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The Lerner Theater, Elkhart, IN Performance Schedule for March, 2014 The Lerner Theater's March lineup is packed with a variety of performances.  Check out the list.  The tickets go fast, so buy them early.  Enjoy the performances in the comfort of the newly renovated historic theater.  It remind...
Many people are shopping for a home and  there are a lot of other shoppers out there.  We call them Buyers. Especially now, while the home listing inventory is low, so if I were in a grocery store shopping for steaks, I would buy steaks that look the best and would have to compare those steaks to...
Are You "Up a Tree" When Your Computer Breaks Down? Recently my wife's computer screen went dark, so she couldn't work on her current projects. A week later my computer had the same problem. Come to find out, the computer had an update, and guess what.  Windows 8 doesn't support that update. We d...
Don't Sit & Watch Your Deal Fall Apart, Let the Mortgage Lender Help! There are many times, the Buyer finds a home to buy, they have been approved, but for some reason, the offer falls apart and all you hear from the Buyer, is that they can't buy the house. The Buyer may have gotten the mortgage ...
Look for the "Fire Hydrant" When Buying a Home. It Could Save You Money. When Buyers look for a new home, the one thing they don't look for, is the Local Fire Hydrant. I don't mean you have to have one in your yard, although that would be convenient, if there should be a fire, but your Buyer shou...
Elkhart, Indiana....Only 107 miles from Chicago. Houses are Going Fast! Whether you work in Chicago, or just want to enjoy a special night or weekend, it's closer than you think, from Elkhart, Indiana. The Indiana Toll Road has an Elkhart Exit, where you will jump on the road, and with Interstate...
The Great Lakes are 87% Frozen & the Real Estate Market is Thawing Out. The 2014 Winter Season has been brutal.  The large amount of snow and the record breaking cold temperatures have been keeping the Buyers and Sellers inside by the fireplace. While the Great Lakes continues to freeze over, the...
Take a Walk on the River Walk Culture Trail in Elkhart, Indiana Come to downtown Elkhart to experience the RiverWalk Culture Trail. You can explore Elkhart's downtown, which is divided into 3 Districts.  You can walk at your leisure and enjoy what Elkhart has to offer. This is a walking tour that...
Would you recommend a business that does sloppy work, or constantly late, or don't even show up when they are supposed to?  Of course not. Most all Agents have preferred vendors, because they get the jobs done right. Ultimately, the client has the final say as to who does the work.  All the Agent...
You Don't Have to Go to the Barber for a "Close Shave" in Real Estate. When we hear the term "Close Shave", we think of barely making something, like barely missing getting into an accident.  That term must have come from the Circus when the knife throwers and hatchet throwers would try to get as...

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