maintenance: And Another Thing... - 08/31/10 05:47 PM
I just wrote a post a few minutes ago about 'The Bandwagon' and all of the folks climbing on-board to trash a book based on its title. 
But there is something else that has been bugging me... 
There is a disregard for DiYers that I see all too often.  It comes from agents, inspectors and others.  There is an assuption that if the home owner does ANY repair to their home, it will be sub-standard, not up to code, poorly executed and solely for the purpose of killing kittens and puppies. 
I am a car hobbyist.  I do a LOT of … (8 comments)

maintenance: Mom Always Said... Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover... - 08/31/10 05:15 PM
Recently, there was a post about a book here on Active Rain.  The book was about tips and tricks that pros use while remodeling and repairing homes.  Honestly, I'm not crazy about the title... 
But, reading through the comments, one might draw the conclusion that the book was purely evil. 
How to Cheat at Home Repair
Like I said, not crazy about the title...  But, the title doesn't tell the whole story.  Here is a short except from the book:
Here’s another situation where a panic response will lead to misery and unnecessary expense: the times when you need to call … (3 comments)

maintenance: Spring has Sprung in Lilburn, GA... - 04/01/10 03:34 AM
Spring is busting out all over Lilburn, GA.  The usual signs are plain to see, and if you are missing them, the pine pollen will be here soon to make sure you see spring everywhere... 
Of course, there are a few things that you need to do in order to prepare for spring. 
Change the Smoke Detector batteries if you didn't do it with the time change.  Change the air filter on your HVAC.  Depending on your filter media, it usually needs to be changed at an interval between 30 days and 30 months.  The 1" thick (often blue) filters need … (3 comments)

maintenance: Do you have a renovation/improvement/maintenance plan? You should... - 09/20/09 11:15 AM
Yep... another plan. 
But, as a home owner, there are a lot of things to keep up with.  Air filter changes, painting and gutter cleaning.  Those are just some of the tasks that we need to schedule... and then there is caulking, raking, trimming shrubs and fertilizing the lawn.  That isn't even including things like updating the amenities inyour home... 
Sure, every once in a while we think it might be nice to redo the kitchen or the bathroom.  Maybe there is a thought about expanding the garage, building a deck or opening up a wall.  It could be adding a … (4 comments)

maintenance: Water, Water, Everywhere... Trashing the House... - 09/17/09 01:40 PM
Water is essential for life.  Without it, everything dies.  But... sometimes it can be a pain in the butt... like when it is in the wrong place in the house... or outside of the house...
I have a buyer that is under contract on a beautiful home... or more accurately, a home that could be beautiful.  But it has problems.  Water. 
The biggest issue is one that people usually don't think of...
There are several damaged gutters around the house, and some that we suspect are clogged.  Furthermore, the downspouts are in less than great condition... blocked, broken or poorly … (6 comments)

maintenance: The Story of a House... - 07/30/09 04:05 PM
Earlier today I read a blog my Anne Rains about a house she took a buyer to see... it was a mess.  It had smells.  It had clutter.  They left. 
It reminded me of a house. 
I was six.  And it was a cool house... in that 70s sort of way.  That was only appropriate, since it was the 70s.  it had a pretty big yard, a GIANT family room and a pool.  I made friends pretty fast, and walked to school.  It was a great five years in that house. 
But the day we saw it for the first time, … (6 comments)

maintenance: Changing Brokerages? Focus? Just Keeping Up? - 07/05/08 07:45 AM
If you are, you might not have thought about something that is VERY important...  Social media and online ads... the old ones. 
That's right.  I sat down and started looking at everywhere I had promoted myself... and the list started to get long.  And when I ran a search in Google, I started noticing that there were other places I had self-promoted and forgotten about. 
Now, the problem is that most state Real Estate Commsiions require us to disclose our brokerage name and contact info for any advertisements we place.  And, if we change companies or the contact information changes, we … (10 comments)

maintenance: Crawlspaces? Save Money... - 11/07/07 02:18 PM
I'm going to deviate a little from my normal pattern here. I just ran across a story (printed, sorry no link) about encapsulated crawlspaces. It was touting the energy savings that could be realized by encapsulating the crawlspace. I have seen some claims as high as 15% savings in heating a cooling. More importantly, I think there are some other benefits that could be realized, especially with older homes. one of the things I see all of the time is missing or incomplete vapor barriers. What happens then is that increased (uncontrolled) moisture can be introduced in to the house through … (0 comments)

maintenance: M is for Maintenance - 09/05/07 03:02 PM
Here is a loaded term for a car guy.  Maintenance.  We do it for our rides, and just about nothing can stand in the way.  I've known guys that bordered on religious about changing their own oil.  I've seen them pull into a rest area along the interstate, slide under the car and change their oil.  A quick refill and clean-up, and they were on their way again.  We would never think of leaving something undone.
Houses aren't much different.  They need regular maintenance.  They don't need oil changes, but they need those air filters changed pretty regularly.  Painting, pressure washing, … (0 comments)

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