qualify: Blaming, Lie Detector Tests, and Other Nonsense - 01/05/08 03:52 AM
OK...sometimes people on the rain write stuff just to get people's panties in a bunch. I came across one such post the other day and I have to admit...I do kind of have a wedgie right now! Here's the link...it's short so you can check it out:
Now, it's one of those "blame" posts about the sub prime thing. As I answered his post, I found myself thinking about how far anyone can go in the blame game.  Should we be expected to infringe on people's rights to make bad decisions? They still do that even though there are not … (5 comments)

qualify: Lease Options...The Wave Of The Immediate Future - 10/08/07 05:01 AM
So what happens with all of those "sub prime" buyers? They can't buy now if they have glitches and dings on their credit. They want to rent because they are not so far away from being able to buy that they may as well give up...and hey, there are all of those desperate sellers out there looking for a way not to make double house payments, hmmmm.
When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. I have done lease options in the past. They seem pretty simple and straight forward. I have even seen some closed, (miracle of … (5 comments)


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