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What would you do today, if you knew you could not fail? What actions would you take, what would you share and how would you treat the people around you. Storyteller Marketing in Real Estate by Larry Lawfer will explore the real estate industry through the eyes of the community and it's people and stories.



Back Bay Boston Condo for sale 02116 Back Bay, Boston MA 02166 Condo for sale. MLS # 71407364 42 Commonwealth Ave - Unit 5. Living in the first or second block near the Boston Garden is one of the nicest locations in the city.  In this location you are within walking distance of food, theatre, s...
Doing the Best from where you are right now can be a comforting mantra in our busy and fractured lives.  This is a phrase that Expired listing guru Borino uses in all his classes.  I have taken this phrase and made it work by saying, "I will do the best I can, with all the skills and talents I ha...
The good news for Wayland in the Wayland, MA Housing Market Report for July 12 is that the number of houses sold doubled.  That is good. People want to live here and are buying.  The other piece of good news is that the prices are coming up slightly.  Sellers are still not receiving their asking...
  Weston, MA Market Report July 12-GBAR.  As a licensed Realtor who is held to a higher standard when it comes to knowledge and service I an say that the Greater Boston Association of Realtors® provides far more in benefits than the fee to join. These in depth reports are just the beginning. Work...
  Wellesley, MA Residential Market Report GBAR July 12.  Closed Sales up by 50%, Median price slightly down from year to year.  Things are good and getting better. The pendulum is swinging and the upside is in front of us. We have felt the lift all this year, but in particular through the summer ...
 Back Bay Boston Housing Report GBAR July 2012. Larry Lawfer is a licensed Realtor® in Massachusetts #***7963. Realtors are held to a higher standard.As a benefit to Realtors® I get a detailed breakdown by month of what has just happened in the Back Bay Boston Housing Report GBAR for July 2012. M...
The audacity of need in home sales can be palpable.  Every seller wants and deserves the highest value they can get for their home when they put it on the market.  Quite often a Seller with no real estate knowledge will come up with a price they feel is justified to ask and set their minds on th...
Marti has a real handle on what is going on with Internet Marketing.  Her group The Art of Marketing You is a fantastic venue for very well written articles on a variety of subjects. I am reposting this one because of it's importance to all of us who use Facebook whether we like it or not. Thanks...
Behind the velvet rope, setting the price for a home is not some voodoo.  Homeowners will always have some idea of what price their home should be sold for.  It is important to ask them how they arrived at such a price.  The listing price of a home is crucial when it goes on the market.  If the c...
Have you ever noticed how our work in Real Estate is very much like parenting at times.  It seems that all too often we are dealing with a petulant child.  A person who will not listen to reason; a person who just wants what they want and they think it is your job and duty to give it to them.  Li...

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