retechsouth: RETSO Recap... Business Model Reload... For and AT RETSO, Part II - 04/30/13 10:52 PM
OK, so I wrote Part I over 2 weeks ago... 
In that post, I wrote about the risk that Brad, Mike and crew took.  As I said in that post, the change was perfectly timed for me, but not for everyone.  And in fact, I have spent the last few weeks working more ON my business than IN it.  I have been deciding exactly where my focus needs to be in order to rebuild. 
In this post, I'm going to talk a little more about WHAT they did for RETSO Refocus... 
What is 'Refocus'? I come from a background in … (3 comments)

retechsouth: RETSO Recap... Business Model Reload... For and AT RETSO, Part I - 04/10/13 07:21 AM
It's hard to believe that RETSO was last week... that recent and that long ago... all at once. 
But, the time has allowed some of the info to be absorbed.  And RETSO didn't disappoint me with the type of info and the volume.  What WAS different, and disappointed some was the type of info at this years event.  Instead of shiny new tech toys and tools, RETSO this year was focused on the business of Business.  Specifically, Business Models.  There was a nifty tool, though, the Business Model Canvas. 
For this report, I'm going to focus on the changes AT RETSO, … (5 comments)

retechsouth: RETSO... Business Reloaded - 03/27/13 04:25 AM
Five years ago I spent a day at a local hotel in a new conference.  A few weeks before that, I had recieved a call from Matt Fagioli, reaching out to me individually to come to the new event he was putting on with Brad Nix.  It was called REtechSouth (that was before they thought of calling it RETSO).  I spent my $99 and made plans to attend. 
Since that day, five years ago, I have managed to go to four more RETSO events.  In fact, it wasn't that long after that I ended up with Matt as my broker.  Matt … (3 comments)

retechsouth: rebarcamp Atlanta, 2011... Coming up SOON! - 10/19/11 09:32 AM
Less than 10 days from now, Atlanta will have its second rebarcamp event. 
If you haven't been to one of the rebarcamp (rebc) events around the country, you REALLY need to change that.  rebc events are billed as the "unconference".  Unlike a traditional conference, there aren't a bunch of vendors running sessions that are thinly disguised sales pitches... and sometimes they aren't even thinly disguised.  If you've ever been to the NAR Convention, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It seems like every "education" seminar ends with "and you can get my DVD set at booth 347, for just $199." 

retechsouth: Yeah... I've been kind of absent lately... - 03/13/11 02:02 PM
But don't worry, everything is fine.  I've been blogging on my regular site, and sometimes on, which is more about social media.  I just haven't had much time to spend here commenting or posting special content for my A|R Blog.  I'm going to change that a bit...  I'll bring some of my content from the other sites, as well as some specific content for here...  Obviously, the points aren't my main concern anymore. 
There are a lot of things going on... Social Media Breakfast Atlanta (not getting as much of my time as I think it needs), reBarCamp Atlanta, … (3 comments)

retechsouth: Do you REBC? #rebcATL - 09/02/10 08:09 AM
As mentioned previously, rebarcampATL is ON.  Atlanta will be hosting its first ever real estate bar camp.  The event is coming up on October 1st... at a venue to be named soon.  We have actually had to change venues in order to facilitate the demand.  As soon as details are finalized, they will be announced... 
Have you been to a rebarcamp event?
What did you think?  What was the best thing about it?  What would have made it better? What are you hoping to learn at the next rebarcamp event you attend?
Those are just a few of the questions that … (8 comments)

retechsouth: rebarcamp Atlanta... A Date and A Venue... - 06/17/10 06:09 AM
and a FaceBook Page... and a Twitter Hashtag...
That's right, yesterday on the FaceBook Page for rebcAtlanta, we announced the date and location for the first ever rebarcamp Atlanta. 
Friday, October 1st, 2010
CoolRay Field, Home of the Gwinnett Braves
At the moment, we are putting together the team that will put on the event.  The search for sponsors is underway.  In the next few days we will roll out registration.  It is a busy and exciting time for those of us that have learned so much from rebarcamps and want to extend the reach of the experience. 
So, you … (6 comments)

retechsouth: Should Atlanta have a reBarCamp? - 04/20/10 02:44 PM
The Atlanta market is the home to REtechSouth, the premiere real estate technology conference in the Southeast.  It draws some of the best experts in Technology and Social Networking for real estate in the country.  I'm not going to even try to name all of the incredible speakers that come to RETSO, because I would miss a favorite... 
Several hundred real estate professionals came from all over the Southeast... and beyond... to learn the latest in tech and touch.  It was two amazing days of learning and networking.  I have been to all three RETSO events, and hope to make it … (6 comments)

retechsouth: Want to have Breakfast? - 03/18/10 03:03 PM
Social Media Breakfast - Atlanta has been plugging along since July, 2009.  We have met every month since then, except for December... in locations around Atlanta.  We have discussed topics ranging from Twitter to FaceBook Fan Pages, Posterous and Tumblr to Gist and gool ol' fashioned email. 
And we are still at it...  The technology keeps evolving and sites keep popping up and disappearing... 
The next Social Media Breakfast - Atlanta (#smbATL) event will be on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 from 8:00 to 10:00am. 
If you are coming into town for REtechSouth (discounted tickets, affiliate link), and will be in … (1 comments)

retechsouth: RETSO? Less than Two Weeks... - 03/14/10 02:54 PM
It just struck me this evening that RETSO (REtechSouth) is less than two weeks away.  In fact... 11 days. 
Just a couple of days ago I saw a message on FaceBook mentioning that the MVP tickets were sold out.  These are the cool tickets that will get the holder into the Speaker's Dinner and a bunch of other cool stuff... 
But I still have the standard tickets available at 10% off...  That would be $161.10 (+$4.03 for the service fee).  These are good for all of the sessions... and there are a LOT of really cool learning opportunities. 
And this year... … (1 comments)

retechsouth: WordPress and Joomla and Active Rain... oh my! - 01/13/10 04:20 AM
It is obvious to everyone in the real estate business by now that the future of marketing revolves around the internet... and websites.  And the "Yester-tech" of a static website isn't going to cut it.  The days of "My broker provides me with a website at" are gone.  And honestly, the days of a site coded purely in html are pretty toasted as well...  The new paradigm is what are referred to as Dynamic Websites.  Dynamic sites are exemplified by blogs, web magazines and other sites that are continually updated and interactive. 
Back in "the day", a website was little … (19 comments)

retechsouth: Happy New Year to my AR Peeps... - 12/31/09 02:34 PM
It's funny... and fun.  I'm sitting here on the couch fielding questions from the 5 year old... he is really tired, but wants to ring in the New Year... we have 55 minutes to go.  My phone has been vibrating with text messages all evening... friends from the Rain, from outside of the Rain... family... all wishing me a Happy New Year and saying hello. 
Life is good... 
Over the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity... the wonderful opportunity... to meet with scores of my friends from here on Active Rain, as well as others from the … (8 comments)

retechsouth: RE WordCamp... Cool. - 12/22/09 03:22 PM
You've been to an rebarcamp or three...
You have decided that you want to have a WordPress blog AND know how to use it...
You think blogging is fun and cool... and a great way to connect with your market...
I just ran across this little gem, and wish I was closer to Denver.  I would definately be up for it.  I love my WordPress blogs.  It is a cool platform, and has a tremendous amount of flexibility.  I still love Active|Rain, but have been on WordPress for two years. 
There are so many options... one of the big issues … (7 comments)

retechsouth: Mini-Bar Camp... - 12/10/09 01:40 PM
What do you get when you take 9 real estate pros in 4 states, Skype, DimDim and a blustery Thursday? 
Mini-Bar Camp...
Half BarCamp, half accountibility group and half implementation assistance hotline, we "met" for almost 7 hours of hardcore tech and sales talk.  Four of us were in the Atlanta area, so we all got together in a reasonably central location during the camp.  The other agents, in North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama all called in. 
Each person "presented" at some point during the day and we had some wide-open discussion periods as well.  While we had planned on … (16 comments)

retechsouth: REtechSouth Tickets on sale NOW! and I have a discount... - 12/04/09 05:30 AM
Are you planning on hitting REtechSouth in Atlanta?  As usual, I have a discount code for tickets.  Brad Nix gave me the hook-up to deliver a 10% discount (affiliate link... that is where the discount comes from) on all ticket levels.  Here is how it breaks down:
All Star Admission $134.10 + $3.35 EventBrite fee.  This is normally a $149 ticket.  It includes event access on both Thursday, Mar. 25th and Friday, Mar. 26th.  It will get you in to all of the learning sessions...  You can see folks like Jeff Turner, Amy Chorew, Brad Carroll, Ilyse Glink and Heather Elias... … (4 comments)

retechsouth: Implementation Day... - 11/17/09 11:41 PM
One of the things I find useful after a great day of tech training is to take a day to concentrate on implementation. 
Hundreds of "tech forward" real estate professionals around the country took time out of their schedule to attend one or more of DOZENS of webinars for Virtual rebarcamp.  But it doesn't matter if the event is an rebarcamp, REtechSouth, RainCamp or something else... the idea is the same. 
Learning is cool... but IMPLEMENTATION is KEY!
Taking a decmpression day is a good idea.  When I am done, I have hundreds of ideas and notes and possibilities … (9 comments)

retechsouth: Anyone else in Atlanta going to REbarCamp in Raleigh? - 10/20/09 03:45 AM
I know that there are a few of us that are planning on going... I'm wondering if there are any more. 
REbarCamp is coming up in Raleigh, NC on Friday, November 6th.  I am planning on going up on Thursday, November 5th, and returning on Saturday, November 7th.  On Thursday there is supposed to be a networking event in the evening... I'd like to make it up for that.  There will also be a networking event on Friday evening.  On Saturday, I want to get be to spend some time with my kids... so I don't intend to hang around all … (7 comments)

retechsouth: Snarkaluffagus Anonimitous... Back Noise - 10/01/09 01:54 AM
While at New Media Atlanta last week I was introduced to a new tool toy.  BackNoise.  I think the easiest ways to describe it are as follows... 
Back Noise: baak_noiz,  1. Useful tool to gauge reactions to speakers or other aspects of an event, allowing event participants to freely exchange information with each other during the event.  2. A cross between twitter and a convention of hecklers, often snarking just to snark.
Please note, it is often rude, and the language might make a sailor blush. 
But that doesn't mean it isn't a useful tool.  It just needs to be understood … (7 comments)

retechsouth: Are you going to New Media Atlanta? - 09/24/09 01:12 PM
Tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 25th) is the day...  There are still a few tickets available for purchase at the event... and there is even a little time to grab a ticket online. 
So, are you going to New Media Atlanta?
If you have been to REtechSouth, you have an idea of what New Media Atlanta is going to be like.. but just an idea.  Instead of concentrating on the real estate industry, this is about making the business case for Social Network Marketing. 
The speaker list is impressive!  And, for those that get the "Rockstar Pass"... you will have unprecedented access to … (2 comments)

retechsouth: 8 Tools for the Cool Kids... I mean Real Estate Agents #7... see inside... - 08/25/09 02:31 PM
Maybe this one should really be #8... but I just can't help it. 

I have talked about ActiveRain, WordPress, Embeddable Tools, Photography, RSS Feeds and Analytics Programs.  And EVERY single one of these things can be learned about at your local (or not so local) reBarCamp (logo linked).  I have been to San Francisco (the first rebarcamp event) and Charlotte.  I am looking forward to Lynchburg, VA (if I can make it) and Raleigh, NC.  If I had the opportunity, I would go to every event I could make it to... 
Aside from the AMAZING information absorption opportunity, there are … (10 comments)

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