social networking: So, A Real Estate Blog Should Be About Real Estate, Huh? - 09/12/11 08:17 AM
But what about social networking? A few days ago I posted that (in my humble opinion) real estate blogs should be about real estate... not movie reviews, restaurant reviews, not recipes...  Real estate.  That is what the audience is tuning in for, give them what they want.  I gave a few examples of what I see from my traffic patterns, and generally tried to support my opinion.
But, real estate agents that are marketing online (should) have a LOT more channels aside from their real estate blog.  And I DO believe that there is a place in some of those other … (7 comments)

social networking: I'm Going to Post RE Blogging Heresey... - 09/11/11 02:14 PM
Image via Wikipedia I have been blogging about real estate since 2008... so over three years.  I can say proudly that I have a few thousand posts.  Of those, there are a lot that were NOT about real estate, but that appeared on my real estate blog.  Some were about cars (I just started a car blog JUST for those posts).  Others were about local news.  Still others were about local businesses, entertainment venues, parks and recreational opportunities.
As long as I have been blogging, the mantra has been to "Be the source of information about EVERYTHING in the community".
But … (67 comments)

social networking: Yeah... I've been kind of absent lately... - 03/13/11 02:02 PM
But don't worry, everything is fine.  I've been blogging on my regular site, and sometimes on, which is more about social media.  I just haven't had much time to spend here commenting or posting special content for my A|R Blog.  I'm going to change that a bit...  I'll bring some of my content from the other sites, as well as some specific content for here...  Obviously, the points aren't my main concern anymore. 
There are a lot of things going on... Social Media Breakfast Atlanta (not getting as much of my time as I think it needs), reBarCamp Atlanta, … (3 comments)

social networking: Before Tactics or Strategy, there is... - 10/12/10 10:13 AM
Image via Wikipedia I hear a lot about Social Media Strategy or Technology Tactics... but there is something that seems to be missing from many of these conversations.  Rather than framing the discussion in terms of the end result, it gets formed around how to use a tool.
First we need a GOAL...
The goal is the missing ingredient.  In fact, not only is it the missing ingredient, but it is the most important part.  Since I am a car guy, let me illustrate it like this...
The goal is to win races.  We decide that we want to win a … (3 comments)

social networking: So, Are You In? #rebcAtlanta - 09/25/10 05:06 PM
It is coming FAST.  On Friday, October 1st, Atlanta will host its first ever real estate barcamp.  It has been a long time coming, too. 
The first rebarcamp was in San Francisco in July, 2008.  It was the day before Inman, and I think I got more information that I could use that day than the next two combined.  Since then I have been to a couple more rebc events, like Charlotte and Raleigh.  Each time, I have come away just amazed at the level of information that I took in.  The networking has also been extraordinary.  Great friendships have been … (3 comments)

social networking: Do you REBC? #rebcATL - 09/02/10 08:09 AM
As mentioned previously, rebarcampATL is ON.  Atlanta will be hosting its first ever real estate bar camp.  The event is coming up on October 1st... at a venue to be named soon.  We have actually had to change venues in order to facilitate the demand.  As soon as details are finalized, they will be announced... 
Have you been to a rebarcamp event?
What did you think?  What was the best thing about it?  What would have made it better? What are you hoping to learn at the next rebarcamp event you attend?
Those are just a few of the questions that … (8 comments)

social networking: KuBu said a Dirty Word... - 04/25/10 03:06 PM
Today was a NASCAR kind of day.  My Friend Pat Johnson, of Rugged Ridge, had a spare ticket (provided by one of his customers, Jack Lancaster, owner of Tellico 4x4) for the race at Talladega Super Speedway.  We did a fairly fast road trip/race day...  On the way about 7:00 this morning and back home by 10:00 this evening. 
But all of that is only to set a stage... 
During the race, we were listening to the race communications between some drivers and crews.  It is really fun to hear what is going on behind the scenes.  It is also traditional … (0 comments)

social networking: A little more about an Atlanta rebarcamp - 04/22/10 05:17 PM
I still haven't kicked this idea. 
But that doesn't mean it is a certainty, yet.  There are a lot of details to be worked out, such as venue, if there will be a cost and the exact date.  Of course, there also needs to be a team to make it happen. 
But before we put together a team and start scouting venues and getting all of the details in place, there are about 3,572 questions.  Here are the first 8... 
Thank you for taking a moment to fill out the questionaire... you did fill it out, right? 
We'd love for … (3 comments)

social networking: Social Media Breakfast - Atlanta, April 22nd - 04/18/10 04:09 PM
It's the sensation that is sweeping the nation... OK, it is just sweeping Atlanta's northern arc...
Social Media Breakfast - Atlanta. 
Each month, on the 3rd and 4th Thursday, we get together to talk about responsible and ethical ways to leverage social networking for business.  From FaceBook Fan pages to Twitter, Foursquare and Posterous, we are touching on all of the newest and best ways to connect with our clients and customers. 
Ken Cook leads the Northwest crowd on the 3rd Thursday in Cobb County.  For April, FourSquare was on the menu, and James Ball (Hello North GA) was … (0 comments)

social networking: Making Headway on my Fan Pages... - 04/16/10 04:38 PM
OK, on one of my Fan Pages...  GarageHomes
I'm not asking everyone to become a fan... I have enough fans for the 'vanity URL', so I'm not pushing it to get more fans (If you'd like to 'Fan' the page, that is cool, too...).  Instead, I just wanted to give a little credit to Mary McKnight.  She posted up a free template that was developed along with HomeGain. 
Here is a link. 
It is free, designed for real estate agents and reasonably cool.  I know that she is saving her best stuff for the paying clients, but this is a pretty … (9 comments)

social networking: Want to have Breakfast? - 03/18/10 03:03 PM
Social Media Breakfast - Atlanta has been plugging along since July, 2009.  We have met every month since then, except for December... in locations around Atlanta.  We have discussed topics ranging from Twitter to FaceBook Fan Pages, Posterous and Tumblr to Gist and gool ol' fashioned email. 
And we are still at it...  The technology keeps evolving and sites keep popping up and disappearing... 
The next Social Media Breakfast - Atlanta (#smbATL) event will be on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 from 8:00 to 10:00am. 
If you are coming into town for REtechSouth (discounted tickets, affiliate link), and will be in … (1 comments)

social networking: Where do we go from here? - 02/03/10 02:55 AM

Image by Yandle via Flickr What comes next? A few years ago, did we see Twitter and FaceBook dominating the horizon? Did we see MySpace falling off a cliff and becoming a place for bars and bands... and not much else? Did we see the mobile would still be "just around the corner"? Did we know that video would be EVERYWHERE... and still be almost here? Actually, two years ago at REtechSouth, Pat Kitano told me that Twitter was getting ready to go big and that in a few years it would be a dominant social media. But, while FaceBook … (6 comments)

social networking: Posterous isn't alone... there is Tumblr... - 01/20/10 03:50 PM
We've all been talking about Posterous.  It is a seriously cool site.  In fact, I have enjoyed using it so much that I am going to start up another Posterous blog to cover personal things going on (like vacation next week).  It is a GREAT platform. 
But it isn't the only platform.  In fact, before there was Posterous, there was Tumblr.  And they are very similar.  Similar enough that many think that Posterous took direct aim at Tumblr when they introduced their platform. 
There are some things that Posterous has done VERY well... to start with, the emial post capability of … (13 comments)

social networking: I Suck at 'Internet Lead Conversion' - 01/14/10 04:04 PM
It's true. 
Almost all of my business comes from social networking... much of it on the internet, and I suck at internet lead conversion.  There are a few ways I suck at this... 
I don't have a dedicated database for internet leads... I don't have an email drip campaign to stay in touch with them... I don't have a checklist of 'touches' to go through with each lead... So, just how the heck can I stay in business?
I wonder sometimes myself...  I know that I need to build a dedicated database of my clients and leads.  I also know … (21 comments)

social networking: REtechSouth Tickets on sale NOW! and I have a discount... - 12/04/09 05:30 AM
Are you planning on hitting REtechSouth in Atlanta?  As usual, I have a discount code for tickets.  Brad Nix gave me the hook-up to deliver a 10% discount (affiliate link... that is where the discount comes from) on all ticket levels.  Here is how it breaks down:
All Star Admission $134.10 + $3.35 EventBrite fee.  This is normally a $149 ticket.  It includes event access on both Thursday, Mar. 25th and Friday, Mar. 26th.  It will get you in to all of the learning sessions...  You can see folks like Jeff Turner, Amy Chorew, Brad Carroll, Ilyse Glink and Heather Elias... … (4 comments)

social networking: Posterous Test... Completed... - 11/29/09 03:04 PM
I wrote a couple of posts about Posterous in the last week or so...
Get Posterous-ized... The Great Posterous Experiment... If you aren't familiar with Posterous, they might be a good place to start. 
As mentioned in "The Great Posterous Experiment", I devoted the weekend to using Posterous while on a road trip.  Honestly, As a mobile platform to spit out some short posts, It ROCKS!  The limitations are with my phone.  I already know a couple of ways to sneak around those, too... 
If you look at my Posterous blog, you will see that I made a BUNCH of posts … (4 comments)

social networking: Get Posterous-ized... - 11/25/09 01:09 PM
Let's get the first part out of the way...  It is pronounced pa-stir-us... like in preposterous... which would be "life before Posterous."
Posterous is a blogging site...  and if you are playing in social media, you really need to get onto it if you aren't already.  In fact, I will be including it in the future when I talk about the places that agents MUST have a presence.  It is THAT important... 
It isn't because of the audience, nor is it because of the name.  It is because of the integration capability.  It is one of the coolest options for syndicating … (13 comments)

social networking: Catch a Wave or Make a Plan? - 11/19/09 12:38 PM
I've talked about it, as have many others... 
Social Media Plan...
But is it even possible?
During this morning's Social Media Breakfast - Atlanta, one of our members was talking about social media planning... and something occured to me.  Just moments before, we were talking about how social media tools had changed dramatically in just the last few months.  So...
How can we make a plan for a rapidly changing landscape?
Can a surfer make a plan for the wave?  Or does the wave unfold and he reads it and responds? 

It would seem obvious that while a surf has … (8 comments)

social networking: Edit, Edit, Edit... - 11/14/09 11:24 AM
I'm making some modifications to another one of my websites...  This is when it would be really nice to have a staff like the AR folks to design scripts to convert terms and so forth with the theme change. 
But the end product will be worth it. 
And yes, this is a tease... Here are some of the ingredients...
I am ready to make a change on my WordPress site... Brad and Bobby Carroll (Dakno Marketing) have made a very good point that sites need to carry a brand identity... I have a LOT of content and I would like … (10 comments)

social networking: Are you automatically sending your blog posts to Twitter? Should you? - 11/08/09 03:02 PM
The first question is quite common.  I've seen it several times here on Active Rain, and there are even plugins for WordPress, a check box for Active Rain and websites like TwitterFeed for making it easier... and automatic. 
Obviously, getting your posts on Twitter is a great idea.  It broadens the opportunity to expose them to new readers.  But the question revolves around the automation... 
Is it a good idea to automate?
From an efficiency standpoint, obviously it is...  Automation is great.
You never forget to do it... You don't have to take the time to do it... It's consistent... But … (18 comments)

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