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This is the first time in almost five months I have been on activerain.  I am like many other real estate agents who after a disappointing first quarter, had to get a job outside of real estate.  I like my new job, but there is little that compares to helping others find a new home or sell their ...
I feel like the Holidays came and went and I went it to.... I have been very busy with REAL ESTATE... that's a good thing... but I am certainly been slacking on my blog.  I know that this is the new way to keep in contact and possibly get referrals, but I am still unsure of it's capabilities.  If...
How many of you have been going through these crazy weather cycles.  We here in Larkspur Colorado had a longer than usual Indian Summer, it was a fabulous time to be outside and play golf, which I did a lot after working in the mornings at my Real Estate business.  I just couldn't help myself, I ...
I am so glad to hear from so many of you on how much you each like this time of year.  I knew I couldn't be the only one! 
"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." -Henry Ward Beecher This Larkspur home is set in the idyllic community of Perry Park and is surrounded by massive Pine trees and beautiful nature that truly exemplifies Colorado living! Featuring a private...
I would have to say that Fall is my favorite time of year.  I look around and see the vibrant reds, and orange and yellows and it's takes my breath away.  I think back and tell myself that's why I chose to live where I do.  I feel a little sorry for those that don't have the change of seasons... ...
I am just excited to be selling homes in this market and have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of buyers that I have been coming in contact with.  I did however see something that was curious to me, that people were doing permanent "house swaps" on various forums.  That t...
Just when I  thought it was safe to be in the Real Estate waters... along comes another company that goes belly up and throws us another curve ball.  I was on my way to get an offer signed when the lender called and told me that FHA had changed their guidelines... effective immediately  What was ...
Thanks all who responded, I am not sure that it is where we want it to be yet... but I am hopeful.  I certainly didn't want to sign up for communities and see no benefit from it. When you talk about referrals, I have yet to see one.  How are you all going about getting referrals from activerain? ...
I was wondering what success that other REALTORS that signed up for the areas are having.  I ask because it is difficult to gauge what allows other REALTORS to be on the site you have secured and are paying for.  I guess I am wondering how one seperates themself from the pack on this...

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