38 AM
Image via Wikipedia During the month of February, as well as the end of January, I spent each Friday afternoon volunteering to talk about business and economics with a bunch of 4th Graders.  This was in connection with Junior Achievement.
It might sound like pulling teeth, but it was really a blast.  The kids were great.  They were engaged and interested.  In fact, by the end of the course, they were greeting my by name as I entered the room…  I was late on the last day, and one of the kids commented that she “was afraid I wasn’t going to … (5 comments)

life at home: They are ALL someone's kid... - 02/21/10 02:15 AM
While doing a little bit of research for my Video Sunday post on, I ran across this video...  I have to say...   it brought a tear to my eye. 
A lot of my friends on Active Rain know that my 5 year old plays ice hockey.  He loves it.  He isn't particularly good, but he's 5...  And there is such joy on his face while he is out on the ice playing.  And as I watch the Winter Olympics, I often think about the parents... and the sacrifices THEY made in order for their kids to become these incredible athletes. 

life at home: Google and T-Mobile... Fail - 02/17/10 01:56 PM
My wife WANTS a Nexus One.  If you aren't familiar, that is the new Android phone from Google.  It is seriously cool.  It might be the smartest of the smartphones. (watch the Apple iPhone fans go nuts over that little comment)
That is where the problems start... 
We have been T-Mobile customers for a long time.  She is 10+ years... I came on about 6 years ago.  And Google/T-Mobile seem to be putting up as many roadblocks as they can find to halt existing customers from getting the Nexus One.  In fact, the way they are even handling new customers … (9 comments)

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