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Who Shovels the Driveway? It's a no brainier when you ask who's responsibility it is to keep the sidewalk, steps and driveway cleared for showings.  The answer is the Seller.  What if the home is vacant? The other day, we had a buyer give us a list of 4 homes they wanted to see.  Normally, that's...
How Do You Price Noise Pollution? PLANES, TRAINS and AUTOMOBILES are all factors you don't find in a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). Whether Buying or Selling a home, most buyers look at the CMA and price their home or offer accordingly.  Since the CMA's are not always in the same block, neigh...
Buy a Home Inspection, but Don't Pass it Around. I had a client that I showed a manufactured home to and he and his wife fell in love with it. They put down the earnest money and provided a letter of authorization from the bank to purchase the home. I recommended that he get a home inspection. He...
Now there is a unique title for  blog.  When a buyer roams from one home to another, you, the agent listens to all the ooos and aaahhhs, but when the finally see the home they want to put an offer on, it is usually the Real Estate Agent that knows before the Buyers. Evelyn Johnston explains in he...
Keep your Buyers on the right track. Buyers usually make quick decisions when it comes to buying a home.  When they decide to Buy, they drive around the areas they are interested in living, looking for homes on the internet and however else they can look for homes. When you first talk to your Buy...
Do You Know Where Your Buyer Is? You may have seen the Television spot on TV where it starts out with "Do you know where your child is?" A campaign that was launched when the cities had evening curfews late at night for children under a certain age.  The main purpose was to cut down on the juveni...
We had our own FIREWORKS.....delayed Happy New Year! When it gets to -18 degrees, you think about your water pipes freezing, Hands, ears and face falling off, and just plain trying to stay warm, keeping the driveway cleared and the cars running. Well, to my surprise, there is one thing that was n...
The last of the Holiday Decorations Face Old Man Winter. I awoke the other day after the snow had blanketed our area and looked outside to see how much snow we had received overnight.  As I opened the door, I found myself looking through this wreath that was hanging on the door.  I just had to sh...
It's the Winter Storm of the Year and the first Sign of Spring? After hearing the weather predictions last night with heavy amounts of snow predicted and the freezing cold tempuratures, it seems that everyone has closed their businesses and cancelled their activities.  I woke up this morning to t...
Goshen,IN ....a hot ticket on a Frozen Weekend. Despite the frozen temperatures and threat of Blizzard conditions, Goshen, Indiana held the 7th annual Fire and Ice Festival in downtown Goshen, Indiana. Hundreds of people braved the bitter cold to take part in the Ice Carving competitions. The var...

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