luxury real estate personal anc company branding: Branding Moments: The Story Charmed Us Into Buying! - 03/08/18 10:51 AM

If you have followed our blogs, you probably are aware that besides creating brands and brand strategy for our real estate clients, we study brands day in and day out.  One of the best areas to examine brands is in the wine industry.  Competition in the global wine industry is even fiercer than in real estate. Whether selecting an agent or a bottle of wine without a direct referral, you have very little time to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd.
One way to make a great impression besides having a brand that stands out is to also … (53 comments)

luxury real estate personal anc company branding: How Does Branding Differ From Marketing? - 01/29/18 11:03 AM

A brand is an expression of the core values of a company or an individual.  A brand reveals the fundamental reason for its existence, and how it is differs from others in that category. A brand also defines the principles that it lives by.  When someone likes your brand, they are essentially saying, my core values match yours.  People like doing business with people like them.
Marketing is having your brand seen in the right places by the right people who are a match to your brand.  It is based on thoroughly researching the psychographics and demographics of those whose values match … (45 comments)

luxury real estate personal anc company branding: Personal Branding : Create Your Own Brand Category Killer! - 04/06/17 02:29 PM
The most important principle involved in creating a luxury real estate agent personal brand is to find a brand category that you can own like Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer.
People think in terms of brand categories. The key is to be the first person to come to mind, rather than your competition, in a brand category and become the category “killer”.Here are some examples of brand categories and the most dominant brand in the category or the category killer:
The easiest way to claim ownership of a brand category is to create a new brand category. That is exactly what Cesar Millan … (38 comments)

luxury real estate personal anc company branding: The Power Of Color In Logos & Web Design! - 04/04/17 01:11 PM

Color is integral to the design of your logo and your web site. Here is a brief discussion of various colors, which you can use as a guideline when you are contemplating colors for your logo or web site. It is also important that the colors are in harmony with your personality and the lifestyle of your marketplace.
Color evokes a physiological reaction. The pituitary gland sends a message to your brain when it sees the color red. People will often say referring to a moment of anger, “I saw red!” The color red is connected with excitement, energy, and danger. Red … (52 comments)

luxury real estate personal anc company branding: Naming A Business: Keeping It Local, Really Local! - 08/02/16 05:32 AM

People often ask us how to name their luxury real estate business.  Our answer is to study your market, which means get to know who the people living in the neighborhood are like.  What are their lifestyles?  What are their attitudes?  Why do they buy in the area?  What are the prevalent brands that they buy?
The Judge For Yourself Café is a great example. In 4 words they told you their reason for existing in this area.  The buildings around the café in a six block radius include the Santa Barbara Courthouse, several other court related buildings including the Sheriff's and the … (20 comments)

luxury real estate personal anc company branding: If It's ThisThursday, It is Beverly Hills Camouflage! - 04/16/15 04:05 AM

Whenever a store is remodeled in Beverly Hills, the business creates a beautiful structure to camouflage the construction inside.  This one stood out as it reflected the Sephora brand beautifully.  
It wraps the entire corner of  Beverly Drive and Dayton Way, and made a magnificent statement using three colors.  What a way to market their luxurious brand!
Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-
ABOUT:  Napa Consultants, International is the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry.  They work exclusively with professionals who are passionate about gaining or sustaining market leadership. With an expertise in personal branding, company branding, luxury real estate … (20 comments)

luxury real estate personal anc company branding: Updating Your Brand And Lady Gaga! - 02/23/15 02:47 AM

Photo by c Sbukley
We recommend, to luxury real estate marketing professionals, that you update your brand to stay current and relevant. By doing this you will stand out from your competition, and insure your longevity in the business.  Here is an example from the music business as seen on last evening’s Oscar Award show.
The most memorable moment for us at the Oscar’s last night was Lady Gaga singing a medley of songs from the Sound of Music.  We were all expecting a Lady Gaga spectacle instead of the conservatively dressed Lady Gaga hitting every high note beautifully in … (30 comments)

luxury real estate personal anc company branding: Tom Brady's Personal Brand Ad-Venture - 02/09/15 12:48 AM

Photo by © Jerry Coli
 Tom Brady has won his 4th Super Bowl in the last decade and his career will wind down soon. Now what?
Create a personal brand!  And, leverage your own (and supermodel wife’s) social media accounts to maintain top-of-mind status in order to insure future endorsements or business opportunities.
Tom’s new personal brand is TB12 (he is #12 on the field). Guess what colors his branding consultants chose for him? If you guessed red, white and blue (think Patriots, mom, and apple pie) you are correct!  The font, a very, very clean and simple sans … (26 comments)

luxury real estate personal anc company branding: Luxury Real Estate Marketing: When Your Name Becomes a Brand - 02/12/12 04:43 PM

Achieving celebrity status within your marketplace as a luxury real estate marketing professional can elevate you to “top-of-mind”.  At this point you become both well-known and well thought of locally by your target market and potential referral sources. Only then, when your name itself becomes very well-known, is it worthwhile to use your name as your brand and also as your website address.
 The sudden death of Whitney Houston, one of the great voices of her generation amplifies this phenomenon. Just the mention of her first name associated with the recording industry sparks immediate recognition of the performer.  Rihanna … (7 comments)

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