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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.
This arrangement of radicchio de Treviso and fennel is a delightful array of colors.And we also enjoyed seeing cone head cabbage displayed.  This cabbage unlike its other cousins has a delicate sweet taste.  We make a coleslaw with it and toss it with a lemon and olive oil dressing.Another riot o...
On our walk through the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, we took the path that leads directly to the ocean.  As we headed back home, we spotted this roadrunner trotting ahead of us, and every so he stopped,  He would puff up his feathers and moved on.  The Roadrunner has been clocked at speeds of ...
We welcome all visitors to Santa Barbara and adjacent cities.  This photo was taken at the entrance of Westerlay Orchids,Carpinteria.  The crew that works there is very creative, and we loved the succulent braids tied with raffia ribbon for the gal and the aloe crown for the guy! Happy Friday to ...
This morning we noticed this sleek looking yacht in dry dock getting ready for a voyage.  We loved the name  X-TA-SEA.  We could picture the joy of the owners of this lovely sea vessel.  No doubt, they were ecstatic when they chose it.   The name resonated with us who are not boaters.  What's in ...
If you are going to invest in creating a tag line for your luxury or any other branch of real estate practice, you have to make sure your tag line makes sense.  Pictured above is a maintenance van filled with tools with this tag line, "Short Term Rentals, Long Memories"as we were driving to our c...
Yesterday morning, we were in Beverly Hills.   The Christmas decor  was up all over the retail stores there.  It was fun seeing one of the panthers (pictured above)which are part of Cartier's brand identity! And here are both of them stalking on the rooftop of the store.  What a fun sight to see!...
When marketing luxury real estate, or any other segment of real estate many choose the "In Your Face" style of marketing the homes they have listed or for that matter themselves.  Depending on the clientele you want to attract, these two forms of marketing as displayed by two famous stores in Bev...
We have lived in Santa Barbara County for just over nine years now. One of our favorite aspects of living here is the access to the ocean and the lovely beaches we have to walk on.   During the colder months, the locals have the beach to themselves.  For us the beach is part of our home, and part...
An hour before sunset, we took a walk and headed towards the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve.  The late afternoon light cast a lovely hue on everything surrounding it and particularly on this agave who looks like it is gracefully dancing.  This xeriscape (landscape that requires little or no water...
We are so thankful for all the organic farmers at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market.  They show up every week to bring us the freshest ingredients for all of us to enjoy.  The organic farmers we have met are in their late 20's. Some are older, and some have the whole family working with them. When...

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