luxury real estate personal and company branding luxury real estate marketing tips: Brand Building: Self Expression In Harmony with Your Target Market - 02/19/20 04:22 PM
Your personal brand, from an aesthetic perspective must reflect your own tastes, your core values and your own personality.   Yet, you also have to take into consideration your target market.  That is, who you intend to attract as ideal clients. 
Who are your ideal clients? As it turns out, when you really think about it, your ideal clients are people who share your values.  For example, if you value a lighthearted sense of humor, your ideal clients would definitely not be curmudgeons, killjoys or wet blankets.   
In our strategic branding consulting practice our job is to help real estate agents, real estate companies and … (41 comments)

luxury real estate personal and company branding luxury real estate marketing tips: Branding Moments: Lost In Translation in Beverly Hills! - 06/05/19 03:19 PM

When it comes to branding strategy, creating a mystery can sometimes work and be a point of attraction for one's target market.  Here is an example of a new brand we saw, that created a mystery for us. No doubt, plenty of creative thinking went into this, however for us (who live and breathe branding), this was lost in translation!
This past Tuesday, we drove down to Beverly Hills for our monthly visit. After enjoying a cappuccino, we decided to scope out the other side of the Golden Triangle to see what was new and interesting. 
Pictured above is a new large … (21 comments)

luxury real estate personal and company branding luxury real estate marketing tips: Focus, Focus, Focus! Valuable Lessons Learned! - 06/06/16 06:46 AM

Focus, Focus, Focus! That was the most important lesson we learned as commercial real estate broker/owners in Beverly Hills and the adjacent areas. Our firm was small but mighty because we focused on doing just a few things really well, better than most anyone else in the marketplace at the time. High-end retail was one of our niches.
In assessing opportunities in our marketplace we spotted an important trend. Some of the cool, avant-garde retailers were seeking lower rents than the extremely high rental rates in the Beverly Hills Triangle that encompass Rodeo Drive.
When we received a call from Koala Blue (Olivia … (62 comments)

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