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What would you do today, if you knew you could not fail? What actions would you take, what would you share and how would you treat the people around you. Storyteller Marketing in Real Estate by Larry Lawfer will explore the real estate industry through the eyes of the community and it's people and stories.



I have been lucky enough to have interviewed some of the most successful people in business over the years.  I have always been fascinated with what makes people tick.  How they do what they do to get the results that they get is instructive to me.  I know that is why I named my company YourStory...
My trip through the mine fields of real estate this year is about to take a very wonderful turn.  Have you ever taking a dive into a really deep pool and gone all the way to the bottom.  The quietness is one thing, but the pressure of the weight of the depth pushes in on you, and that is another ...
To me it seems like most real estate marketing falls all over itself trying to be the same, only better.  Similar look and feel to the ads and the ad copy, similar approach to the postcards and the mailings and very little innovation of any sort.  If we are to look at other financial services in...
Long before tweeting changed our language to shorter characters, Real Estate had shortened the descriptions of their wares.  3/2/2 spoke of rooms, OH, new constr, hrdwds,FP, renov, 2fp…need I go on.  You need an acronym translator to get it.  Where is the story, where is the emotion.  I call this...
This weekend my wife, Kathy, and I visited my son who is in school in Saratoga Springs, NY. Skidmore is a small, academic, liberal arts school that plays it’s sports in the Liberty League. My son is a lacrosse player on their varsity team. During the weekend I was away from the computer, from th...
7 Palms Villa in Anguilla British West Indies is an serene and pristine oasis which caters to the rich and famous. In finding the next hot spot in the world to own a villa Anguilla is on many peoples list, but only those who are looking for beautiful beaches, five star eating and a family atmosph...
Being a life long learner brings opportunity, joy and financial rewards.  It is as simple as that. A Realtor® who is not learning is a person who will not succeed.  Yep, I have seen this every day.  I have a well worn copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill that I read a chapter every day. ...
How do you define a dream vacation?  I spent some time yesterday looking into this and not surprisingly different people use different criteria.  Some want action, some want rest, some want family, some want none it is just like that.  But on closer scrutiny most people when their vacation is ove...
My friend Gerry Hailer, the greatest appraiser in Eastern Massachusetts, and I had lunch together last Friday.  He has been dragging his feet for years on social media, blogging and promotion of his incredible skills in any way.  What is really interesting about this is that he spent a career as ...
So it’s a tough market, right?  You and your Realtor® friends get together and commiserate.  You feel good in this group knowing it is bad for everyone.  In this thinking of no one is doing anything, so it is ok for me to not be doing anything.  WRONG!  With this type of thinking, just take off y...

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