new jersey: Market Update Tue, Feb 17 - 1:52 PM ET - 02/17/09 05:40 AM
Tue, Feb 17 - 1:52 PM ET U.S. homebuilder sentiment surprisingly rose in February but were still near all-time lows. The NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index sqeeked out a 1 point gain to 9 from the record low of 8. 12:26 PM ET - Equity markets still under considerable pressure pushing dollars into the safe haven of the debt markets. The Dow is off 285 points while the 4.5% MBS is higher by 44bp. 9:50 AM ET - MBS trading higher as Stocks near low levels hit back in late November. NY Empire Index plummets to record low of -34.65. Treasuries … (0 comments)

new jersey: Who's up for some "Conversion"? - 02/17/09 04:39 AM
All I hear about these days are different title companies offering leads. Leads seem to be everywhere all of a sudden. Public records, triggers, exclusive, live transfer, Internet, valuation, etc. The list of leads that is available is long, so why are there so many loan officers, real estate agents and title representatives hurting for business???? It's easy. It's one word.
CONVERSION What if I could help you take your next 100 leads (that you may have paid 25 cents to 25 dollars) and find 3 more loans in there? How much is that worth to you? What would you … (1 comments)

new jersey: What makes one Title Insurance Company (Assembly Title, LLC) different from the Rest? (And keep it LEGAL) Read and find out!! - 02/14/09 02:53 PM
So while I am planning out my strategies for making Assembly Title LLC stand out in the "Brotherhood" of the Title Industry, I am faced with the same questions that I always train my Sales-People on. What makes you different? What are you possibly going to say that is going to make you different than the next Sales-Person?
Is it your charm, your good looks, your "Connections", your leads, your systems???? Or is it supposed to be about something else?
Since 1987, I have been professionally involved in the Banking/Insurance/Finance/Technology/Sales fields. This calculates up to a whopping 8030 days (approximately.) Now … (1 comments)

new jersey: Credit Scores and Insurance...They did What??? - 08/26/08 12:50 AM
A funny thing happened on the way to the closing table.
I was able to help a mortgage company place a FHA loan where the borrower had a middle credit score of 545. The borrowers did not want to believe (and neither did the mortgage broker) that we were actually approved. That was until they received a mortgage commitment and were cleared to close. Now comes the bad part.
They were buying a single family home in NJ that was 5 years old. Everything in it was new, from the roof to the basement. It even still had 5 years … (8 comments)

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I entered into the Banking Industry in 1987, with the goal in mind to make sure that my Customers (Clients) always had the best information, so they could make the best decisions for themselves. 23 years later, I have not changed that mindset. I am still making sure that all of my Clients and Relationships are getting the best information available, so that I can help them make the best decisions they can. My background and work experience has focused around the Business of "Money", whether it is working for a Bank, Mortgage Broker, or Mortgage Banker. I have also created and run a National Appraisal Management Company, as well as a Title Insurance Company that serviced the needs of both Lenders and Borrowers. My strategy has always been, and still is, to know more than my Competition and, just as important, to be able to "Put My Money Where My Mouth Is". If I can ever help you with anything to do with how to borrow money or how to save the most when borrowing money, let me know. I will be more than glad to help. Contact me for more information anytime. Specialties: Best example of what I do is helping people or companies achieve their goals. As long as you know where you want to get to, I have the ability to help. I specialize in the financial services industry, but have broad reaching skills that reach across many industries.



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