luxury real estate marketing tips luxury real estate personal and company branding: Monday Musings: Details Will Make or Break You! - 12/15/19 12:15 PM

Pictured above is the ceiling detail of a mixed use building is the downtown area in Santa Barbara.  In our opinion, this is just one of the reasons all the condos in the building sold out in record time.
In the successful organization, no detail is too small to escape close attention
Lou Holtz
We are firm believers in the importance of details, when it comes to presenting oneself in a selling situation.  Those little details will make or break you every time.  In selling or listing luxury real estate or any other type of real estate, you are being trusted to represent either the … (52 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips luxury real estate personal and company branding: Is Your Service Remarkable Enough for Continuous Referrals? - 03/18/19 04:50 PM

Remarkable service is one of the key ways to differentiate yourself from the competition regardless of which branch of the real estate business you excel in. People who appreciate this type of service are also people who enjoy referring others like themselves to the same business person. A recent study in the luxury industry rated service as the most important reason to refer someone. And those mentioned had remarkable financial results. And these businesses continuously look for ways to be even more remarkable.
Your most highly valued asset in your luxury or any real estate marketing practice is your database of contacts, … (71 comments)

luxury real estate marketing tips luxury real estate personal and company branding: Muumuu Marketing: Does One Size Fit All? - 08/08/16 02:24 PM

We are constantly asked about marketing strategies and advertising channels from luxury real estate marketing professional nationwide. We say, beware of muumuu** marketers who tell you that one size fits all.  Here are some of the questions. 
---Should one advertise in the local paper, luxury real estate magazines, online, on social media, send postcards (how many and how big), or produce videos? 
---Should one buy a drone, a video camera, an expensive camera or leave it to the professionals? 
---What about SEO or SEM (search engine marketing) or the long tail? 
We are not being evasive, when we say no one size fits all.  It … (63 comments)

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