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Fishing for Buyers and Sellers?......Puzzled as to what bait to use? As a Real Estate Agent, we are always trolling for a client. Whether we are out in the public, on the streets or in the stores, we are fishing for clients. We fish from behind our desks and computers. But what is the best way to...
Bette wrote this blog to remind us what to do before Winter arrives.  Many of these things are easy to overlook. I now there are a few things that I didn't think of until I red her blog.  Read the information below and get a good start on Spring next year. It’s Time to Put Your Lawns and Gardens ...
This man works for PEANUTS.............Do YOU? Have you ever worked for peanuts? Elephants work for Peanuts. The man in the painting works for Peanuts. I'm not sure where the phrase came from, but as a Real Estate Agent, I don't have any desire to work for Peanuts, whatever it means.    Acrylic P...
Actions do speak louder than words in many cases, and if your not prepared on your words as well, thern you are doomed as a Sales Agent in any profession.  When I read Evelyn's post, it helped me understand myself as a sales person. Read her Blog post below and you'll see what I mean. Sellers don...
"The Gathering Place" all belonged to my Great Grandpa! We all hold dear, the possessions that were handed down over the years from one generation to another. The rocking chair that my grandmother sat in, while rocking me to sleep.  The spittoon my grandfather spit his chewing tobacco in....
Whad'ya have? Whad'ya have? The Good old days are over! The fast food mentality of buying a home is over. Acrylic Painting by Larry Johnston© For several years there was an over abundance of homes for sale on the market. When you looked down a street, any street, you saw For Sale signs everywhere...
If you want it bad enough, "Go For It!." Real Estate is a profession that is self motivated. If you want success, you have to motivate yourself to achieve your goal.........and then Go For It! Follow these steps toward achieving what you want out of your Real Estate Profession....... Acrylic Pain...

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