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6 Things Everyone Buying a Home, Should Get After Closing..... You have planned and saved for this important day when you get the keys to your very own home.  You have been renting, since forever, not having to worry about leaky faucets, broken pipes, windows, etc., but now you are going to be on...
Only 5 More Shopping Days Until Thanksgiving.... Well, Only 1 Day! When Thanksgiving draws near, we (Mostly my wife) starts preparing what she wants to do for Thanksgiving Day. Buy the Turkey, dressing, etc.  In many cases Thanksgiving becomes complicated. In our case, on Thanksgiving Day, our gr...
In my opinion Windows XP is (or was) better than Windows 7 and Windows 8.  I have all three on separate machines, but XP seems to be my favorite. Reminds me of a restaurant that has a favorite dish on the menu and that's the only reason you go to the restaurant.  Then one day you go there and the...
  5 years ago, (I'm guessing) we didn't know what a docusign was.  Now look at us.  Everything is by email and internet, from banking to buying a par of shoes. It seem like just yesterday, we had to make sure we had access to a Fax machine or you couldn't do much business.  Now very rarely do we ...
Evelyn Johnston gives plenty of reason to move to Elkhart County in her blog below. She didn't mention the College opportunities nearby, such as Notre Dame University within 8 miles of Elkhart County. Goshen College and Ivy Tech in Elkhart County, with Indiana Univesrity and Purdue having extensi...
The reason I am re-blogging Noah's post, is because it is a great example of what we can do to get new business.  He thought out his situation nd overcame the problem and, as he says, his plan is to keep on keeping on.  It's an inspiration to me.  See what you think. In the beginning of 2013 I lo...
Decorate your Turkey for Christmas? I remember as a young child, having all the relatives together, enjoying our Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. Thanksgiving was a time in history that has been turned into a national holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada as a day ...
Why Would a Buyer Be Interested in an Overpriced Home? The question dictates, "Why would you want to pay more for a home than what the home is worth? The next question is, "Why would you want to pay more than the asking price if you are the only offer?" Let me give you a simple answer to all of t...
"Winterfest", Elkhart, IN.....Lighting of the City's Christmas Tree...... It is that time of year when we kick off the Christmas Season.  Some cities kick off the season on Thanksgiving day, in conjunction with the New York Macy's parade.  On December 7th, Elkhart, Indiana has their festivities. ...
Elkhart, IN, NIBCO Water & Ice Park to Open December 7, 2013 NIBCO  is a One-of-a-Kind Park,  It features ice skating in the Winter and a Flush-mounted water spayscapes in the Summer. The Winter facility has a 5,740 Sq Ft  Ice Rink and a 410 ft skating path.    The Skating Season is December 7 - ...

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