seller: Suwanee, GA, Market Report, February, 2013 - 03/18/13 11:04 AM
Market stats for Suwanee, GA, February, 2013 indicate that there were 315 properties on the market (down from 332 last month). Overall, there was about a 4.8 month supply of properties (up from 4.7 last month). February had 66 sales. Compared to February, 2012 (64), this year was up, but inventory was down compared to 2012 (433). There were 50 sales last month, so this month was up a good bit. There is generally a dip in January, so the bump in sales isn't really a shocker.
In the Under $200k arena, there were 64 listings in Suwanee, GA, with about … (2 comments)

seller: Dear Builder... I've NEVER heard... - 05/03/11 02:55 PM
Image via Wikipedia Dear Builder,
I've NEVER had a buyer client tell me that they thought the garage was too big.  Granted, most of my buyers are "car people", so the deck is a bit stacked, but not all of them are.  In fact, I've had clients with little interest in cars... and they still wanted a garage that was just a little bigger.
You see, lots of people use their garages for a lot of different things.  Many of my clients like to build cars or weld something back together in their garage, but others just want to be able … (4 comments)

seller: Cheap Tips #3... Making a First Impression in 6 Steps - 02/08/11 12:31 PM
Image via Wikipedia We all know that there is no second chance to make a first impression.  That saying almost couldn't be more overused.  But it is still true.  I drive up to homes for the first time with buyers on an almost daily basis.  I listen to them as we approach the house.  I listen to them as we park in front or in the driveway.  I listen to them as we walk up to the front door.  I listen to them as I access the lockbox and open the front door for the first time.
I hear a lot … (1 comments)

seller: Cheap Tip #2... Tip-Top Shape in 5 Steps - 02/05/11 02:22 PM
Image by lane.bailey via Flickr You are NOT a bank.  Your home isn't a foreclosure. Hopefully it isn't on its way to a foreclosure.  You need to maximize the price your home fetches on the market, and minimize the time it is on the market.  The problem is those foreclosures that your house has to compete against.  Foreclosures often have price going for them. That is a VERY powerful tool.  It can overcome a lot of issues.  But, you have to find a way to overcome the prices that banks are asking for their properties.
You are not a bank... so … (3 comments)

seller: Cheap Tips #1... Getting Ready to Sell. - 02/01/11 02:20 PM
Image via Wikipedia For many sellers, there isn't a bottomless pit of money to get the house ready to go on the market.  Simply put, between pressure to get to market, the need to pay sales fees, buyers needing concessions like closing costs and even the cost of moving expenses, there isn't enough money to go in and make major renovations to the house before selling...
In fact, it is seldom worthwhile to make major changes to the home prior to going on the market.
But there are some inexpensive and relatively simple things that can increase the sales price of … (23 comments)

seller: Have You Seen the Commercial? - 01/29/11 02:30 PM
I'm sure you've seen it... the commercial with the mom that is trying to find the sport her son is good at...  She tries football then baseball.  She gets him out on the golf course.  She shoots tennis balls at him.  Finally, he is singing in the choir, he is good at it and he is happy.
I certainly can understand the sentiment.  As a parent, I want my children to 'find their place'... see what they like and what they are good at... see them fulfill themselves.  To that end, I applaud this fictional mom.  She didn't give up... and … (2 comments)

seller: Norcross, GA, Market Report, December 2010 - 01/28/11 05:37 AM
Image via Wikipedia Market stats for Norcross GA, November, 2010 indicate that there were 365 properties on the market. Overall, there is about a 10.2 month supply of properties. November was a thrashing... 30 v 47 in 2009.  December was better, but still only 35 sales for Dec 2010 compared to 41 the year prior.
In the sub-$200k arena, there were 219 listings, with about 7.4 month supply.  Sales are down slightly from a year ago in this segment, which is the main driver of sales in this area (25 v 28).  But the segment is still looking pretty strong, despite … (0 comments)

seller: Wayback Wednesday... Can You Fix This? - 01/28/11 05:32 AM
(Yes, I am behind schedule... this should have been up here on Wednesday...)
Two years ago I wrote a post about fixing things for my son (now I have to fix things for two of them...).  Last week I had a closing that fit the post...
As a Dad, part of my job is fixing things.  As a Real Estate Agent, part of my job is fixing things.  Luckily I don't have to glue/weld, nail or pop things back together in houses... although I have had to help a property or two pass an inspection, but that is another story.

seller: Buford GA Market Report, December 2010 - 01/25/11 03:11 PM
Image via Wikipedia Market stats for Buford, GA, November, 2010 indicate that there were 566 properties on the market. Overall, there was about an 10.2 month supply of properties.  December was slightly above last year (62 v 52 for 2009).  But it was also a pretty substantial bump from November (44 sales).  There were 83 sales in June and an Absorption Rate under 8.5 months.
In the sub-$200k arena, there were 325 listings, with a 9.1 month supply.  Again, this is the largest price segment in this area, so being up by 10 sales over last year (41 v 31) strengthens … (0 comments)

seller: Sugar Hill, GA, Market Report, December 2010 - 01/24/11 01:12 PM
Image via Wikipedia Market stats for Sugar Hill, GA , December, 2010 indicate that there are 241 properties on the market. Overall, there is about an 12.7 month supply of properties.  Sales have been fairly steady since July, but inventories have been rising, and along with it, the number of months of inventory (that is the wrong way...)
for Sugar Hill homes priced under $200k, there are 168 listings, with under 9.7 months supply.  Sales are also about 3x of the level last year, 25 v 8 last December.  But, for the last three months, that only puts sales up by … (1 comments)

seller: Suwanee, GA, Market Report, December 2010 - 01/22/11 02:44 PM
Image via Wikipedia Market stats for Suwanee, GA, December, 2010 indicate that there are 548 properties on the market. Overall, there is about an 10.8 month supply of properties.  There was less that 8 months of inventory as recently as June.  Even though inventories are down since then, sales are also down.
In the Under $200k arena, there are 165 listings in Suwanee, GA, with about a 9.9 month supply.  In June, there was a 4.8 month supply.  Inventories have increased, until September, as sales have slowed...  This is one of the rare segments that actually bumped in November, rather than … (0 comments)

seller: The WRONG Top ten List to be on... - 01/20/11 10:02 AM
Image via Wikipedia Yahoo News recently published an article titled "The Eight States Running Out of Homebuyers".  (I know, I said 10... they say 8, but they mentioned that Colorado and South Carolina barely missed inclusion).
Georgia ranked #6...
I'll cut to the chase and give you the list.  Check out the article for the details on each state...
Michigan Nevada Arizona California Illinois Georgia Oregon Florida Image via Wikipedia Georgia made it onto the list because of the following statistics...
2010 Foreclosures: 3.25% (6th Worst) Unemployment: 10% (9th Worst) Decrease in Building Permits 2006-2010: -82.29% (2nd Worst) Of course, I … (45 comments)

seller: Wayback Wednesday... The Price IS Right (or it should be)... - 01/20/11 09:58 AM
Image via Wikipedia Do you want to actually SELL your house, or just put it up for sale?  I talk with sellers pretty regularly that seem to just want to have their home up for sale...
"We want to test the market." "If we can got our price..." "We aren't going to give it away." You get the idea, right? And this isn't the market to play around in.  With foreclosures and short sales and unemployment being what they are, this is a bargain hunter's market.  This isn't a test market.
Along the same lines are some of the "strategies" I … (1 comments)

seller: Duluth, GA, Market Report, December 2010 - 01/18/11 02:35 PM
Image via Wikipedia Preliminary stats for Duluth, December, 2010 indicated that there were 543 properties on the market. Overall, there is about an 9.1 month supply of properties.  Months of Inventory has been increasing for the last couple of months, until this month.  Sales in December were 66, compared to 57 a year earlier.  It is worth noting that almost every segment in Gwinnett County, GA, that I track had a bump in December this year, copared both with November, 2010 and December, 2009.
In the Under $200k arena, there were 216 listings in Duluth, GA, with about a 7.1 month … (0 comments)

seller: Lawrenceville, GA Market Report, December 2010 - 01/18/11 02:31 PM
Image via Wikipedia Market stats for Lawrenceville, December, 2010, indicate that there are 1594 properties on the market. Overall, there is about an 9.9 month supply of properties. In 2009, sales for December jumped between November and December (166 to 175).  For 2010, December sales jumped to 176 from 153 in November.
For Lawrenceville Homes  Under $200k, there are 1347 listings, with about a 9.4 month supply of homes.  It is an anomaly right now among Gwinnett Market/Price segments.  The inventory went up for December, as did the number of months of inventory.  Sales were up slightly from December 2009 (152 … (0 comments)

seller: I'm Always Up For a Good Surprise.. - 01/13/11 06:10 AM
Image via Wikipedia I was working over the market data for Gwinnett County, GA... outside of Atlanta.  And the numbers were a bit surprising.  They were good... Almost across the board...
Why am I not excited?  I want to be excited.  I want to shout to the world that Gwinnett County's real estate market has turned.
But I'm skeptical... Generally, December has to lowest number of listings that we are going to see throughout the year.  Seldom will we see an increase in listings... in fact, only in the high end (where listings are often on the market over a year) … (0 comments)

seller: Wayback Wednesday... Keeping the Mystery Alive... - 01/12/11 02:58 AM
Image via Wikipedia Mystery attracts, right?  That mysterious woman or man has an allure because of the unknown qualities they may possess.  You don't know their background or their motivation.  And so, the coolest possibilities are projected upon them.
But is that the case in real estate?
Two years ago I wrote a post with my take. There are a lot of agents that think that they can "build the mystery" and attract more buyers to a property by withholding information... things like price, address, amenities... even pictures.  Their reasoning is that consumers (buyers) will be curious and call.
Is that … (1 comments)

seller: Lane's Prognostications for 2011... - 01/10/11 12:57 PM
Image by thinkpanama via Flickr We'll see how well I peg this.
Lane's Predictions for 2011... Looking back over the last year or two in real estate market reports, there are a few things that have been jumping out at me.
For over two years I have been hearing about the millions of homes in "Shadow Inventory".  These are properties in the foreclosure process, or already foreclosed, that the banks are basically sitting on, waiting until "the market improves" before releasing them into the market.  I predict that next year there will STILL be people talking about the coming giant wave … (2 comments)

seller: Wayback Wednesday... Looking at the Mechanics of Listings - 01/06/11 03:39 PM
This  post was to appear yesterday, but was pre-empted. I am presenting it today. Sorry for the delay.
Image via Wikipedia Two years ago I got a bug in my bonnet because it didn't seem like I was seeing enough pictures for new listings.  A couple of months prior, one of our local Multiple Listings Services, FMLS, had raised the number of pictures that could be attached to the listing from 8 to 12.  Now it is 24...
It was shocking to look at the numbers...  I went back and looked at all of the listings that had posted in … (6 comments)

seller: Norcross, GA, Market Report, November 2010 - 01/03/11 08:32 AM
Image via Wikipedia Market stats for Norcross, November, 2010 indicate that there were 386 properties on the market. Overall, there is about a 10.3 month supply of properties. October and September sales were down v 2009 (42 v 57 and 43 v 55), but August was way up (52 v 43).  November was a thrashing... 27 v 47 in 2009.
In the sub-$200k arena, there were 215 listings, with about 7.5 month supply.  Sales are down significantly from a year ago in this segment, which is the main driver of sales in this area (25 v 34).  But the segment is … (0 comments)

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