calgary mortgage broker: How will the massive floods in Calgary affect the real estate market? - 07/02/13 01:32 AM
For the first half of 2013 Calgary was leading the country in the real estate market - high quality (and diverse) listings, average selling price, number of days on the market - and we were continuing to grow upward. Many people are now wondering what impact the massive and destructive flooding southern Alberta experienced last week will do to the housing market in Calgary and if our numbers will continue to lead the nation for the second half of the year.
There were over 700 MLS listings in Calgary that were affected by the flooding waters from the Bow and Elbow … (2 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Cash Back Mortgages now available in Calgary - 04/03/13 01:57 AM
We are very pleased to announce that as of March 2013 we are once again able to offer 0 down mortgages / Cash Back mortgages across Alberta through our Credit Union partners. With the recent changes to Zero Down mortgages in Canada this a great option for anyone that has been unable to save for a down payment but has a good credit history.
The cash back mortgage is only available on a 5 year fixed interest term and the interest rate is typically set at the 5 year posted rate for this type of financing. Today’s rate on the 5% … (2 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Zero Down Mortgages and Alternative Down Payment options in Calgary - 12/04/12 12:12 AM
In today’s economy there any many people that would like to buy a home who could qualify for a mortgage and cover the monthly payments but simply have not been able to save up the minimum 5% down payment required.  In the past the Canadian government offered a program for Zero Down Mortgages however due to recent regulation changes that program is no longer available leaving many families thinking they have no options but we have solutions!  There are several mortgage programs we offer that can meet the needs of potenial home buyers that need help with a downpayment.
Our … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Second mortgage offers a solution to increasing credit card debts. - 11/15/12 11:49 PM
Thousands of families do their financial planning and budget at the end of the year and often realize that they need to change plans for their financial health.  Maybe you are you planning to consolidate your debts, need some money for some renovations,  looking for some extra cash before Christmas, or just want to reduce the amount of interest you are paying on existing credit cards.   
If you own your home there are some great options for you and your family even if you don’t qualify for a bank loan, line of credit, or your mortgage is not up … (2 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Important New Changes to Canadian Mortgage Policies, Rules, and Laws - 06/23/12 12:33 AM
The Government of Canada announces 4 significant changes that will affect mortgage qualification for all Canadians buying a home or refinancing a mortgage.
Canadian mortgage changes announced by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on June 21, 2012:
1. Amortizations reduced to 25 years from 30 years2. Refinancing limited to 80%3. Properties purchased at over $1 million are no longer eligible for mortgage insurance4. GDS and TDS set at 39% and 44%
These new rules are to take effect on July 9th, 2012. Any application submitted between June 21st, 2012 till Jul 9th, 2012 will be subject to the current guidelines but the … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: New Calgary Mortgage Rates For June 2012 - 06/04/12 12:27 AM
The new low mortgage rates available in Calgary are creating an incredible opportunity for families to be able to get their dream home, upgrade to a larger home, or even finally get that vacation property they have always wanted. The rates are also ideal for existing home owners looking for a way to save money on their bills and reduce their interest rates on consumer debts like credit cards and loans. Because we have access to hundreds of banks and lenders from across Canada we are able to provide you with the lowest rates and best terms available - including zero … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Calgary's Mortgage Broker Annouces Reverse Mortgage / Retirement Mortgage Solutions - 04/24/12 01:16 AM
We are very pleased to announce that we are now offering Reverse Mortgages / Retirement Mortgages in Calgary with the Canadian Home Income Plan (CHIPs).  If you own your own home and you are over the age of 55 you can have the fincial freedom you deserve.
The CHIP Home Income Plan has helped thousands of Canadian over the age of 55 who are looking for a simple, sensible way to unlock the value in their homes - homes that they're very comfortable in and don't want to have to sell.  "CHIP helps me get the … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Zero Down Payment Mortgages in Canada - how they work and how to get them - 04/04/12 01:00 AM
As a Mortgage Broker one of the most common questions I get asked is: what is the difference between Zero ($0 or 0%) down mortgage and a standard mortgage of 5% down or more.
In the past home buyers had an option of getting a 100% mortgages but that is no longer available in Canada. The alternative option for people who do not have a down payment is called a cash back mortgage which allows you to purchase a home with less than 5% down and can go all the way to 0% down. With a cash back mortgage the … (2 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: How Mortgage Brokers work for you in Canada - 03/29/12 09:04 AM
One of the primary benefits of utilizing a Mortgage Broker in Calgary is that we invite Canada's leading banks, credit unions, financial institutions, and mortgage lenders to compete for your business with their lowest possible rate and best terms.
Instead of spending countless hours on the phone and in appointments, facing multiple credit checks (which badly damages your credit rating) and filling out the same forms over and over - you have just one application form to complete and one credit check and we do everything else. We work for you not the banks or lenders so you are … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Canadian Mortgage Rates - Update on new rates from Calgary - 03/24/12 12:14 AM
Mortgage Rates for Calgary Alberta and Canada - new rates now available
If you are thinking about buying a home, refinancing for debt consolidation, or renewing your mortgage, there has never been a better time! The new low mortgage rates available in Calgary are creating an incredible opportunity for families to be able to get their dream home. They are also ideal for existing home owners looking for a way to save money on their bills and reduce their interest rates on consumer debts like credit cards and loans. Because we have access to hundreds of banks and lenders from across … (2 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Refinancing for Renovations – Bathrooms - 02/29/12 03:08 AM
With rising costs of new houses in Canada many home owners are taking advantage of the current low interest rates and choosing to leverage the equity in their homes to do renovations that will increase their living space or update the look and feel of their homes. One of the most common upgrades is bathrooms – either modernizing a current one or adding an additional bathroom to the house.
We spoke with Insight Developments – Calgary Bathroom Renovation Experts – and asked them for a few tips for home owners that are getting refinancing to do a renovation that includes a … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: The Top New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 and how to keep them! - 01/02/12 07:02 AM
Every year millions of people make resolutions to change or improve things in their lives that they have been putting off or that have become more important.  We wanted to share some of the top resolutions for 2012 in Canada (and within our Mortgage Team) along with some tips on how to increase your chances of making them a reality this year. Change the World / Make A Difference – we all have the ability to change the world and to help others by sharing our gifts, our time, and committing random acts of kindness every day.  By taking just a … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Strong Housing Market in Calgary Continues to Improve in 2011 - 11/02/11 04:55 AM
The housing market is a significant indicator of a city’s economic state, quality of life and lifestyle, and of future growth.  In Calgary the future looks bright!  According to CREB® (Calgary Real Estate Board) residential sales in Calgary increased 8% over October’s year to date sales in 2010 for a total of 16,184. 
Low unemployment, price stability, the low mortgage rates available, and overall positive economic outlook for the region are all contributing to this increase.  These factors are combining with positive growth in the commercial real estate market and demand for office space in the downtown core … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: How Debt Consolidation Mortgages Can Help Home Owners Save Money - 10/27/11 08:07 AM
More and more home owners are exlporing the possibility of refinancing their homes and looking at debt consolidation mortgages to deal with financial challenges as a result of the current economy.  We have all had times in our lives when it seems there is too much month left at the end of our pay cheque and not enough money left to take care of things coming in. Credit cards, car loans, taxes, bills, etc, etc. can add up quickly - before we know it we can find ourselves in a heap of trouble and struggling to hang on until the next pay cheque comes … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: Celebrating Halloween in Calgary - 10/24/11 07:38 AM
One of the things that makes Calgary such a great place to live is the cultural and entertainment diversity available here.  With end of October is fast approaching the Calgary scene is offering some incredible options for your Halloween fun this year ranging from Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s take on Psycho to child friendly nights at the Zoo.  Events around the city range from the truly terrifying to general family fun ensuring there is something for everyone and for every scare threshold. 
The Screamfest Haunted House and Freak Show: 5 unique Haunted Houses and shows at Canada Olympic Park that … (0 comments)

calgary mortgage broker: How Credit Scores Affect Mortgage Applications in Canada - 10/21/11 04:40 AM
If you're thinking about buying a home, debt consolidation, or refinancing it is important to understand what your credit score is and how you can manage or improve it.  Your credit score is one of the key factors banks and lenders look at to evaluate your creditworthiness making it one of the most important parts of your mortgage application – it helps to determine what rates you qualify for and possibly your overall application.  It tells possible lenders if you're likely to pay your bills responsibly and on time because it reflects every debt, credit card, loan payment, and late payment you've made in the … (0 comments)

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