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Liz and Bill Spear wrote this blog about Pinterest.  I had no idea what the uses were for this, other that art and crafty things. I'm sure that others out there have the same frame of mind when it comes to Pinterest.  Please read the blog below, as you will learn how we as Real Estate Agent can t...
What Brings Your Sports Team Luck? There are Colleges and Universities all over the country that have had Bronze Sculptures made to represent their sports teams. I was amazed when I saw a documentary on College Mascots and their traditions as they go out on the field to compete. Many of those inc...
Elkhart, Indiana......Enjoy November at the Lerner Theatre! A variety of shows and performances can be seen at the Lerner Theatre during the rest of November, 2013.  Enjoy the newly renovated Theatre is downtown Elkhart during this Holiday Season.  Here are the upcoming shows for the remainder of...
Evelyn Johnston is a local Elkhart County Resident and knows the ins and outs of the Elkhart Community.  Why would anyone spend their efforts in buying a home from a Company based on the other side of the country, when they could use someone locally and have the money stay within the community. R...
My Wife and I Were "In the Mood" Tonight! My wife Evelyn and I just celebrated our 32nd Anniversary November 7th, her Birthday is tomorrow the 13th and my birthday is the 18th. Instead of buying each other gifts that you really don't use anyway, we decided to do something special.  We went out to...
If you are within driving distance of Elkhart, Indiana, you need to stop by for the Active Rain Meet Up at McCarthy's on the Riverwalk, along the river in downtown Elkhart. Just south of the Indiana Toll Road and east on the US 20 bi-pass, just south of South Bend, Don't miss out on a great time....
Abused Children in Elkhart, IN, Benefit From Painted Elk If you drive around Elkhart County, Indiana, you can't help but notice the life sized Elk statues all over. Many cities have used fiberglass statues as a fund raiser in their community. For example Louisville had it's horses.  Local artists...
I am re-blogging this because everone needs to know how screwed up this NEW healthcare system really is.  How did this become law without going through Congress.  Obama just decided one day and said It's law now?  That doesn't sound very democratic to me. If nothing else, they should get it right...
The last of the fall colors before the Dead of Winter. In Elkhart, Indiana, my favorite time of year is Autumn, because the humidity has left, the temperature has dropped to a comfortable degree, and the Fall colors shine against the reflections of the sun. I took some photos to share with you th...
Beware of the Bumper Car!!! We all have appointments that run close to deadlines. We don't take into consideration the BUMPER CAR. As a child, we went to the amusement park and one of my favorite rides was "The Bumper Cars". Where did all those bumper cars go with the demise of the amusement park...

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