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GET FLUENT. GET AFFLUENT! (TM) Luxury real estate marketing is a high stakes game. We invite you to join our forum where we will discuss leading-edge luxury real estate marketing strategies that can give you a competitive edge and help you gain access to the wealth of the world.



LuiPad - Courtesy of Apple As a luxury real estate marketing professional, can you make a convincing case, to prospective home sellers, to hire you in the first few minutes of your listing presentation?  If you can, you stand to win more listings, run circles around your competition and become t...
Anna Karenina 1878 The Oprah Effect—Part 2 As a luxury real estate marketing professional, what does your personal or company brand stand for?  Can you say it in a few words?  Better yet, can you say what your brand stands for in just one word?  In a few words, Oprah stands for “building a bette...
The Oprah Effect-Part 1 Recently CNBC aired a show called the Oprah Effect.  This 42 minute show illustrates the power of Oprah’s personal brand. If you go to you can watch the entire show on your IPhone, on your desktop, on your laptop, and soon on your tablet computer, anywhere, anyti...
Dragon Fruit Quite often, we get calls from luxury real estate marketing professionals asking us for an image makeover in the form of a logo, or a new website that will assure their success in the new age of social media marketing.  They think that is the definition of branding. The new opportun...
    Luxury real estate marketing professionals can learn an outstanding lesson from Automobilli Lamborghini and the Auto Gallery of North Los Angeles. The founders of Auto Gallery, Harry Gray and Tony Schwartz have experimented with a novel way to market these fine cars by opening a showroom adja...
As luxury real estate marketing professionals you understand the importance of staging a home to increase its appeal. One of the first rules of staging is to get rid of the clutter.  It is also important to realize that the same principle applies to your own website, especially your home page.  ...
YUM-O, DELISH, NUTRISH! Many luxury real estate marketing professionals confuse their headshot as being their brand.  The majority of real estate print ads are simply a collection of "heads and houses". As a result, what you get is a sea of sameness. When your competitors all use their headshots...
For luxury real estate marketing professionals it is now essential to have a website that enables visitors to find what they are looking for IMMEDIATELY! Here is a case study VIDEO about our clients, Crown & Crowns in Downtown San Diego, who are known as the Downtown Crowns. Downtown San Diego is...
How would you feel if you went shopping on Rodeo Drive, Madison Avenue or in any other upscale shopping area, and the owner of the store you approached was sitting in the window, waving at you and begging you to come into the store to shop? Does the song title, “Walk on By” seem appropriate as a...
As a luxury real estate marketing professional, one of the best ways to meet new people, develop more referral sources and expand your sphere of influence is to blog about exciting local happening.s  Think of yourself as a syndicated columnist, a journalist who covers a particular “beat” and rep...

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