charlotte foreclosures: Staging 101 for Charlotte sellers - 12/30/11 01:03 PM

Hi! My name is Jarrod Clay and I am excited to join the Charlotte Real Estate Blog for a series of guest posts. I work every day helping real estate agents and home stagers prepare a property for market, and with companies nationwide to help relocating employees find temporary or permanent housing in the Charlotte area.
From increasing home values to decreasing the amount of time a home spends on the market, the value of home staging is undeniable. Depending on the property, you may want to consider hiring a professional home stager. For times when that is not in … (2 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: South Charlotte and Union County NC distressed homes-are you looking for them? - 12/10/11 12:00 PM
Our team gets asked everyday for a list of distressed property and homes in the South Charlotte and Union County areas of North Carolina.
Have you been wondering how to search for homes in the South Charlotte or Union County areas of North Carolina that are in short sale, foreclosure, bank owned or other distressed situations? Our team has created this search just for you.
You can view pictures, up to date status and price adjustments, school information and even market trends on this search. We have a full team waiting to answer any of your questions or schedule a private … (0 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Shhh...Don't tell everyone about these steals in Charlotte - 04/04/11 10:19 AM
Have you been looking for a bank owned, foreclosure, short sale or just a great deal in the Charlotte Metro area? I have compiled a list of properties that meet that criteria and I would love to share it with you on one condition.
I get requests all the time from people that I meet in the community for a list of steals in our area. I know that some people just like to look at property but I decided that I would post that list here as long as you promise not to let anyone know about it.
(Most people … (0 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Upgrading our website, what do you think? - 01/05/11 04:39 AM
We are undergoing an upgrade to our website this week.
What do you think? We are pretty stoked about the changes but we also want to know what you think since you are the ones that are going to be using it.
Any feedback or suggestions would be great.

Preview of
If you are looking to buy, sell or rent in the Charlotte, NC or surrounding Metro area, give us a call, text, email, Facebook, Twitter or just click through our website. We are here for you.

charlotte foreclosures: Your Charlotte best buy is right here... - 12/02/10 03:00 AM
Have you been scouring high and low, near and far for the best deal on a home in the Charlotte area? 
Are you currently renting?        Are you moving to Charlotte with your job?
Do you want your kids in some of the best schools in the entire state of North Carolina?
Does the short sale, bank owned, REO, or distressed property market excite you to find a great deal?
The Charlotte Metro Area has some of the best valued homes and here is your exclusive list  of them.   
4304 Atkinson Way, Monroe Short Sale
These are only a few but feel … (0 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: This wall in a South Charlotte foreclosure had my buyer laughing - 10/19/10 07:13 AM
This past weekend our team was showing first time buyers homes in many of South Charlotte's neighborhoods. We saw mostly bank owned, short sales and foreclosures, but every third house was owner occupied. One of the homes that we saw was a bank owned foreclosure that had my buyers in hysterics. Here is a shot of one of the secondary bedrooms. This is the biggest wall in the room.

I had to agree with them that this would not be my style, but perhaps the previous owner needed to be reminded that after a hard days work that they … (6 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Could this be your new home? - 10/14/10 12:45 PM
Look out buyers in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. You could just find the perfect home in this list.
Are you looking for a short sale, bank owned, foreclosure or just a great priced resale in the Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, York, Lancaster and surrounding counties? If your perfect home is not in this list then let me know and our team will find it. Click here for Team Ludlow's Thursday Best Buy List.

If you like the above house, (9636 Belloak Lane, Waxhaw in The Reserve currently listed at $269,700) then you will love many of the homes on the … (4 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: This is how not to cover up the big light fixture in the kitchen that we all hate - 10/13/10 03:50 AM
I really don't even know what else to say on this one except, "REALLY?"
I was showing foreclosures in the Charlotte area to a buyer the other day. That always gives me plenty of things to blog and write about. My clients and I were walking around and all of a sudden one of them says, "Are you serious"? Being that we were in a foreclosure that could mean a whole lot of things.
Clothes left in closets, animals, food left in the fridge, broken windows, holes in walls, doors or floors for that matter, or any host of other things. … (6 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: This just might be your lucky day! - 10/12/10 03:42 AM
Have you been searching for the perfect home in the Charlotte or Union County areas of North Carolina? It is likely going to be found in this list. We had clients asking us for months to send us only those properties that were either short sale, bank owned, foreclosed or a great deal. We have created for those clients and now anyone subscribing to our blog this fabulous list of homes that meet that criteria.
4304 Atkinson Lane $187,000 MLS #972925
 Here is the link for the Weekly Best Buys in the Charlotte and surrounding areas.
We can adjust and create … (0 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Who asked for RAIN in Charlotte, cause here it comes? - 10/06/10 08:55 AM
I received the best phone call this afternoon from Cassandra Moselle. She was calling me to share the fabulous news:
Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, get ready to be in the RAIN OCTOBER 28

This is what we will all be saying after Raincamp Charlotte
Can you see what the sign says? If not, it says, "Will you look back on life and say, "I wish I had" or  "I'm glad I did"? I for one will be chanting the latter. Somehow even in this crazy real estate market that most of us find ourselves in I still have the … (0 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Can you believed I was foreclosed on today? - 10/02/10 02:30 PM
I went out with some first time buyers this morning in Charlotte. We met at the Arboretum at 9 AM and started out to see 6-7 homes in a couple of hours. Typically on the first outing if my buyers are not sure about the area they want to live, I minimize the amount of time and homes I show them to not overwhelm them.
We arrived at the first house that was just a couple of miles away at about 9:15. About 5 minutes into our viewing the front door rang. I couldn't imagine a neighbor coming over but maybe they were … (13 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Need help placing your furniture? - 09/25/10 03:30 PM
Have you ever wanted to find a program that would help you lay out your furniture in your new home? This past week, I had one of my Union County buyers ask me if I knew of a good program to help them lay out their furniture in a couple of the different homes that Team Ludlow Realty had shown them this week. They were trying to see if their big furniture would fit in the master bedroom.
It had been a long time since I had thought about such a program, but it just so happened that I was at … (5 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: A new view of Uptown Charlotte - 09/21/10 03:17 PM
I don't envy my husband's almost hour drive into his Uptown Charlotte office. I do however love the view that he has once he gets there. This morning I went Uptown to visit him and this was the view from his parking garage. I hear that the view from his office building is even better. It was awesome and I will gladly be taking many more trips to Uptown Charlotte just to see the view, er I mean him.

View of Panther Stadium, Uptown Charlotte
Are you looking to buy, sell, rent or know someone who does in the Charlotte, … (3 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: My weekly best buys are not cockroaches - 09/16/10 04:28 PM
Your Charlotte area real estate team really did find these in a listing I took the other day, lucky for you, I took care of them and this current home is a steal. Check out these Team Ludlow Realty Weekly Best Buys for my picks of some of the best deals that are currently on the market right now in our area.
Are you looking to buy, sell, rent or know someone else who is in the Charlotte, NC or surrounding areas? If so, contact Team Ludlow Realty today and let our team show you how we are going to deliver on … (5 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Seriously, way to treat your frequent flyer... - 09/16/10 04:05 PM
As I originally wrote this blog I was somewhere over Georgia on my way to Texas for the Keller Williams Mega Camp. I made my travel arrangements through Orbitz which is usually a very positive experience but today has been a little lacking.
I was at the counter before My flight left Charlotte talking to the attendant about my seat. I had selected seat 10c for the short 55 minute flight to Atlanta. I then selected 12b for the next leg that was a little under 2 hours. When I checked in at the Delta kiosk I was presented with a ticket of seat … (4 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: @RETSO had a great time with me at #REBCRDU - 09/13/10 01:31 AM
First off, do you have any idea what I am talking about? If not, I will do my best to give an appropriate explanation.
 @RETSO is the official mascot for RETech South the Real Estate Technology Camp that is held in the Atlanta area in the Spring.

RETSO listening to Maya Paveza at Raincamp Raleigh

Friday, Spetember 10 was REBCRDUwhich is Real Estate BarCamp in the Raleigh/Durham area.  I am going to assume that you know what a BarCamp is but for those that do not, it is a gathering of everyone that helps make the real estate industry run smoothly.

charlotte foreclosures: Looking for a Best Buy in the Charlotte, NC area? - 09/05/10 05:43 AM
Are you looking for a fabulously priced home in the Charlotte, NC Metro area?  Our team has several clients who are looking for a deal. We have created a MLS search for just those homes that would qualify under that criteria.
  Here is a link to some of the Best Buys on the market right now. Would you like to get an email each day, week or month as these listings change? If there is a price or status change you also get notified. Contact Team Ludlow Realty and we will add you to this search.
Best Buy Listings
Are … (2 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Just because my buyer got sick, didn't mean I got to go back to bed. - 09/01/10 04:45 PM
I woke up this morning ready to go show potential homes to a buyer that had been on a MLS search for several months. Before I even got out of bed at 6:30 am, she called to tell me that she was really sick and would have to reschedule.

Not planning on being awake for another hour I was not in my sorts yet. I simply thanked her for letting me know and to call me when she was feeling better. I then got up, took the 6 year old to school and got the oldest on the bus. I … (8 comments)

charlotte foreclosures: Weekly Best Buys in the Charlotte Metro Area - 08/29/10 04:10 AM

Are you looking for a distressed property in the Charlotte Metro area? This would include Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, York, and Lancaster counties too. I have put together a list of the best deals on the market for the week and I am going to share it with you.
Check out these BEST BUYS.
Do you need to buy,sell,rent or know someone who does? Contact Team Ludlow Realty today.
<p><em>Originally Posted at: <a href="LINK TO BLOG POST" title="Charlotte Realty & Homes for Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina" rel="canonical" target="_blank">Charlotte Realty & Homes for Sale in Charlotte, North Carolina</a></em></p>

charlotte foreclosures: Are you staring at empty rooms in your new home? - 08/23/10 08:42 AM
Have you moved into the home of your dreams only to be face to face with some seriously bare rooms? If that is your dilemma, then take a day trip to Ikea. Yesterday, the oldest and I were running some errands and found ourselves on the North side of Charlotte. Instead of running into Wal-Mart to grab some light bulbs, batteries and lunch we decided to make it a fun blog worthy trip into the Home superstore.

The parking lot was over half full during lunchtime on a Thursday which was quite remarkable in itself. I usually only … (6 comments)

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