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  It seems that we all run into the home buying situation, where the parent have to put their nose in between you and the Buyer.  Many times, the buying opportunity falls short when the parents talk them out of the home for whatever reason. My first thought was, "I wish they would stay out of it,...
How would we get around if we didn't have clients? I have been working on my Taxes like most of you these days. I came across the column marked "gasoline". I scrolled down to the totals.  I Gasped for a breath, then looked again.  How do we spend all that money on gas? I'll tell you how.  We driv...
  Do you have a lot of money in the bank or under you mattress? You better, if you don't have E & O insurance that covers slip and falls.  When showing homes in the winter, it's easy for someone to fall on the ice, or trip over something that was under the snow, especially if it wasn't shoveled. ...
"Carpeting Throughout", It's just a Cover-up! When you buy a new construction home, you frequently see the statement, "Carpeting throughout". New carpet in a home looks nice when new and never been walked on, but if you want to look at the future of the home, Beware! Most homes that I show to my ...
What if your home burned to the ground. Do you have the means to prove what was damaged? It is important to have home records, whether it is for insurance purposes or just to prove that you are the owner of the home. Those records should also be put on a file and put in safe keeping in case of tr...
When Noah Seidenberg wrote this, I knew right away that it had to be re-blogged.  The video in the blog is worth watching as they explain how people are losing their homes, or costing them time and money to get them back. At least Chicago is addressing the issue, where as the rest of the country ...
I always have help writing my Blogs. There are some times that we lose focus when we write a blog or just have a mental block when it comes to the subject to write about. I would like to show you my secret to writing blogs.  I have to admit, I have had help from my best friend. Any time I go to m...
 If I was not in Real Estate and my company transferred me to Elkhart, Indiana how would I find the perfect home for my family? I wouldn't just pack up my belongings and drive to Elkhart and pull into the driveway.  Oh, Wait a minute.  That's exactly what I would do, because I called Evelyn Johns...
Does Your Real Estate Office Sell Hamburgers?  There are times when your client lives at the opposite end of the County as your office, or your office is located in your home like many Real Estate Agents these days and it is easier for you to go to them, because of needing babysitters and such. M...
I have noticed that when I show a home, it is always about the couple that is looking, because obviously they are the buyers and they are the ones that count.  Not exactly!  Don't the children count.  Don't they have an opinion.  When we show a house, we try to include the children in the looking...

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