home: History of a Painting, On the Road in Senoia, GA - 08/31/14 04:06 AM
History of a Painting, On the Road in Senoia, Georgia
Fried Green Tomatoes
If you recall in the movie where Buddy was killed by the train, it was the Threadgood house, where they were having their festivities. This home was actually a bed and breakfast Inn,  located in Senoia, Georgia.  It is a historic home that sat across the street from a railroad track which was perfect for the story line.  The paved street was covered with dirt for the movie to fit the time period.
Acrylic Painting by Larry Johnston©
This was the third picture of the set of 4 in my Fried Green Tomatoes … (17 comments)

home: The Heist, An evening of Suspense. - 08/17/14 01:19 AM
The Heist, An evening of Suspense.
Elkhart, Indiana
The Young Professionals of Elkhart have a performance each year as a fundraiser to help in the revitalization of downtown Elkhart. Last year was a Roaring 20's theme.  This year, it was "The Heist", a suspense audience participation comedy thriller.

The gathering started at the Ruthmere Mansion, where champaigne was served and everyone was shown 3 priceless items, under armed guard, that would be involved in the heist.

Everyone was then transported to the Lerner Theatre, in the Crystal Ballroom, where drinks and dinner was served, while having live entertainment. 

Even the guards … (8 comments)

home: Bent Oak Golf Club, Elkhart, Indiana. - 07/26/14 01:38 AM
Bent Oak Golf Club,
Elkhart, Indiana

Bent Oak Golf Club is located in western Elkhart County among the Oak trees, sits an 18 hole, 6,504 yard gold course. Trees are always a hazard while playing golf, but when you add sand traps and water hazards on 7 holes, the course makes the game of golf more challenging and exciting. Electric golf carts and paved trails make the sport more relaxing and enjoyable.

The Bent Oak Golf Club opened in 1985 and while it is a private club, the restaurant is open to the public. They have a fully stocked Pro … (4 comments)

home: Parks and Recreation, Elkhart, Indiana. part 1 - 07/18/14 11:27 PM
Parks and Recreation, Elkhart, Indiana, (part 1)

The city of Elkhart covers 22.3 square miles, and it maintains 535 acres of land use, a total of 36 Parks, for the residents of the area to play and have fun. Many of the parks a features that others don't.  Here is a list of the parks in Elkhart and what they have to offer the citizens of Elkhart.
American Park
Located at Goshen Avenue and Jackson Blvd., covers 13 acres, and includes fishing, walking trails, 5 picnic tables, grill, open air pavilion and even horse drawn carriage rides during the winter holidays.
Baker … (0 comments)

home: What Good is a City Festival Without the food Vendors? - 07/13/14 01:07 PM
What Good is a City Festival Without the Food Vendors?
We write about all the activities going on at the Theaters, and on the Stages, in the streets and on the ball fields. We highlight the main attractions, and musicians, but there are those that work so hard at those gatherings that they get lost in all the activity.

The Food vendors are an important part of any event.  We can't go to a Baseball game without getting a hot dog. We can't go to a show without popcorn and don't forget about the lemonade and sodas, as well as the vendors that sell bottled … (2 comments)

home: History of a Painting - On the Road in Rockford, MI, Rosie's Diner. - 07/13/14 02:10 AM
History of a Painting - On the Road in Rockford, MI,
"Rosie's Diner".
Most everyone has seen photos of Rosie's Diner, some with lights for tail lights and strategic areas of the photo.  It's great for the recreation room. The painting above, is of  Rosie's Diner. Let me tell you the story of how this painting started.
While participating in the #1 Art Show, at the time, in the country, which was Coconut Grove, Florida, I met a ceramic artist who made miniature diners that had neon on them.  It was great work.  The artist, Jerry Berta, told me a story that fascinated me.  I had seen … (9 comments)

home: Bristol, Indiana 2014 Homecoming Festival - 07/11/14 01:56 AM
Bristol, Indiana 2014, Homecoming Festival.
Bristol, Indiana is the oldest continuous town festival in the state of Indiana,  It started in 1883, as a harvest festival. There is entertainment, carnival rides, food vendors and more food and surprises all over town.
This year's Festival theme, "Winter in July" 
Thursday, Friday and Saturday July 10 - 12, 2014.
Acrylic painting by Larry Johnston©
The Center of the Festival will be at Congdon Park, where all the entertainment will be performed, at the Gazebo. Here is an overview of the Festival:
Events Include:
Tractor pull
Watermelon eating contest
Cutest Baby and Ugliest pet … (10 comments)

home: Elkhart, Indiana, "The Elkhart Jazz Festival", June 20th to June 22nd. - 06/06/14 01:16 AM
 Elkhart, Indiana

"The Elkhart Jazz Festival",
June 20 - 22, 2014.
The City of Elkhart, once again presents the "Elkhart Jazz Festival".  The festival has been growing since its beginning, in 1988. Elkhart, known as "The Band Instrument Capital of the World",  is being presented by not only the city of Elkhart, many corporate sponsors, and area citizens, but includes the economic power of about 2,000 skilled crafts-persons, of local companies such as Shirk's Piano, Conn-Selmer Musical Instruments, and Ludwig Drums.  It is only fitting that Elkhart is the focus of such a music festival.

When the festival began in 1988, there … (18 comments)

home: Goshen, Indiana- Kicks off Summer Events with First Friday Activities. - 06/06/14 12:20 AM
Goshen, Indiana -
Kicks off Summer Events with "First Friday" Activities.
The weather is co-operating, with the warming of Spring and Summer to,
once again, bring "First Fridays" to the community.
June 6, 2014 has planned, a host of activities for the June, "First Friday". Goshen has over 30,000 residents and the festival brings in people from the surrounding towns and cities of Elkhart, Mishawaka, Nappanee, Warsaw, New Paris, South Bend, Middlebury, Bristol and other communities.

Elkhart County Courthouse, Goshen, Indiana
Beisde the Food that is available, "First Friday" has Free entertainment on the courthouse lawn.
Other … (4 comments)

home: "Remembering"....A picture worth a thousand words! - 05/26/14 01:26 AM
....A picture worth a thousand words!
My uncle, Don Spaulding and his brother Bernard Spaulding, permanently donated their father's World War I uniform and other memorabilia to The History Museum in South Bend, Indiana, in March of this year, for a special WWI display, they were going to have at the museum, starting in April. We didn't know if he would ever see the display, since he was in bad health. The day we were going to take him, he didn't want to leave the house until we told him where we were going.

The memorabilia included all the parts … (12 comments)

home: McCarthy's on the Riverwalk, Elkhart, IN, - 05/20/14 09:25 AM
McCarthy's on the Riverwalk, Elkhart, Indiana.
Traditional Irish Pub Foods and American Classics are served at McCarthy's. Casual dining, overlooking the Elkhart River just east of Main Street in downtown, Elkhart. Stop in for live music every Saturday evening all summer long. Enjoy the outside covered and heated patio while you listen to the music and enjoy good food and friends. McCarthy's is our favorite place for Active Rain members meetups.

"Just a sample of their outstanding menu"
For Starters
Irish Nachos, or Bacon-wrapped scallops & more
Burgers and Sandwiches
Chef's burger, Reuben, Corned Beef, Salmon, Perch, Tuna sandwiches & more
Louisiana … (16 comments)

home: The 2014 High School National Rugby Championships Held in Elkhart. - 05/17/14 07:19 AM
National High School Rugby Championships,
Held in Elkhart, This Weekend
The Tournement is being held this weekend at the Moose Rugby Fields in Elkhart.
The tournament runs from May 15th through May 17th. I managed to see some of the action on its final day on Saturday.  The field, located at 1598 County Road 6, Elkhart was packed with buses from all over the nation.

The Penn Kingsman, a local team from St. Joseph County, Indiana, just minutes away, hosted the tournament for the second year in a row. The tournament is divided into two brackets. -- Single School teams and multi-school teams.

home: Why Should I Move My Business to Elkhart, Indiana? - 05/14/14 01:50 AM
Why Should I Move My Business,
to Elkhart, Indiana?
If I wanted to move my business anywhere, it would be Elkhart, Indiana. Within a one days drive, I could be in 1/3 of the Country, by Interstate. Elkhart is located 15 miles east of South Bend, 110 miles east of Chicago, and 150 miles north of Indianapolis. The city is along the St.Jospeh and Elkhart rivers. Elkhart is the larger of 2 cities in Elkhart County. The other, being the city of Goshen. which is located 10 miles southeast of Elkhart.

In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, Elkhart … (7 comments)

home: "West Side Story", The Broadway Musical, Just 20 Minutes from Elkhart. - 05/09/14 10:57 PM
"West Side Story",
The Broadway Musical,
Just 20 Minutes From Elkhart.
The Lerner Theatre, located in downtown Elkhart has offered great entertainment, since its renovtion, and for those that live in Elkhart County, they also have the benefit of entertainment around the area. Broadway performances, on tour from New York can be seen, without having to drive 2 or more hours to Indianapolis or Chicago.

South Bend, just 20 miles from Elkhart is home to the "Broadway Theatre League of South Bend, Inc. Performances coming up in the next season (2014 - 2015) includes:
"Chicago", "Camelot", "Sister Act", and … (10 comments)

home: Adjusting to today's World, in our Communities. Where's the Soda Shop? - 04/29/14 04:46 AM
Adjusting to today's World, in our Communities.
Where's the Soda Shop?
It wasn't so long ago when we jumped on our bike, or just walked to the corner drugstore for an ice cream sundae or milk shake.  It wasn't so long ago, when we stood on the corner watching the traffic or talking about the school football game.
Acrylic Painting by Larry Johnston©
Times have changed in the word we live in. There no longer is a drugstore to get those treats, and the corners that we once stood on, have turned into turn lanes and freeway entrances.  Our society has … (12 comments)

home: Read the Labels on Your Home, Before You Buy! - 04/29/14 01:52 AM
You Read the Labels on Your Home, Before You Buy!
When we go to the grocery store, most of us read the labels on the food items to make sure the ingredients are what we want in the product.  Some people just go to the store, pick up a generic brand of (let's say) canned vegetables. If you start comparing, the numbers are different, according to the brand you buy.  Check out the Sodium. One may say 180 mg, while another may have 350 mg.

Although your home does not have labels on the house itemizing everything, although it sure would … (8 comments)

home: Penguin Point Restaurant, Elkhart County, Indiana - 04/27/14 02:58 PM
Penguin Point Restaurant, Elkhart County, Indiana
Penguin Point, known as the "Pleasing Place" has been pleasing customers for years, Headed up by Wally, their famous penguin. Stop in for a sandwich, snack, for dinner. They have 3 locations in Elkhart and one in Goshen. Other Penguin Points are located in Warsaw, Auburn, Ft Wayne, Marion, Plymouth and Syracuse, Indiana.

Their choice of sandwiches and burgers, include: Tenderloin sandwich, quarter-pounder burger, Double Cheeseburger, BBQ Pork sandwich, Fish sandwich, 2 cheeseburgers,, The Big Wally Burger and the Super Big Wally Burger. Don't forget their famous Idaho fries and a large milk shake. They also … (4 comments)

home: Dreams are What Life is Made of..... Go Ahead, Make a Dream Come True! - 04/20/14 12:00 PM
Dreams are What Life is Made of...........
Go Ahead, Make a Dream Come True!
From a young child, we dream about where we want to go and what we want to do. Just like the young child in the painting, dreaming about getting an autograph of a famous baseball player, we go through life setting the goals we dream about. Home ownership is one of those dreams.

Acrylic Painting by Larry Johnston©
We dream about what we are going to do when we have a family that we need to help support, and what is best for them.  The Schools the children … (8 comments)

home: Happy Easter To Everyone! - 04/20/14 02:38 AM
Happy Easter To Everyone!
I woke up this morning to a beautiful Sun-shiny Day.  Today is the warmest and brightest day of 2014. Why shouldn't it be?  It's Easter Sunday!  Enjoy the sunshine, your family and new Easter clothes with all the festivities for both the adults and the children.

Acrylic Painting by Larry Johnston©
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home: Where Does the Easter Bunny Come From and Why Do We Hide Colored Eggs? - 04/19/14 11:25 PM
Where Does the Easter Bunny Come From
and Why Do We Hide Colored Eggs.
While growing up, every year, as a child, we always colored eggs and waited for the Easter Bunny to come during the night to hide the eggs, so we could find them Easter morning, collecting them in our Easter Basket. We celebrate Easter every year, not because of the Easter Bunny, but what is written in the Bible.  I haven't read any stories in the Bible about a long-eared, cotton-tailed Bunny Rabbit. So, what's this all about anyway?

Why Do We Color Eggs?
According to … (8 comments)

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